Yeaaaaaaaaah, capitalism.

Thoughts? This seems like a "We've run out of ideas to actually advertise our product so instead here's a popular political message to attract attention!" Please share opinions!
School sucks.
Is canada actually the home of all that is cursed? This could be proof.
Efficientspending.jpg thanks obama
Canadian waterboarding?
This is real. The president of the united states just zinged warren for her ethnicity.
Accurate political compass. First actual OC in a while 😂
Slightly stolen from @sarcasmliberty. Cheers!
Very nice christmas present.
So this exists
Might be able to shitpost more after exam season
When your friend says something wrong and you both know he's full of shit
ooooooooooh SO CLOSE @libertyordeath
Stolen shamelessly from @incitingideas
Well played tim
Imagine thinking a fortnite player could have a girlfriend
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