The freer the market the freer the people. Apparently politigram can further redpill people sometimes. Anyways, libertarianism, minarchism, blah blah

It seems confused
Anon fucks up
You're welcome for this 😒
Stole this from one of the big instagram pages
This is @vox.libertas 's masterpiece
I love this meme
By popular demand, and because of the love i have for my followers (full homo) i have devoted countless hours to making this labeled meme. Enjoy.
Stole this absolute gem from @culture_death. Unironically my favourite meme for the last two or three months.
Lol i found this cancer on a democrat political page (not insta.) Where tf they get these numbers lmao. The best part is that they literally put 0.
Holy shit this is based
I really don't have any idea how to explain how this works or happened. Imagine a tire on the side of the road being left long enough a tree literally grew around it
This one is good too tho
*reports on event before it happens*
I like this one maybe the best
Lets go meme train
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