Edward Rivera

people can take everything away from you but they can never take away your truth

FISH at the Georgia Aquarium. 🐟🐙🦈🐠 The GAG of the season: Surprised my boys @joeyvrla and @captaincentralamerica for their birthdays in Atlanta with the help of surprise master @itsnelco. Even if it was for less than 48 hours, another set of memories for the books. Where to next and like I need to stop being the one who flies out before everyone else. #atlanta #georgiapeaches #downtownatlanta
Wearing that New Years motto on my sleeves. May 2019 be all you wish it be! ✨ #youbetterworkbitch #nye2019 #happynewyear #britneyspears
In honor of @29rooms opening in LA this week. #tbt to #29rooms in NYC. Wish I stole the coat, could keep me warm in the cold today.
“America I want you to know that before I’m an American, I am a Britney Fan.” No truer words have been spoken. Happy Birthday to the queen @britneyspears I hope you are having an “amazing” and “very cool” day. I don’t think people realize that you aren’t just any ole “pop girl” At age 8, I liked you because you seemed PERFECT in every way. Today, I like you because you’re REAL. Even with all the awards and success, you’re still shy, you get anxious, and can still be heard saying “I’m scared” when you feel uncomfortable. Wishing you all the happiness and vanilla candles you deserve. Who’s ready for #domination ? #britneyspears #happybirthdaybritney
Last day at sea. Am I tan yet? #majestyoftheseas #royalcaribbeancruise
Only visited Atlantis because of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s movie, Holiday in the Sun.
In honor of In the Zone’s 15th Birthday and being on the island: Alexa play Britney Spears - The Hook Up 🎶🌴 #happybirthdayinthezone #britneyspears | 📸: @elyssamarieee
When you wanted to have your Mariah Carey “Honey” moment but cruise excursions are pricy. So you just watch all the people on their jet skis instead.
Oh, I got you seeing double, Careful not to start no trouble - We get allowed to swing #myboys #quavo #normani #swing
Girl, you hear about what happened to Cardi and Nicki? Let me tell you, if Lil Kim was there... #TeenBedroom #29rooms #refinery29 #kittybox #picturelilkim #kimmemore
Can I just lay in the sun instead of going back to work tomorrow? #nola #neworleans #audobonzoo #vacationover #tiredofmeyet
Can’t express how grateful I am for these guys and all the memories we got to make on this trip. I’ll never forget the moment y’all jumped around in circles screaming flossy posse when we found out my stay would get extended. I always knew y’all loved me. Love you guys forever! #nola #neworleans #top4 #cheetahsisters #flossyposse
On the set of The Cheetah Girls: One World. #cheetahgirls #audobonzoo #nola #neworleans
The best 15 cents I ever spent was on the paper hat at #cafedumonde #neworleans #beignets #cafeaulait #nola #youcantevenseeitonmyheadbutilikethispic
Good morning from NOLA and the Airbnb I advocated we stay at based solely on this rooms wallpaper. #neworleans #nola #sonder
Remember when I said I was done with Piece of Me back in September? Oops! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Britney in my city. Piece of Me for the 5th time! Not the usual Vegas spot, but still so much fun. Thanks for rocking out #newyorkcity ! #britneyspears #radiocitymusichall #workbitch
Being a New Yorker and finally seeing a show at #radiocitymusichall - And it’s even better just because it’s @britneyspears Seeing that SOLD OUT sign on the marquee made me proud. And to think the same stage where the iconic pop culture moment on my shirt happened 15 years ago. Thank you again queen for an amazing evening! #pieceofmetour #britneyspears #pieceofmenumberwhat #pom5times #imissvegaswhenicouldaffordseatsbythestage
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