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Wedding party.
A painting I did in 2015.
TGR #3 back in stock and available for $33 on 88csbooks.com
This rad little travel size book is back up on the website! Just a few copies
Someone lost their dentures. I have books (at least for now). LXM still available on 88csbooks.com until trade warz make it harder and more expensive to get the good stuff. 💎🙎‍♂️🐽
TBTN is in stock on 88csbooks.com link in profile
TGRHD is in stock on 88csbooks.com #thattigerbook
Preorder available now on 88csbooks.com for TGRHD and TBTN! Shipping later this month. Still offering the best service for cheaper than anyone else! #88csbooks #tattooreference
From today. 感谢瓷终于完成了哈哈!
Very lucky to start and finish a bunch of rad tattoos from a bunch of rad folks in 2017! Thankful, but ready to leave it all in the past and continue to exist in the present. 🙏🏻 @saltywalt @davewulff @lifetimetattoo @eddydeutsche @edwardteply @joshbailey137 @hhablak @astickler
I picked good and fast and am really happy with the outcome! Thank you Eddy!!🙏✨🙏✨🙏 #yonipeony #yingyangtwins
A painting I did for my friends @scottboyer and @kaylagro when their dog Calvin had back surgery earlier this year.
The Sailor Vern book still just plain rules! And I still have copies available on 88csbooks.com!
JRNY WST back in stock on 88csbooks.com get em before they sell out!
nfs Fudo myo by the homie @edwardteply everyone should buy his paintings, they rip!!! This one is like 2’x4’
TGRHD in stock! 88csbooks.com
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