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/ • 🍕 • / I say potayto you say potahto. Happy Monday everyone 💁🏻‍♀️ #potato #monday
/ • 💫 • / Do you ever wonder about the photos on a strangers camera that you’ve accidentally been captured in? #tb to one of the coolest libraries ever 😭 Korea feels like yesterday but its already July #seoul
/ • 🥞 • / How stunning does this look ? Satisfying sweet cravings at the new and very sleek @editionroasters. Japanese style souffle pancakes, all for me please!
/ • 🍗 • / Has anyone tried @mcdonaldsau spicy mcnuggets yet? What do you think? #tb to that time i got caught smashing through some nuggets hahaha
/ • ☕️ • / Current mood - just want to glide through the week like 💁🏻‍♀️ #mondaymotivation
/ • 💫 • / Weekend essentials = coffee + flowers. I love flowers and plants so much i will probably become a florist when i retire from my day job.
/ • 🍳 • / Mirror mirror on the wall, wheres the fluffiest truffle egg sandwich in the world? 😍 Happy Weekend everyone #truffles
/ • 🍽 • / #throwback to one of the most memorable places i dined at this year. I have so many photos still sitting around its a shame it took me a while to post. If youre going to Korea i highly recommend a visit to Jung Sik Dang where every single dish was delish!! #seoul
/ • 💫 • / When you want to stay indoors but also want to be with nature. In search of my next destination, where should i go next? #singapore
/ • 💕 • / Beautiful skin doesnt always happen magically. The two things i spend the most money on is food and skincare because they go directly into my body. I have a regular day to day routine but from time to time i go for pamper sessions to revitalise my skin. Thanks @beaucodesalonsydney for looking after me on the weekend. I chose to give them a go because they are using quality brands such as @dmkinternational and @baboraustralia. Thanks for keeping my skin hydrated in the cold weather! . . . . #sydneylife #skincare #styleblogger #sydneyfoodie #sydneyfashion
/ • 🦌 • / When you open a bag of lollies in the office . 🌚 #sundayvibes before the #mondayblues
/ • 💫 • / Friday sugar rush , can you guess what this is ? #aboutlastnight #sweetstreet2018
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