Eric Janicki 🌎 Fitness Coach 🌍

🇺🇸 25 ◾️ Personal trainer ◾️ 6'1" 250 lbs 💻Ejanickifitness@gmail.com ◾️WBFF Pro Muscle Model

9 weeks out from @wbff_official Worlds. Time to turn up the heat 🔥
Arm day highlights!! Comment with 🔥🔥🔥 if you like these videos and want to see more!
I’ve never been caught miring’ myself on camera 😬🤥 @gillescrofta
Back day highlights 10 weeks out from @wbff_official Worlds in Vegas 🤙👏 Bookmark for your workout 🙏
Left or right??? 🥇🥈
Great front delt raise variation. Lying on the seated row allows you to get a better isolation and squeeze. I did 10 with a hold at the top and 10 burnouts.
Dad hat in full effect
@allanspiersphoto we must shoot again!! #tbt
Back density and width has been something I’ve struggled with over the years. That’s why I really slowed down the reps, felt the contraction where I was supposed to, and forced my back to grow in the right places. Back is hands-down the hardest muscle to really connect with, but one of the most rewarding once you are able to. 🎥 @tkfitnessla
Great to be home with my awesome family
5 year college reunion 🤓 #wonderbread
#fbf to probably my ideal offseason size and leanness. Not super shredded but comfortable and athletic. What do you guys prefer?
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