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No Man’s Land, An Impossible Love, more more more 🎭 LoveStone Agency 🎭 Agency of the Performing Arts (APA)

Yesterday, No Man’s Land was shown at @festivaldecannes , realizing a life long dream of mine. Thank you so much to @thatfilmfestival for making a dream come true. Hopefully the feature is next!
Beast mode 🐶
Happy Mother’s Day to, literally, the best. Your intelligence, caring, patience and strength have been an inspiration to me since my first memory. I’m so damn grateful you’re my mom. Not sure what I did to get so lucky. 🥰
Honestly can’t recommend this enough. What an innovative and moving medium to share our history. #amyisraelchai @eva.stories
On this #holocaustremembranceday I remember my grandparents, Herman and Yula Zydewicz, whose families perished during these atrocities. It is our duty to never forget and avoid history from repeating itself. I carry my love now and forever for the Zydewicz and Maliniak families as well as the millions of other victims and survivors. I will never forget. 🙏🏼♥️✡️
Had such a good time talking with @imtaylorhughes. Check out his awesome @abouttobreakpodcast because he’s an awesome guy. Link in bio and story.
Thank you @chriskenner and @d_copperfield for a truly amazing night. ❤️✨
Weekend shenanigans with @oshricohen 🤪
I am in awe of you everyday. You’ll never really know how much you teach me and make me better but I’ll love you for it, forever. Happy Valentines Day 💖
The Dogfather 🐶
Yesterday we lost a legend in the acting world. Almost 10 years ago, Bill transformed my life by not only altering the way I look at acting but how I look at any craft of an artistic endeavor. Your brilliance, eloquence, caring and tenacity will live on in the 1000s of students whose lives you transformed. Thank you Mr. Esper. ✨
#WeRemember ... Today and this year I remember my grandparents, Yula and Herman Zydewicz, as well as all other Holocaust victims and survivors by writing and developing a television series recounting their amazing journey. 🙏🏼♥️
7 years today... ✨
Anniversary Vibes 💖
Flo-Riders 👫 📷: @jsoothe
Snow Angels ☃️
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