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Happiest Samhain to all you witches and Warlocks in IG land. Sending you all the magical vibes for this New Year 🧙‍♀️ ✨ Ready to begin again ✨ . . . . . . #Samhain #halloween #gypsydolladventures #loveroflife #iloveHalloween #rivermermaid #costume #yyc #fun #gratitude #calgarydance #yycdance #happiness
Just a Witch and her Owl 🖤🦉 Meet my little friend "Deadwig" #gypsydolladventures #deadwig #halloween #Samhain
I blew up my Achilles.....how nice 👎👎 CAN NOT wait to get a boot and off these crutches. Ow Ow Ow. . . . #lifeofadancer #achilles #effmylife #yyc
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Today's Draw ✨🔮 The Sun: Alice, after Many Adventures and Trials, has finally become a queen. The white and red queen - who have been allies, teachers, and tormentors to Alice through this journey - sit with her, welcoming her into their ranks. They have traveled the path before her and knew something of its nature. They were familiar with their world and, in their way tried to prepare her for taking her place in that world. Although they helped and hindered, it was Alice who figured out the crazy rules and behaviors that she found in the Looking Glass world. She was her own hero and made her own Success Through her curious, keen mind and strong will. She succeeded, in short, because she was fully herself. The sun card is nothing else if not a celebration of the self. It is necessarily about the actual achievement (that is more the purview of the World card) , but rather it is about the success of being fully and completely your authentic self. The weird lesson is this: if we release fear, being ourselves is the easiest thing in the world, and it is the thing the world admires most. So many people work so hard trying to earn recognition for a false self at the expense of being their authentic self. The journey to self-actualization can be hard and feel never ending. It can be fun, too. Whether challenging or easy, it is the only real path, and it is worth the effort. The sun is connected with birthdays, and birthdays, of course, are associated with getting older. Some considered Alice's Adventures in the Looking Glass world as a metaphor for growing up. She Begins the story as a child and ends it by becoming a queen. The journey also can be seen as a journey to becoming who we were born to be. Alice's Queen costume may be new, but in her soul she was always a queen and she knew it. We knew it, too, by the way she can comported herself. Now she wears the dress and Crown as if she were born wearing them, which, in a way, she was. It wasn't an easy Journey to the crown. Unfortunately, things got a little crazy in the scenes that follow. But for now, Alice gets a moment to bask in the glory of her queenly self. Continue reading below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Paired w/RoseQuartz
Judgment: It is common to recognize that this card is a gift and an opportunity. In Wonderland, particularly in Tenniel’s iconic illustrations, the playing cards (other than the royalty cards) are shown as flat, as if they are actually made of cardstock. In some ways, they are metaphors for two dimensional people. In this image they hear the white rabbits trumpet. As they respond, they find themselves filling out and, like Pinocchio, becoming real three-dimensional people. They are, in short, coming to life…. Or, more accurately, to New Life since they were already alive in some sense of the word. The White Rabbit in the sky takes the place of the traditional angel. In Wonderland he plays the role of Herald during the knave of Hearts trial. Heralds were, among other things, The Messengers of the nobility. They were sometimes experts in law or known for giving moral guidance, which explains why, in the text, the rabbit is able to take control of the proceedings of the trial, even to the point of contradicting the king. He was a voice that represented an order that was higher than Earthly jurisdiction. During the trial Alice weights, curious about the next witness to be called. . Imagine her surprise, when the White Rabbit read out, at the top of his shrill little voice, the name “Alice!” . She takes the stand, the story reaches its Climax and ends with Alice asserting her will and her sense of what is Meaningful in the face of nonsense and violence. The White Rabbit did not only call Alice to the stand; he called her to become the person he knew she should be. Continue reading below ⬇️⬇️
Today's draw ✨ The World. After all her adventures, Alice has come into her own. She has faced the confusing effects of the chaos of the world- represented by the playing card symbols in the corners. She has also learned to navigate the sometimes - arbitrary order dictated by our communal agreement regarding reality - represented by the chessboard. Throughout the stories, she is faced issues of identity as well as the ideas of childhood vs adulthood, reason vs insanity, cruelty vs kindness, curiosity vs fear, language vs communication, freedom vs confinement, justice vs Mercy, and reality vs dreams. Alice tried to fit into new situations using knowledge from her own experiences and lessons from the “real world” and when necessary, she adapted them to suit this new world she finds herself in. In the end, she always comes back to herself but its forever changed. Because of her adventures, with all their trials and wonders, she was able to shape her own character and become the person she was meant to be. It is a paradox, this process of becoming who we were born to be balanced with the creation of ourselves through our will and actions. Balance, opposing forces, and paradox are Central to the images of tarot and reflect one of our biggest challenges. Being able to dance on the edge of opposing ideas is to live in the realm of Sacred mystery. Most humans can only exist there for brief moments at a time, but it is the North Star that we always reach toward. . . Down the rabbit hole: In a reading, the world betokens completion. Whatever adventures you've been on, you've faced challenges and gained rewards. Through facing different difficulties, through curious exploration, through dedication, you've been transformed. You are so much more than you were when you started. Like a good book, the story doesn't end when you turn the last page. The words, images, and ideas stay with you as you pick up the next book and begin the adventure in your life. . . . . #gypsydolladventures #tarot #aliceinwonderland #whiterabbit #tgroughthelookingglass #magic #art #beauty #lovelife #gypsy #wonder #artist #see #adventure #choices #liveandlearn #mystic
My daily draw from this beautiful deck. This is my pride and joy. I love everything about this beautiful gift from my sister @washthedishes Merging 2 of my most favorite things, Tarot and Alice in wonderland stories into a beautiful mishmash of life lessons and whimsy. The art is lovely and the 2 pair so wonderfully. Come into @riteofritual for more amazingly beautiful decks and other needful things xoxo #gypsydolladventures #tarot #magic #art #beautiful #lovelife #notfishing #calgarysbest #supportsmallbusiness
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