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23 | Michael | Bond University | Bachelor of International Relations Graduate ♡

Baby, all at once, this is enough ♥️🐍⚡️ @thephysicalhealer @taylornation @taylorswift @reputationstadiumtour
I swear I don't love the drama, it loves me 🐍 And I can't let you go, your hand print's on my soul ✨ @thephysicalhealer @reputationstadiumtour @taylornation @taylorswift
... Ready for it? 🐍🎶♥️ @thephysicalhealer @taylorswift
Corporate box seats for Taylor Swift! A dream come true! 🎤♥️🎶🐍 @taylorswift @thephysicalhealer 💃🏽
Early morning cubby hangs 👶🏼🏠🍃♥️
Just 3 more months and we’ll be exploring South East Asia together 🧳🌤🍻🥾 countdown is on Kerry, Jason, Zee and KiKi ♥️🌿🛩🗺
🐺 pack 💕💕💕 #scrunchfest 🙈🤳🏼
Saddest day ever today, we worked our last shift together 🙈 congratulations on your appointment at Cabarita! Never doubt the strong and caring store manager we’ve all seen you grow into, you’re going to be amazing 😘 your scrunch fest buddies will come and visit as often as we can and we can ‘sampling??????????????????’ at your new store 🥩 Really gonna miss you melon fufu 🍉😩 love always your elles belles ✨
Celebratin’ 🍷
This photo makes me so happy 💕💕 such a special night 🍾
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🍻💕 How are you 21? So glad we’re twins and I’m 21 too 🙈💃🏽
What an amazing day to celebrate you turning 21! Can’t wait to see you tonight 🎉💃🏽 #nofilter
Happy birthday Churleen 💕 hope you had the most amazing day, and I hope you’ll get to use your telescope soon ☁️ hopefully before your next birthday we will take more than 2 photos of the two of us 📸☺️
Celebrating Sarah’s Promotion! 👏🏼 Churleen and Sarah’s last day together 😭😭😭
Celebrating 365 days of my bubbi 👶🏼💫
Mount warning was closed so we came to the lighthouse instead ⛰⛅️✨ @thephysicalhealer
Happy 1st birthday to my favourite squish 👶🏼🍼 how has it already been a whole year 💙 here’s to many more years of laughs and cuddles together! Love Aunty Ellie and Uncle Mick ✨
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