rva • umw ‘22 • snap ellie.follmer

don’t worry the curls were gone by the end of the night 💕
what you see on the back of my door 👼🏻
ohh.. so we down to rave real quick??
i told y’all.. i’m living my best life.
a full weekend of performances and my heart is full :))
one more from formal with a few more of my favorites 🥰
high pony
fall at umw 🥰
(riverdale) girls just wanna have fun
hi, welcome back. #homecoming 🍂🍁
from yesterday when it felt like summer still
Ellie & Tia: you a bad bitch !! - the sticky note
“an adventure nature goddess” - @cosmy.p ~💁🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🌾~
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