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Had the chance to try out @landrover ‘s new outdoor phone with @landroverexplore in Wales this week. It handled being thrown around and left in a river pretty well!
Throwback to Italy. Definitely want to explore some country some more 🙌🏻
Missing the fog!
Golden light with this golden boy
Walking into the clouds
Paddling back just fast enough so the midges couldn’t get us ☺️
I spotted this little island last year and thought it was really cool. Was good to have a sunset paddle, and most importantly not sink in canoe that hasn’t been used in 30 years.
Embracing blue hour
This morning’s glow. Always good to meet people with the same passion. Hope you enjoyed England! @philngyn
Moonlit drives in what we called Quagmire
Looking out across a sea of clouds
What a way to spend the day
Probably the most interesting rock formation I’ve laid my eyes upon. Scotland you beauty.
Back from a sweet trip up to Scotland. This day was definitely a highlight! We got the boat in and hiked up in 26 degree heat (rare for Scotland). The 10km walk back along a sketchy coastal path was not the one!
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