Elliot Simpson

London 🇬🇧 CAA Approved Drone Pilot 🚁 For commercial work @ejsstudios

High winds got the better of us this night. Some port and a broken tent pole later and we were heading back down at 1am. A night a won’t be forgetting anytime soon!
Icelandic mood. Currently in Wales and probably will experience the Welsh mood tomorrow i.e. clouds & rain.
Exploring before the sun goes down. This afternoon we just picked a road on a map and saw where we ended up, I like that.
Black sand goodness. Can’t wait to get back to this beautiful country.
A classic view from my recent trip to Scotland shooting some content I’m really excited to share.
One of our last stops in Iceland. The low lying clouds and light were to die for.
Planning to get back here next week. Praying for some snow 🙏🏻
Driving on a beach was a sweet experience made even better because it was in the U.K.
Watching the icebergs drift past. We wanted to kayak in here so bad, next time 🙏🏻
Had the pleasure of walking on a glacier on our most recent trip to Iceland. Can’t wait to explore more when I go back in January!
Currently travelling home from a sweet week shooting in Scotland. Looking forward to cracking on with the edits and having a well deserved beer!
Beaches with mountains at the end are my favourite
Icelandic horses are troopers. Was good to take to the time to pull over and watch them gallop about. Next time I want the aurora over a horse!
Getting drenched along the south coast. The hot tub @midgard.base.camp made it all better.
Back from a short, but sweet trip to Iceland with some great people! I upgraded my manual tele for this trip and had loads of fun testing it out. Thanks to @rentalcarscom for the ride!
Coming to the end of our Iceland trip. It’s been amazing! Can’t wait to get into editing and show you guys my favourite photos.
Back home after our flight was cancelled, praying that tomorrow’s one isn’t 🙏🏻
Can’t wait to visit this amazing place tomorrow 🙌🏻
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