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Barcelona baby Find me on a plane 🌝🌏 elsasbarb@gmail.com HOW TO TRAVEL WHEN YOU’RE BROKE 👇🏽

Me sending @leonardodicaprio selfies floating like a baked potato in the Dead Sea 😁 + me when he leaves me on seen 😬 #youmustbebusy #stillloveyou
I’ve been looking back to my Japan trip all day because I’m craving all the yummy food 😍 who remembers my CONSTANT food stories in Japan? And when are we flying back? 🌏😭❤️
Posting this as I fly back home to London after a lovely month traveling with my dad & brother (on different trips and then together). ✨ Most of you know how much I love traveling solo and how bad I am at traveling with people 😅 but I’ve loved every second of this month! The three of us backpacking around 5 countries. Maybe the cities we traveled to weren’t the most exciting (SOME OF THEM WERE A DREAM) but spending time with them was a blessing 😌. ✨ Now it’s time to rest for a week back home, work my ass off, heal my body with healthy food and some exercise/yoga, do some very necessary laundry, AND GET READY FOR AUSTRALIA ON SUNDAY 🤪 ✨ Turning my phone off. See you (and read you) in London! ❤️
My kind of selfies 🥀 - I filmed part of my Jordan vlog (with all the tips you need to know before exploring the country) right in this seat. So, if you couldn’t care less about what I’m saying, at least you’ll have a gorgeous view 😳🖤🐪 - Also, I didn’t know coffee helped for migraines??? Any other remedies? I get the worse 😖
Imagine living a couple thousand years ago 🌏 . You and your community walk around the world to find the best location to settle in 🚶🏾‍♂️. You don’t need to think about rent fees, life cost, or gas prices (just however much it costs to feed your lovely camel 🐪 ). You find Petra, a land full of ocre and red mountain-like soft rocks, and you realise you can carve your own home, art and even tombs to celebrate those who are gone, as they deserve. You make ten-story tall Treasures (like the majestic one behind me) and chant every night to keep them in your memory. ✨ I don’t know whose tomb was it, but I’d like to think it brought happiness to many, to be celebrated so majestically 🥀. You are cherished daily by so many people! ✨ But remember, as tourists, we must respect the lands we explore. Although sometimes it can feel unreal, like walking through a dream, we must keep in mind our ‘holiday destination’ is someone’s home, someone’s land, and even someone’s goodbye 🌈 ✨ It breaks my heart to see so many of the countries I have loved beginning to be ‘destroyed’ by tourist needs 💔 I know we can’t stop hotel constructions, but we can travel with care and speak out on what doesn’t seem right. 💖🌏 Only one planet to get lost in! (For now 😜)
The contract on my studio in London is about to end and these rent-less caves are screaming my name 🌚 (or it might be one of the Bedouin ghosts who have been living here for generations and generations, who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️). Besided, if I feel like having a bigger room, I can just dig a little deeper ⛏ I’ll just need someone to teach me how to ride a horse to catch them flights🌏✈️ Oh, and some sort of scorpion repellant 💅🏽 ⚡️ Would you live here?
The Jordan spam has officially started 😌 I hope you’re ready for your feed to be blessed with ocre tones, crazy martian-like landscapes, and a very happy Elsa. 🏜 I couldn’t believe my eyes while walking the city of Petra. No picture can capture the magic of this two-thousand-year nomadic town. But I’ll try my best to make you feel there, and inspire you to explore it with your own soul one day 🌏❤️
Listen, Jordan has surprised me, and the trip hasn’t even started 🏜⛺️ - Someone asked me a while ago why do I travel 🌏. To her, traveling didn’t make sense. “Why would you want to fly somewhere, to end up doing the same: eating, walking and sleeping.” - But I fly somewhere with the excitement of eating Koshari in Egypt 🇪🇬, matcha mochis in random Japanese food markets 🍡, some Pad Thai in a small stall somewhere in a Thai island 🍜. I fly with the anticipation of walking down the roads in Bagan🛤, hopping temple to temple, riding down the palm-tree coated coasts in Lombok 🌴, the million-coloured houses in Cartagena; I dream of sleeping under the stars in tents accross the US✨, night-buses in Cambodia and waking up in neighbour countries, sofa’s of kind strangers 🛋, and comfy-ass hotel rooms when I feel like I deserve a splurge💸 (broke-ass backpacker over here 🙋🏻‍♀️) . - What do you travel for? What excites you?
Living as if I had medical insurance 😌💸 - Honestly, I craaaave adrenaline. I love the feeling when jumping off a plane 🚀, when scuba diving and turning around to look for your dive master and finding a shark instead 🦈, going on safari and riding full speed so that the lion chasing us doesn’t catch up 🦁. Waking up on a plane and forgetting where you’re off to 🤷🏻‍♀️. Buying one more flight with your rent money -and let the Elsa of the future figure (and freak) it out. But hey, by then you’ll be in Bali drinking coconuts and smoothie bowls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 🥥🌴. - I have scars, tattoos, and polaroids of each country I visit 🏅. I have happy, sad and oh-my-god-no-way stories. I’ve had moments I thought I’d die. My eyes burning from malaria (what are mosquitoes even for anyways😒); my legs refusing to work after an accident, and the memories of a taxi being locked in Namibia 🔮. - But I always end up asking myself the same question. Where to next? 🌏
Listen, Croatia has the most gorgeous of coastlines 🌊 But two weeks of it left me as broke as I’d be after 3 months traveling Asia 💸🎒 So, who’s flying with me? 😌✈️ I’ll meet you on that side of the world after I rock a few weeks of Koshari and Fallafels in the Middle East. You’re not ready for the content! 🏜🕌❤️
How to slide into the DMs with class: A MUST READ FOR SOME OF YOU 😭 #dicapriopleaseslideintothedms #idontmindifitsyou
I control this boat 🛥😌
There’s a rumour going around that I FKN LOVE HVAR 🤙🏽⛵️🚤🛥😜 @followthefishtv
Ride with me, we’ll make our own memories 🌅🛥
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