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“You can't be a quitter when you're caught up in the glitter of night life.” http://bit.ly/VivaLVFTD #MusicMonday #Elvis
“On the street, out in public, I like real conservative clothes. Somethin’ that’s not too flashy. But on stage, I like ‘em as flashy as you can get ‘em.” #Elvis
Don’t miss the final screening of Elvis ‘68 Comeback Special: 50th Anniversary Celebration in theaters tonight! Click the link in bio to find a theater near you. #Elvis68ComebackSpecial
He broke the rules, broke records, and became a King. Today we remember the one and only Elvis Presley. #ElvisForever
“I sing the same old song since you've been gone, if you think I don't love you then baby you're wrong.” http://bit.ly/VivaLVFTD #MusicMonday #Elvis
The gates of Graceland are now open for the 41st #ElvisWeek . Will you be rocking through @visitgraceland this year?
Summer of Elvis. #VivaLasVegas
“Come on everybody and snap your fingers now, Come on everybody clap your hands real loud.” http://bit.ly/VivaLVFTD #MusicMonday #Elvis
Please welcome to the stage, Elvis Presley, the collectible mini figure! Now available for pre-order at ShopElvis.com: http://bit.ly/2NXzEfm
Rockin’ & rollin’ from one city to the next. #ElvisPresley
Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 #Elvis #4thOfJuly
Summertime style. #TheKing
"I've been running all the way baby, trying to get to you." #MusicMonday #ElvisPresley
Skiing into summer #Elvis #FirstDayOfSummer
“My friends say I'm actin' wild as a bug, I'm in love, I'm all shook up.” #MusicMonday #ElvisPresley
Happy #FathersDay !
"Take care of the fans, and they will sure take care of you." #Elvis
“Sun lights up the daytime, moon lights up the night, I light up when you call my name and you know I'm gonna treat you right.” #MusicMonday http://bit.ly/ShopElvisMusic
Taking Care of Business ⚡ #TCB #ElvisPresley
“I'm going away, baby and I won't be back to fall. If I find me a good girl I won't be back at all.” #MusicMonday #ElvisPresley
"I was the Elvis of boxing!" Remembering the king of the ring, The Greatest of All Time @MuhammadAli. #RememberAli
On this date in 1967: #Elvis & @priscillapresley were married in Las Vegas at the Aladdin Hotel.
"Well mama, she done told me, papa done told me too, 'Son, that gal you're foolin with she ain't no good for you' but that's all right." #ElvisPresley #MusicMonday
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