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“If at first you don’t succeed, laugh until you do“ —Daily posts of the lovely Emilia Clarke, best known for her role as Khaleesi in Game of Thrones✨

– Absolutely hate the coloring on this & couldn’t fix it but SHE IS SO PRECIOUS 😍 #emiliaclarke @emilia_clarke
– I’m so excited for ’Last Christmas’ to start filming I’m agjfhqhebqhe #emiliaclarke @emilia_clarke
– NEWS!! The 8th and final season of #GameofThrones is airing April 2019! THAT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH AND LITERALLY THE BEST GIFT I COULD ASK FOR #emiliaclarke @emilia_clarke
– Happy Monday 💛 (ugh yes Monday’s can be happy, change your attitude dude) #emiliaclarke @emilia_clarke
– Billie Eilish is so fucking cool #emiliaclarke @emilia_clarke
– She’s so soft 💖 #emiliaclarke @emilia_clarke
– Her hair like this 😭 #emiliaclarke @emilia_clarke
– The cutest 😍 #emiliaclarke @emilia_clarke
– Me Before You press conference in New York City (2016) 💜 I’ve been gaining so fast lately, have no idea why but thank you!! #emiliaclarke @emilia_clarke
– Emilia and Sam Claflin’s portraits for Me Before You (2016). 💙 #emiliaclarke @emilia_clarke
– I love my dork so much #emiliaclarke @emilia_clarke
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