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Love & lifestyle photographer in southern Ontario Wifey • Mama to Evelyn • Believer • Chocoholic 🙋🏻 Currently on maternity leave 👶 @emilygminor

It has been quiet on this page for a while so I thought I would add some cuteness to your evening with an updated photo of Evelyn. Yep, crazy adorable! You're welcome.
Meet Evelyn Rose Minor, our beautiful and eager baby girl! Today was my due date but she decided to make her appearance on Tuesday morning. We are exhausted but so thrilled to have this sweet little babe with us!
It's official everyone! This past weekend I shot my last wedding/session before Baby Minor makes her arrival and will not be taking on anymore clients until 2019! As much as I am going to soak up this break with my little babe, I am going to miss capturing your families and loved ones this season! Be sure to keep your eye on this page though as I'll be updating it with photos of Baby Minor as well as letting you know when I'll be back to accepting booking again. But for now, let the maternity leave begin! 🎉🎉
With only four weeks left until Baby Minor makes her special appearance, I've been thinking about social media, specifically this business page and where to go with it. Since I will be taking time off from photographing sessions, is anyone still interested in me posting on here about what's happening in my life personally? I've been thinking of documenting my journey of motherhood here (obviously with a million photos of Baby Minor) but is that what people want to see or should I take a break until I start taking on clients again? Leave your honest opinion in the comments!
I was trying to come up with a caption to share with everyone and was asking Dylan for help. He suggested I ask what's hip-happening? So, what's hip-happening everyone on this lovely Saturday?
Back from vacation and jumped right into a family session with the Farrow Fam! How amazing would it be to grow up with this many cousins?! These littles have no idea how lucky they are to be surrounded by such a large group of people who love each other. ❤️ • • • #ldnont  #londonphotography #londonphotographer  #naturallightphotography #519shoplocal  #stylemepretty  #thatsdarling  #love  #lifestyle #lifestylephotography  #family  #familyphotography #everydayibt  #communityovercompetition  #clickitupanotch #girlboss  #soloverly  #pursuepretty  #inspiremyinstagram #everydaymoments  #flashesofdelight  #lovegoesround #calledtobecreative  #photooftheday  #lemonadeandlenses
This week Dylan and I are on vaca and it feels soooo good to get away guys! I won't be answering emails until next week. I hope you all enjoy your long weekend :)
The last time I saw the Hicks family was when I was photographing Brooklynn's newborn session and now look at her! Ahhh, time is FLYING! It's been so great being able to watch these kiddos grow up in front of my camera. ❤️❤️ • • • #ldnont  #londonphotography #londonphotographer  #naturallightphotography #519shoplocal  #stylemepretty  #thatsdarling  #love  #lifestyle #lifestylephotography  #family  #familyphotography #everydayibt  #communityovercompetition  #clickitupanotch #girlboss  #soloverly  #pursuepretty  #inspiremyinstagram #everydaymoments  #flashesofdelight  #lovegoesround #calledtobecreative  #photooftheday  #lemonadeandlenses
Guys, the Lord is so good and has worked out everything so well in His time. In exactly a month, Dylan and I will be moving into a townhouse with triple the space we have now! Woot woot! 🙌🙌🙌 • • • We are already starting to pack up our very crowded and full apartment so give me all your packing and moving tips because this very pregnant mama-to-be is definitely going to need them!! 📦📦📦 • • • #ldnont  #londonphotography #londonphotographer  #naturallightphotography #519shoplocal  #stylemepretty  #thatsdarling  #love  #lifestyle #maternityphotography  #lifestylematernity #lifestylephotography  #londonweddingphotographer #everydayibt  #communityovercompetition  #clickitupanotch #girlboss  #soloverly  #pursuepretty  #inspiremyinstagram #everydaymoments  #flashesofdelight  #lovegoesround #calledtobecreative  #photooftheday  #lemonadeandlenses #huffpostbride  #huffpostweddings
Those moments in a session that can never be planned or posed. Just a girl laughing at the grandma while playing with a flower on her dad's lap. 🙌🙌🙌
Everything about this session was perfection! Beach setting ✔️ Golden hour ✔️ Adorable family ✔️ Coordinated outfits ✔️ Followed by ice cream ✔️ Beyond thrilled 😉
Photographing newborn sessions while you're pregnant is SUCH a different experience. The whole time, all I kept thinking was, "Wow! This will be be in a few weeks! I'll have my own bundle of love to kiss on and shower with affection!" Definitely a new but exciting perspective!
Baby Hannah has no idea how loved she is by her mama!
Because mom and dad's never get enough photos as a couple on each the kiddos come along. I always make it a priority to capture a few shots of just mom and dad at every family session!
My fav pose probably ever between mother and daughter. So much love and affection!! Leah also can't get any cutier, that girl is stunning!
I don't think Emmerson could have been a better model! How perfect is this kid??? (My besties are pretty good models as well I guess 😉)
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