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Author at Random House. Associate Professor at UC-Riverside. Boss lady at @blueprintmanuscript. Fashion. Fitness. Friendship.

Another stripey number from @dressoverjeans. Lecturing at the medical school today. Don't want anyone to be bored....
For all of my girls: you know who you are, and I love you madly. I've had plenty of people tell me that I'm unlucky. But in girlfriends? I can't think of a luckier person than myself. I have always endeavored to take the role of friend seriously; I have always felt surrounded; and I have always been and forever will be grateful. For every single one of you.
Just hanging out at TedMed2018, Chaos+Clarity. Things I've learned: rabies will kill you if untreated and is spread mainly by vampire bats, who are being vaccinated with special powder in Peru; there is a gut and brain connection with implications for neurodegenerative disorders; an ancient virus may be responsible for our ability to make and retrieve memories; all humans are connected via the same family tree eventually, so it turns out 15th cousin is a thing; it's possible to make a digitized body that communicates emotion and power, a modern human portrait; the majority of mass murders, defined as the murder of more than 4 people at once, are intimate violence homicides of women and children committed by men with access to guns.
Rough day made better by a box of clothes from @dressoverjeans , including this striped joy from @ragandbone
Grouchy Ladybug.
None Shall Pass.
Orange kitty wants to join our family. Meatball having none of it. #catfight
Early morning office visitor.
Sweater by Tara, dress by @re_edited_vintage #3amfashion
Missing my babies, but I know they're in good hands...
The amazing @annemariehauser working her magic with not one, but four kids!!
About a week late for Dia de Los Muertos, but here I am with Ronan in his front pack visiting the children's chapel at Chimayo Sanctuario in New Mexico, possibly one of the most important places I've ever regularly visited in my adult life.
Live action shot of @todgoldberg and writers at work on an island because yeah, that's a thing. #sanibelisland
Sanibel Island. #sanibelislandwritersconference . Waiting to catch sight of @todgoldberg
When your friend's kids are as awesome as your friend. #momsrule @margaretohayon
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