Emily Black

Author at Random House. Associate Professor at UC-Riverside. Boss lady at @blueprintmanuscript. Fashion. Fitness. Friendship.

Charlie asleep on all manner of planes, trains, tubes, and automobiles. Best little traveler. #laxtolhr #durham #london #paris
Ditto, @emily_miles9. Always sucks saying goodbye. #bff
Paddington nightlife.
Person, python, or Top Shop?
#fbf , Spain, 2011. Photo by @emily_miles9 who came to Spain to save my ass.
Neruda, you get me every time.
Little devil.
A busy 24 hours in Paris for this one.
So grumpy, Paris!
A Mary in Paris.
Can't say why really, but this Gustav Caillebotte painting is my favorite in the entire museum.
Where all the views make you feel like falling in love.
Kiddo in Paris.
Five crack ass o'clock on the Eurostar to Paris.
Coll, the Fire King!
@ronanmacdubh explaining to Charlie how to do this weird game "the Irish way," and some super stupid advice stenciled on the wall which is really nobody's way.
Charlie took this. Not half bad for a four year old! "This is your unicorn thinking face, Mommy."
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