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Maybe not the best poker face, but it's a great "go fish" face.
Not a question, but a statement. PC: @annemariehauser
This little gnome fella wants you to buy some sausage from Deutschland.
Counting the days until I get to see this exhibit of Frida Kahlo's wardrobe, legs, corsets and more in London. #frida
Cat in the bow box. #peace
Another option for our holiday card this year.
Braids for dayzzz. @annemariehauser
And now Kent and I become invisible for the next 48 hours...@annemariehauser
So many faces to imagine on the targets. #impeachtrump #firstlesson
Not sure I will be any good at archery, but thought I'd do a Maid Marion mom baggy jeans/girlish Robin Hood hybrid look just in case. I've always wanted to try it, didn't think I'd be able to do it, but "what if I can?" Thanks, CDE! @iamicaniwillido #morethanjustabike #pelotonaversary
4,000th viewing of Frankenweinie.
Bringing sexy back. #catnap
Omg, @mrpedal_spin. You look so sexy and I look...NUTS. Haaaa. Love you, Jeffy G!
Mama got an archery lesson for her birthday!!!
About to shove my face into this cake.
Ridiculous cuteness.
44, bitchessssssss. Spent the morning walking the tightrope in a Threshold class with @iamicaniwillido , and then worked out some political angst pretending to crush Trump's head at @orangetheory. Now I'm going to get my spa on, because sometimes you gotta get ugly before you get cute. Then I will do my birthday tradition of driving around aimlessly with my windows down, listening to a mix tape (yes, in a boom box), and singing as loudly as possible to Guns 'N Roses, Merle Haggard, and the Marriage of Figaro. It's a miracle I made it out of my 30s alive, so I'm going to try and enjoy every damn year of middle age.
And.....this one, too, which I'm posting in honor of my mother, who taught my brother and I "sex ed" using a condom and a banana, with instructions recited in her signature chirpy voice. Nope, I can't unsee that scene either. (This is not my mother, but it would be except she only uses curse words in private.) #prochoiceisprowoman #pleasecanwenotliveinthehandmaidstale #reproductiverights #womensrightsarehumanrights
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