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Today's look. I'm very happy my eyes were not watery this morning. I would have been a pissed girl!! I broke into the Atlantis palette from Face Candy to create my eye look. A few thoughts...first, I LOVE the colors. Tarte lost out big time by not creating the April Fools palette. You will get fall out with this palette but that isn't a deal breaker. The pigmentation, even in the white shade, (Whitecaps) is really good. The shimmer are intense, especially when applied with your fingers. I used Swell on the center of the lid and Poseidon to blend it out. The mattes are fantastic. They blend very well. You will be out only $14 for this palette which equals out to approximately $1.17 per color. I am giving the @thekatvond lip liner and lipstick that we received in our @allure boxes this month. I like how they feel on my lios, so we will see how they wear. My lashes are the Maria style from @lyssalashes. So far every style I have used are fantastic!! These are full and fluffy but a little less dramatic than some of the others. The band is a medium thickness and are easy to apply. I did have to trim them down on both ends to get a good fit. I am keeping a running tally of each lash I try to see how many uses I get out of each pair. When they become too ragged and have to be thrown away I will post the findings. Remember, if you would like your own pair of Alyssa Lashes, feel free to use code 'emily15' to save some money. I do not receive any money from you using the code, its just for you to save a little money. #lyssalashes #atlantispalette #makeup #makeupaddict #addictedtomakeup #beauty #addictedtobeauty #brandambassador #blueeyes #eyelooks #eyemakeup #over45makeup #muesupport #supporteachother #supportmuaslooks #divaswolfpackfeature #beautifulunknowns #KatVonDBeauty
Today I'm going to talk about something that isn't talked about a lot in IG. 99.9% of the pictures we see here are gorgeous. But what happens when its a bad makeup day? Every one of us have them. Days when your shadow won't blend. Your eye liner is wonky. Your mascara gets all over everywhere. We ALL have flaws. For me, the thing that frustrates me to know end is my super sensitive eyes. Today was one of those days. My eyes were watering like a faucet. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, would stick to the outer corners of my eyes. Not eyeliner. Not shadow. Nothing!! My lashes wouldn't stick because my eyes were so damp. My mascara smeared all over my under eyes. Its just a flat out bad eye makeup day. And you know what? That's OK. It is what it is. Life goes on. You do not have to be perfect...no one is. So today, I'm putting my lashes back in their box, cleaning up the smeared mascara and going about my day. I own my flaws. I own the fact that I have super sensitive eyes. I own that I am going to have off days. And I'm OK with that. Tomorrow is another day and I will start again. Maybe my eyes won't be so watery tomorrow. But if they are, I will deal with it. Don't be afraid to show your flaws. Your beauty doesn't come from the makeup you put on. True beauty comes from within. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— #badmakeupdays #sensitiveeyes #wateryeyesproblems #blueeyes #eyes #eyeshadow #ownyourflaws #beautyismorethanskindeep
Upon request, here is a closer look at the look I did for @kims_sparkle_everyday #colorpalettecollab ICE CREAM. I love all the different palettes that Kim finds. If you would like to join in on our weekly themed collabs, please DM @kims_sparkle_everyday I am wearing @lyssalashes in these photos and the shadows are @juviasplace #colorpaletteinspiration #colorpalettes #colorpalettecollab #icecream #icecreaminspiration #makeup #beauty #lyssalashes #juviasplace #colorfulmakeup #blueeyes
June 2018 @boxycharm featuring the @alamarcosmetics first palette. Congrats girl!!! You created an amazing palette. Also included this month: @luxiebeauty 3 piece flawless face brush set, @battingtonbeauty Monroe Lashes, @soldejaneiro Bum Bum Cream, @ofracosmetics Liquid Lipstick and @jonteblu Eyeliner pencil. I think this box is my favorite so far. You're killing the monthly subscription game Boxy!!! #boxycharm #boxybaddie #boxybabe #monthlymail #happymail #monthlysubscriptionbox #subscriptionbox #boxycaribbeanqueen
Last post of the night. I promise!! 😁. I couldn't resist playing with the @alamarcosmetics palette that came in my @boxycharm box this month. I love the shades. Gorgeous!! I did not use the shimmer wet this time just to see how they performed. And yes..yes I did use everything color in the palette. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I love the four mattes. They blended beautifully and worked well with the shimmery shades. The second picture is what the shadows looked like at the 12 hour mark. They held up pretty well. The lashes...oh mylanta..dramatic huh? Yep. Momma Extra strikes again. These are Maria from @lyssalashes Very full and fluffy. Long length and a bit of a thicker band but they applied well. I had no issues with them and I wore them for 12 hours. If you love a nice, big, full lash then you will love these and you can use the code emily15 to save a little money. Check out their site for new lashes that will be coming soon and Maria will be restocked shortly. 😍😍. #alamarcosmetics #boxycharm #boxymail #boxyjune2018 #happymail #monthlymail #monthlysubscriptionbox #eyeshadow #eyeshadowpalette #blueeyes #lyssalashes #brandambassador #makeup #makeupaddict #beauty #beautyaddict #stilaliquidlipstick
@shophush_ order. #facecandy Atlantis Palette (looks like the one Tarte decided to play games with) These blues are gorgeous!! Swipe to see swatches of all three palettes. Tropics and Rainforest are dupes for the Lime Crime Venus and Venus 2 palettes. When I swatched these, they felt very soft and creamy. I like the Bush palettes. I know some people don't like buying dupes. I get that. There are some people, myself included, who cannot afford to pay $50+ for an eye shadow palette. I honestly don't see any issues with buying a dupe. One day I may be able to purchase a $129 palette but at this point I will stay with @badhabitbeauty and #facecandy #shophush #badhabitbeauty #facecandymakeup #makeup #makeupaddict #makeupaddiction #beauty #beautyaddict #eyeshadowpalette #dupes #eyeshadowdupes #palettedupes #flatlay
Small @colourpopcosmetics order. I received the small Make Up Your Mind 6 color shadow palette free for spending $20. The colors are very pretty (swipe to see swatches of all the products) I am so thrilled to get these concealers. I am vampire pale and can never find a concealer light enough. These two are Fair 00 and Fair 02. Normally I use Fair 5 so we shall see if these are light enough. I am hoping I can use Fair 00 to lighten some of my other concealers because it is almost white. I was able to get the three Super Shock shadows (Fluffy, Dance Party and Bouncy) on sale for $3 and the pressed shadow (Hung Up) for about the same. I can't wait to dive into those beautiful glittery shades. #colourpopcosmetics #supershockshadows #eyeshadow #makeup #makeupaddiction #makeupaddict #beauty #beautyaddict #nofilterconcealer #vampiresque #flatlay
June 2018 @ipsy bag. The bag is very pretty and I love the little heart shaped zipper pull. This month themes supports #pridemonth and the products are pretty good. I received the 245 small shader brush from @luxiebeauty. I love their brushes. So soft and work really well. @pacificabeauty 5 color palette called Tomboy. Swipe to see swatches. @this.is.feel Balm, @peripera.official Tint Water...cutest packaging and smells great. @raekabeauty Tumeric and Orange Peel Off Mask. Im looking forward to trying this out. All in all this was a pretty good bag. $10 per month for this subscription box. #ipsyglambag #juneipsyglambag #juneipsy #ipsypride #monthlymail #monthlysubscription #monthlysubscriptionbox #happymail #beauty #makeup #skincare #review #honestreview #honestopinion
June @target Beauty Box. Not too bad this month. Only $7 plus you always get a coupon inside your box. @colgate Ootic White Toothpaste, @garnierusa Micellar Water (sample), @eyelure.lashes (now y'all know these aren't dramatic enough for momma extra πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚), @neutrogena Mascara, @sleekmakeup Matte Lip Cream in Daydreamer (beautiful nude shade) a 2 pk sample if the Target brand cotton rounds and a sample of perfume from @lovegoodchemistry (smells very clean and fresh) #target #targetbeautybox #monthlymail #makeup #skincare #beauty #toothpaste #samplesize #tryitout
This look is in honor of Mikai. @nikkietutorials posted a video on her YT channel, Red in Honor of My Brother. In her video she asked people to use red in their looks in honor of her brother Mikai, who passed away recently from cancer. My heart goes out to her and her family during this difficult time. The old adage says that time heals all wounds but that is a lie. Some wounds never heal, they just become bearable. So, to honor Mikai I used red shadows from @maedermakeuplabs and a bright red lip from @doll_hospytal_cosmetics (Hi Selfie Esteem). #fuckcancer #cancersucks #redformikai ❀ #maedersmakeupmafia #dollhospytalcosmetics #redmakeup #beauty #makeup #gonebutneverforgotten
I have been wanting to try @benefitcosmetics POREfessional primers and this month @birchbox had them as add-ons for the June box. The 3 of them were $19. I'm excited to try them. I also picked up the @stilacosmetics sample lip bag for $18. I kinda like samples sized lippies because I can use them up before they go bad. I had a chance to use my daughter's Still lippie in Patina and loved it, so I'm happy to have my own. #makeup #primer #liquidlipstick #benefitcosmetics #stilaliquidlipstick #happymail #birchbox
June Birchbox. Not my favorite box. I'm not a fan of liquid glowy stuff (@beautaniqbeauty ) because I can never get it to work correctly. I cannot wear SPF (@ipkn_us ) because I have allergic reactions to them and they all stink. And can we talk about this sample beauty blender?!? WTH am i supposed to do with that infant sized piece of foam and a bubble of water?!? Really?!? @beautyblender Come on. How is anyone supposed to try out this product with this? Unless it expands 15x its useless. The only two decent products this month are the @lovephilosophy moisturizer and the @kloraneusa Dry Shampoo. Im disappointed in this months box. #birchbox #disappointing #monthlymail #subscriptionbox #happymail
So excited!!! Received my prize from @shadowasblack giveaway!!! So much great stuff!!!! Thank you so much V!!!! And congratulations again on your success!! πŸ’—πŸ’— #prize #giveawaywinner #prizebox #makeup #beauty #sothankful #supporteachother
This would be an awesome opportunity cause everyone knows I'm lash crazy. Lol.
Today's lashes are Tori from @lyssalashes. The are a little shorter and a bit less full than Maria, which I wore yesterday. The band is a bit smaller and I actually didn't need to trim these. I really like the lashes from Lyssa. Swipe to see them on my eyes. Also, feel free to use 'emily15' to save a little money. My shadows are from @coastalscents. I went a bit nuts when their single hot pot shadows were on sale ************************** Disclaimer: I did purchase these lashes with my own money but was provided and ambassador discount. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own honest ones. ************************** #lyssalashes #falselashes #eyelashes #brandambassador #honestopinion #honestreview #myhonestopinion #productreview #makeup #makeupaddict #beauty #beautyaddict #coastalscents
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