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My quote lately, because we can choose 😊 . . Life may not always be peachy but there is most likely a whole lot you can focus on that is going great too! . . Like this beautiful Saturday morning, have a great weekend! 🌞
So much to be thankful for 💕 only 4.5 more weeks until this baby is expected to arrive! • • And remember when I said I had 13 appts left? That number is down to FOUR!! Grab your spot now! Keep in mind that I will not be adding extra hours because massage can be tiring 😴
Hey all! August is here and that means that the countdown is on... I'll be starting maternity leave on August 30th!! 🤰🏼 • • Spots are filling up QUICK (I had seven spots fill today alone 😬), so if you have been meaning to get in, the time is now! • • I have a total of 13 openings left for the entire month, if you want to snag one, message me, call me, whatever works 😊 So happy to take care of each of you right up til the end!
[New Blog Post]:: Self-Love Menu . . . Have you ever heard of a self-love menu? I hadn't until a few weeks ago, but I love it! Learn more by checking out my latest blog post! . . Then let me know, what's on your menu??
Do you have an HSA card?! • • Did you know you can use an HSA to pay for your massage?? I take credit and debit and can run an HSA card through my machine as well. This is great, because I know some people never use their HSA, and what a better way then massage??
Hey You! ✋🏻 . . Has it been awhile since you received a massage?! This Wednesday I have a few openings, and I would love if you snatched up one for yourself. 👐🏻 . . Before you deny in your head that you need one, just think, have you been stressed? Are those headaches acting up again? Is there a small injury nagging? 🤕 Call me! Wednesday I'm open for either a 9am or 12:45pm! 📞
Took some time for ourselves, with a date on the boat, Matt's favorite 😊 I got to read and reel in two fish. Plus we ended the night with sauna swim, what an awesome evening. 💕
TWO. MONTHS. 🤰🏼 You guys!! That's all I have left, this pregnancy is flying by! . . For YOU, that means you have until August 31st to get on track to less pain, stress, and more relaxation! 🌼 Yes, I will be working up until September, unless the baby surprises us and comes early. 👶🏼 Right now, my plan is take an 8 week maternity leave and come back to work in the middle of November. 🍂 We are so excited to meet this little munchkin ❤️❤️
Happy Friday!!
I hope you are having a great week with this gorgeous weather and fun festivities for the 4th of July!🇱🇷 • • I will be closed tomorrow (Wednesday) to celebrate the 4th with my family and friends...BUT I decided to open up a couple days this weekend to make up for it! • • I still have a couple openings, schedule soon to get a spot! • • Friday (7/6): 2:00pm & 3:15pm • Saturday (7/7): 10:15am & 11:30am • • Call 612.910.5885 to schedule now!
Today marks 4 years of marriage with this guy ❤️ • • I am so blessed to have a man that supports me, even in the dreams that are kinda scary for me. He just says, "Go for it! Why not?!" I love it. • • Happy Anniversary Matt!
I love getting spoiled by my clients... these are straight from her garden 😍
A little reminder of why massage is so great and how it can support you!
This hits deep today as our community is going through so much devastation due to flash flooding. But it's amazing how everyone pulls together to help out and take care of those affected! I am very thankful for all that I have. And I love this small community.
We had a Happy Fathers Day with this guy, our #1 👆🏻 • • He is in his element, on the boat with his girls 😊 • I am so lucky to have Matt, he supports me 100% with all of my dreams, which I appreciate SO much.
We're home!! Vacation tired us out 😴 • • As amazing as vacation was, I'm so excited to get back to you! Taking a break always does that for me, reminds me how much I love my career. ❤️ • • Helping all of you live your best, pain-free, stress-free life is such an amazing honor, and I can't wait to get back to it!
Do you have plans for Father's Day?! • • Have you considered a Massage Gift Certificate? Most men are hard working and use their muscles daily to perform and take care of their families. • • Massage will help to relax tight and sore muscles, as well as provide some relaxation for your hard working dad! • • My dad loves getting massage to help him feel better on the job and get relief from aches and pains. • P.S. I now have the option to purchase Gift Certificate's online, which makes purchasing SUPER easy!! I'll post a link in my profile.
In case you're wondering where we've been, it's on vacation!! And we're enjoying every minute in St. Louis 😊Especially the part where Matt doesn't have to go to work 👌🏻❤️
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