ugh omg when i make a fan page i hope all this drama is gone because it’s going to far also there is people calling the fandom toxic but they are the ones making it toxic, um what? if y’all want drama to die down then stop posting under the countorlorenisoverparty and forget about her if she is so “irrelevant” block out fakes, not give them attention lol #angelsquad
so im premaking a bunch of edits because i have nothing else to do so should i make a new account soon? i will planning on making it in September but whatever (the annoying wm is there because i don’t want anyone to steal it) #omgpage
hi, sorry for being so inactive lately, im losing to much inspiration to continue this account and i have been really busy the past few days. feel free to unfollow me btw. im taking a break from having a fan page and editing for a few weeks because i just need time to myself and do what i want to do. thank you all for everything and i will still keep up with loren and i will always love her so much. thank you all once again and if you still want to keep in touch with me then dm me on @editliv (im not posting on that acc so don’t think im fake)
my S.W.A.G 💸 - ac let me look / cc me dt @lvstlor [ #angeledits #omgpage #explorepage #angelsquad #angelsarebeautiful ] @lorenxgray @loren please tag loren!💗
happy bean :) i never posted this so enjoy it - ac idk / cc me / ib me / dt @spybeech [ #angelsquad #angeledits #omgpage #lorengray #angelsarebeautiful ] @loren @lorenxgray please tag loren! 💗
nothing you can do about it. this did not turn out how i imagined ; - ac @escapebeech / ib << / cc me /;; dt the comments [ #angeledits #omgpage #angelsquad #lorengray #angelsarebeautiful ] @loren @lorenxgray please tag loren! 💓
my softie 🌷. - ac @reineloren / ib reineloren cc me / dt whoever was active ;; [ #angeledits #omgpage #angelsquad #lorengray #angelsarebeautiful ] @loren @lorenxgray please tag loren!! 💗
why did this reach the explore page
[repost] my faves 🤪💘 - ac @beechvfx / ib beechvfx kinda / cc me / dt loriel stans [ #omgpage #angeledits #angelsquad #babyariel #loriel #angelsarebeautiful ] @lorenxgray @loren @babyariel please tag them! 💗
she got me in my feelings ; - ac @loveslor / ib loveslor cc me / dt @xdrippylor / [ #omgpage #angeledits #angelsquad #lorenedits #angelsarebeautiful ] @lorenxgray @loren please tag loren!!!!💗
she’s been keepin’ it real since 2002 😎
two eras 🤪 pt 1 me pt 2 @vibewithlor - ac @cravelor / ib cravelor dt @spybeech / cc me [ #omgpage #angeledits #angelsquad #angelsarebeautiful ] @lorenxgray @loren
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