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🙏🏽God 🏆World Champion • Olympian • IFBB Pro 🇨🇦CAN Gold Medalist 💪🏽Celebrity Fitness Coach 🎬Actor/Speaker/Model/Writer/Designer ✘Creative Disruptor✘

WE ARE🔻@LEGEND.NATION 🔻 The family came together today in Canadas capital!!! I'm so incredibly proud of each and every one of these Athletes! Such a diverse group of people but we all have so much in common. What makes me the most proud is that each and everyone one of these Athletes were strangers at one point. But to see them all supporting one another throughout their prep as though they are family is truly something we see less and less of each day. Show these Legends some love because they most definitely Lead by Example! 🔻-@Legend.Nation 🔻
#LegendCertified @JonnyBones ✓ Truly, an unbelievable honor to see the UNDEFEATED @UFC Light-Heavy Weight Champion of the World rocking the #LegendStealthCap (⬆️LINK IN MY BIO⬆️) • My brother @JonnyBones has been the Champion since 2011 making him the longest in history to hold The Champion title! He is a bad-ass that gets paid to knock out the world's best fighters ever! He is ranked as the pound-for-pound best fighter to ever exist in the UFC! He has never been defeated EVER! This man, is also a great Father and out going friend! I'm proud to know him and grateful for his support! Jon "Bones" Jones... You my friend are Legend Certified 💯 ✘@Legend.Fit
🤤BEHOLDDDD! I present you THE 19,871g of PROTEIN BAR!!! Shout out to the bad boys at @EpicMealTime for having your boy come on to tackle this monstrosity! I'll just say, @HarleyPlays AKA "The Sauce Boss" is definitely as advertised haha! 🤣🤣🤣 • If you haven't checked these guys out, they have been consistently been killing the game with innovative EPIC Meals for years and have even had the likes of Arnold @Schwarzenegger and so many more people that Instagram refused to let me tag 🙃 • I had a blast and a half hanging out with the team, and obviously eating the world's largest 200lb Protein bar (thing was heavy as fuck!) I had always been a fan of Epic Meal Time some decade or so ago when I had seen their videos! This is a testament to keeping a positive open state of mind in life, because it was an honor and something I could never imagined to be on one of the fastest growing viewed episodes! Check out the full video in my IGTV for even more jokes! • (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) "ILL BE BACK!" 😎 Black Muscles Glasses 💪🏽🕶️
🎉🔥GIVEAWAY!!!🔥🎉 We are giving away a FREE autographed #Canada152 #LegendInThe6ix hoodie to 1 lucky winner! There are only 152 of these Limited Edition Red Hoodies being made to celebrate 🇨🇦Canada's 152nd Birthday!🇨🇦 • TO ENTER! 1️⃣ You must "Like" this post ❤️ 2️⃣ Must be following ✘@Legend.Fit ✘ & ✓@ErenLegendIFBBPro ✓ page 3️⃣ Tag 3 friends in this post! You are able to tag as many comments as you'd like! The more comments you have, the more chances you have to win! Winner will be chosen this weekend! 🏆 Let's show some love and pride for Canada!!! 🔥🇨🇦💯 🔻Legends Lead by Example🔻 -@ErenLegendIFBBPro
Live a life you love... Live a life you can be proud of! • @Asiagrapher_Mkay coming through with another strong capture 📸 📍|• @TOProSupershow 🔻Legends Lead by Example🔻 -@ErenLegendIFBBPro
🎉#WeAreTheCity I am very excited to announce that #LegendInThe6ix hoodie & t-shirt is now available online (Link in my Bio) worldwide!!! • I definitely want to take the time to say thank you to everyone that has been a part of growing this movement! • This truly has been an effort by a lot of very key people and I'm grateful that everyone is loving the designs so much and it's bringing strangers together and making them family! • 💫 Honorable mentions to @Lcon @Gamer2Gainz @Mckeyra @BmLevy4 @MatthewVisions @RobertSantosrs @Judy_Lazi.Babi for making something we can all be so proud of and be helping us expand this beautiful community! • Thank you! JOIN THE MOVEMENT, check out the new @Legend.Fit website and let me know what you think 😊 🔻Legends Lead by Example🔻 -@ErenLegendIFBBPro
✘so bad it's good✘ (Link in Bio) #LegendInThe6ix Crop Hoodie & #LadyL3s@KimTwinLu 📸 | @ErenLegendIFBBPro 🔻@Legend.Fit 🔻 • From my #PhotographyWithMyFriends catalog of photos that I've shot with my good friends.
✘own it for the moment✘ Limited Edition Unreleased "#LegendTrackRunners " 💯COMING SOON • @KimTwinLu 📸 | @ErenLegendIFBBPro 🔻@Legend.Fit 🔻 • From my #PhotographyWithMyFriends catalog of photos that I've shot with my good friends.
✘worth the risk✘ #LegendInThe6ix Crop Hoodie (Link in Bio) • @KimTwinLu 📸 | @ErenLegendIFBBPro 🔻@Legend.Fit 🔻 • From my #PhotographyWithMyFriends catalog of photos that I've shot with my good friends.
🎶Your 90's Music Band name is... The last movie you watched + The last thing you ate 😂🙈 Let's hear em ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #AladdinIceCreamCone 🧞‍♂️🍦🤣 • Throwback to droppin' bars in @ScottStorchOfficial 's recording booth (yes I got in trouble for this pic, yes it was worth it 😝) 🔻Legends Laugh by Example🔻 -@ErenLegendIFBBPro
It's been a while... ❌CAPTION THIS❌ #NYPro 🔻Legends Lead by Example🔻 -@ErenLegendIFBBPro
Always so nice catching up w/my Ex 🤣🤣🤣 Just kidding, GO RAPS 🦖
💫L I F E💫 Live • In • Freedom • Everyday Life... It is far too short to live within the confines of limitations and restraint. Free yourself of yourself. Do not allow your environment to influence you, but rather become of influence to your environment! A tide is turning... Those that are meant to lead and rise are stepping up to the beat of their own drum. A cause, a movement, a greater purpose! Find this within yourself. Accept that it is only required to make sense to you and no one else. The sooner we can understand and define what FREEDOM looks, tastes, sounds, and feels like... The sooner we will find eternal peace within our lives. I encourage you to remove yourself from yourself for 10 seconds right now. And to ask yourself the question that you have yet to ask... • "What does FREEDOM mean to me?" Hold onto this thought and bring it to life and existence everyday. Dont waste this gift. You can be anything you've ever dreamed of, you can have anything you've ever desired. You must first realize that you in the ultimate essence of yourself are LIMITLESS... The only thing stopping you is YOU 🙏 🔻 Legends Lead by Example🔻 -@ErenLegendIFBBPro
✘LEGENDS DO IT BETTER ⬅️⬅️⬅️ Join the movement (Link in Bio) ✘ ✘ booth this year was bumpinnng!!! 🔥💯🔥 • I'm so grateful for all the people that took the time to come out and support! Whether it was copping the #LegendStealthCap a #LegendInThe6ix hoodie/shirt or just dropping by to say hi and watch me on stage! These are a few of the 100's of photos that really capture the vibe of what this movement is doing in this city alone! The goal is to keep the Legend movement going global and just seeing the smiles on everyone's faces and the unity this is creating is beyond words that I can explain! We will be hosting many more social events to bring others together and do the best we can to elevate this culture and community! It's never too late to Lead by Example and join us! -✘
-💫Be Remembered💫- 🚨PLEASE READ THIS POST🚨 Do what feels right right now! This past weekend I had the honors of stepping back on stage at the @TOProSuperShow , It's been 3 years since I've been able to perform in front of my home crowd! Between balancing coaching athletes for this event, deciding last minute to prepare for this competition, working a supplement booth, aaaand more excitingly than anything... For the first time to have my very own LEGEND booth! 🤯...Let's just say it's been a heck of a weekend! I can proudly say that I executed everything that I had hoped to, and more importantly was able to adapt to any last minute challenges & changes to the original game plans! For me the proudest moment was being on stage with notably the loudest cheering crowd in the entire show #TheyShouldHaveNeverGivenUsBlowHorns 😂📣 You guys may not be able to understand this, but I've been excited to share what this experience feels like! Being on stage feeling the vibration of energy directed towards me truly empowers me in ways that I cannot describe! From my perspective as well, looking among the crowd and seeing what would usually be very unlikely group of individuals standing amongst one another, united in this moment, all wearing the #LegendStealthCap , or the #LegendInThe6ix hoodie/shirt together all contributing to a greater cause and purpose! In that moment, it's evident that THIS is what's more important than a 1st Place trophy! This is the hard thing... Bringing strangers together and making them family! Giving them something to empower them and to give them self-fulfillment! I didn't take my prep seriously at all and fully invested my time into the growth of the Legend movement. I also didn't place that bad for a Natural Athlete in the non-drug tested Pro division prepping for 4 days 😂 #WeStayReady But in all trueness, seeing the growth of our Legend community... Even if I had placed last, I have 0 regrets and I'd do this shit all over again! Ask yourself if you are living up to your potential and standard that you've set for YOU in YOUR life! I hope the answer is Yes. 🔻LEGENDS LEAD BY EXAMPLE🔻 📽️ |• @MuscleBarbie24 -@ErenLegendIFBBPro
Come to the Booth #721 tomorrow at the @TOProSupershow ! We do things differently! 🔻Legends Lead by Example🔻 -@ErenLegendIFBBPro
-💫Committed to the Cause💫- With the @TOProSuperShow weekend upon us, there is so much energy in the city today bringing about great triumphs for some, and for others, great disappointment. I'm not going to sugar coat it or lie, but this has been by far the least committed to a competition that I have ever been in my 16 Shows & 6 years of competition! I still gave it my all day-in-day-out with 0 complaints or excuses! But I found myself so overwhelmed yet enthralled with how well the🔻@Legend.Nation 🔻 community has come together and how much support you have all given the ✘@Legend.Fit ✘ movement! I put everyone ahead of my own needs and truly, as a Man and Champion can say that I am not bringing my best display to the stage this weekend. But guess what, it doesn't matter. Because the true magic is not what happens on stage but rather what happens in the dark when there is no glory, no light, no praise. Having my own booth this year means the world to me and the amount of messages I've received from people all over Canada looking to commit to a greater cause is truly a beautiful thing to witness! I want to give some love to @Darleneeeea as well! This girl has shown relentless determination over the past few months prepping for her show while having her own @SweetPeach_Apparel booth dealing with a multitude of life challenges and still never once quit! Life isn't about our moments in the light, life is how we continue to find ways to shine within when we are surrounded by hopeless despair! Stories like Darlene's and others truly motivates me to create something stronger that will last longer than a picture of me half naked on stage in boardshorts ever can! Find your purpose, find your cause and commit to it! No matter what, don't let anyone tell you what brings you fulfillment and joy. Don't cheat yourself, don't quit on your dreams and aspirations! I'm grateful for all the love and support. I recognize that my purpose is much greater than I am and I'm excited to share & show that with you all this weekend! 🔻Legends Lead by Example🔻 -@ErenLegendIFBBPro
TORONTOOOOO! IM BACK BABY! #LegendInThe6ix 💪🏽💯🔥 • After a 3 year hiatus, TOMORROW I am back on stage at the @TOProSuperShow !!! • It's an exciting time to be able to perform in front of the home crowd again! • I will be on stage around 11:30AM so make sure you come by and cheer for your boy! Let's get some chants going like back in 2016 haha (Bringing my blow-horn! 🤣📣) • Come grab some pics and ✓ ✓ apparel too at Booth "721" by the expo stage! Then come catch me at @TeamAllMax booth all day Sunday💪🏽😁 • 🔻Legends Lead by Example🔻 -@ErenLegendIFBBPro
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