Eric The Sausage Dog🐶

Miniature Dachshund🐾 1 Year Old 14.08.17 🎂 Living in London 🌃 Follow me and watch me grow! Little sausage with a BIG personality🌭

It’s my birthday!! 1 Today! Got spoilt by my mummy and daddy🎉🎁🎉
Making friends with this big fella! #sausagedog #greyhound
Mummy’s new bed cover has me all over it!🐶😊
Out and about with the big guy!🐶🐶
Night night...🐾🌚
Who else loves bandanas? Got any requests? 💪🏼🐾👌🏻
Trying to teach the big bro some of my poses👌🏻🐾 I think he did a good job however he did get distracted by the word FOX!!
Joining in with some yoga!💪🏼
This is the life😎🐾👶🏼
Little legs😊
New toys!!!
Happy days!!🌿🐾😊☀️
Who’s up for a little drive?? 🐾🚘
Tired after a long busy day in the sun!☀️🐶🐾
Everyone loves to sunbath!☀️
Playing with my new ball with Cody! I love it
Loving life
Throw back!👌🏻🐾🍂
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