Eric The Sausage Dog🐶

Miniature Dachshund🐾 1 Year Old 14.08.17 🎂 Living in London 🌃 Follow me and watch me grow! Little sausage with a BIG personality🌭

Afternoon walk...😊🌲🍃🍂
This is my favourite toy!🐧 #lastyearchristmas
Lovely day at the park🍂🌲🍃
Anyone else’s ears blowing in this wind? 🙊😆
I’m joining the team!!!!👍🏻
Love being out and about!!🍂☘️
Cuddles with the bro🐶
Sunday walks are my favourite 🍂🐶
I’m sorry daddy I chewed up your sock when you wasn’t looking.
Soooo tired! Happy Sunday everyone
Doing some work outs! Building up my muscles💪🏼🐕
My best friend Sky!💜
Racing with my best beagle Friends! RUN RUN RUN!!! I came 3rd!!☺️🤞🏻#pawsinthepark
Had a very busy morning! Now to sleep...zzzz🐾🐶
Paws in the park!🤙🏻🐾🐶🐶
Love being out and about! 🤙🏻🐾🐶
How cute!!! Paw your own🐾💦
I wish I new how to drive!!!😕🐶🐾🤞🏻
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