Ernest The Dachshund

I’m a 3 year old Dachshund living my best life in Manchester UK

I’m knackered babes. Night x
It’s been a very lazy bank holiday for me so far. I’ve got the fear dads making me go out today though 😭
Off to Nans today!
Long day at doggy day care 😴
I was helping cousin Ethan count his animals on the window sill then I got tired.
It’s been such a long day. I’ve had 2 poo’s and 1 wee plus I’ve barked at a tram, a deliveroo rider and Dad when he had the nerve to leave the flat for 30 minutes. Exhausting.
Good night 💤
Merry Christmas from me and my weird tongue thing.
Helping dad with his hangover @kaylennmcgavin
So apparently that last post of this picture has some weird lines all over it?! Bizarre! Thanks to everyone who liked it anyway 😂 here he is again in all his sleep glory!
Walks with dad
Sleepy boy
Find someone who looks at you how Ernest looks at me.
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