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What a beautiful world we live in ❤️
When I was just getting into photography and learning how to use my first camera, I remember running to these cliffs as quick as I could every day after work trying to make it in time for sunset. Half the time I’d get there too late. A lot of the times nothing special would happen. Regardless, the chase was the most fun thing about it. Those few times where the sky lit up made all the other strikeouts worth it. It’s funny how a couple special nights can alter the course of your life.
The only thing more electric than the sunrise was watching the city come alive to start the day. Rio de Janeiro was so much more than I expected. It was mountains erupting from the city. It was people enjoying the beaches up and down the coastline. It was an energy I haven’t felt before. 4AM wake up calls are always rough, but moments like these make the journey from a comfy bed 100% worth it.
Who are you when no one’s looking? Some of us run in a pack and some of us are lone wolves. Spending time with friends and family is my favorite, but it’s times of solitude where you learn the most about yourself. Where do your thoughts drift? What motivates you? How do you seek inspiration when others aren’t around pushing you? All questions I think about often when I’m looking up at the stars on a camping trip. Being alone often carries a negative connotation in our society and is falsely tied to being lonely. Being able to give yourself the gift of your own time is one of the most valuable things you can invest in.
One of my favorite things about aerial photography is I’ll never be able to duplicate a shot. The ocean ebbs and flows, the waves fluctuate, people come and go. The multitude of factors makes each trip to the beach a new adventure. Early morning is always one of my favorite times. Lesser crowds, eager surfers trying to get in one final wave before they get on with their day, and the first light illuminating the ocean. It sure rewards those who are willing to get out there first 😎
One of the best surf breaks I’ve seen along the coast of Nicaragua. I ended up doing laps between the ocean and pool all day and enjoying a slower pace of life that is sometimes hard to come by in Southern California. The quick pace of city life keeps you driven and motivated but the slow pace is just as important. Those are the moments when your mind finally gets a chance to refresh and prioritize what matters most in life. Like all things it’s about a balance, something I’m always working on finding in this increasingly digital world.
What started out as a dark and rainy morning turned into one of the most beautiful Fall drives I’ve been on. @robstrok and I hit the mountain highways in Washington searching for signs of Autumn and each twist and turn seemed to become more magical. Even though the beautiful colors come and go so quickly, it’s still fun chasing the changing leaves around the country each year. 🍁
There’s an unnerving calm before the storm and chaos during, but after is the part that always intrigues me. The clouds part, the sun slowly shines through, and the first light paints the coastline yet again. Each storm is different and although it can be beautiful watching the clouds roll through along the ocean, it's also a reminder of how powerful nature can be.
There’s a whole world out there and you only have a limited amount of time to explore it. When you’re a kid, traveling isn’t realistic and when you’re old it’s just not the same. What’s left? A window to take advantage of everything you can. I’ll never forget how quick high school passed, then college, then years sitting at a desk doing my engineering job. It’s scary thinking back about it. Looking towards the future I’m excited about spending as much time with my friends and family as possible and enjoying everything this wild world has to offer 🌎
It’s amazing and overwhelming at the same time thinking about the amount of media we consume on a daily basis. One second you’re looking at a lake in Banff, then a waterfall in Iceland, and all of a sudden you’re off in Bali. Day after day. These spots are so accessible and easy to find information on that it’s understandable why they’ve become attractive destinations. At the same time, some of my favorite trips in the past year or two have been to places I haven’t seen a ton of pics from. South Africa became one of my favorite places in the world, Brazil was beautiful, and the Marquesas Islands were straight out of a dream. That leads me to the Açores, a place I never knew existed until we landed on the island of Pico in search of new adventures. The clouds had been covering the active volcano during our first couple days, but when we finally caught a sunset it was a night I’ll never forget.
Spent the past few days in the mountains cruising around backcountry mountain roads with @robstrok and getting a proper introduction to Fall. Stretches like this make me wish Southern California experienced seasons, but I guess year round beach weather is pretty nice as well 😂 That’s the beauty of travel right? Get exposure to something new and then when the waves call, head on back to the place you call home.
My favorite season is in full swing up here in Washington. This cabin was perfect Fall escape, deep in the woods sheltered from the rain and noises of every day life.
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