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Iceland finally rewarded us with a beautiful sunset right as we pulled up to this incredible spot. Huge thanks to @skyhour for making this bucket list trip possible for me! After seeing so many pics of Iceland for years, driving the 828 mile “Ring Road” around the country was something I knew I had to do. Excited to share more pics from this trip! *FLY AWAY / GIVEAWAY* It’s not too late to enter the contest for 20 skyhours to complete the bucket list trip of your dreams! Follow me & @skyhour ; comment on this post stating where you live and how many skyhours you’d need to fly round trip to your bucket list destination and you’ll be entered to win! Link to full rules: #skyhourpartner #theskyisours
Another one of those places that seems too good to be true. Deep inside the Yoda cave in Southern Iceland where nature’s harsh elements carved an incredible formation out of the cliffs. Thanks @visualsofjulius for helping bring this place to life 😍
*FLY AWAY / GIVEAWAY* Ever since I was a kid, Iceland has been at the top of my list. Thanks to @skyhour I got to complete this travel goal & share my experience with all of you. Now Skyhour wants to offer one of you the chance to experience a bucket list trip too! To enter -- all you have to do is: - Follow me & @skyhour ; Sign up for a free Skyhour account; Comment on this post stating where you live & how many skyhours you'd need to fly roundtrip to your bucket list destination & you'll be entered for a chance to win them! Link to full rules: #skyhourpartner #theskyisours
Touched down in Iceland for the first time and was immediately greeted with a rough patch of weather. We saw a small gap in the storm and headed straight to the coast to find what’s left of this Navy plane. The walk here head first into 50mph winds was brutal. We looked straight down and didn’t talk the entire time 😂 Started driving the ring road looping around the country and can’t wait to share some more pics from this magical place ❄️
Deep in the jungle of a magical world. When you love nature so much it loves you back 🌳💙🌲
When the rolling waves carry in the color of the sunset 🎨
High over London watching the boats cruise up and down the River Thames. My first visit to the city with @airnz and @lovegreatbritain was memorable in so many ways. The excitement was in the air for next months Royal Wedding and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Have you visited London before? If not, make sure you do!
I’d run stairs all day if this was the prize at the end.
All my favorite shades of blue. It’s about time for winter to melt away and reveal the beauty beneath it.
Venturing into the hidden wonders along the Adriatic Coast. This cave had some of the bluest water I’ve ever seen and was the perfect spot to hide my treasure chest.
If I had to be stuck on a rock anywhere, this would be one of my top choices. An early morning in the park before everyone wakes up and the valley has a calming allure. Also, posted the before and after in my stories if you wanna see how my presets and edit flow goes!
35 floors above London wandering the Capital’s highest public garden with @airnz and @lovegreatbritain. Sky Garden was the perfect place to kick back and enjoy a drink during sunset. It had been raining all day but we caught a break in the clouds right at the perfect time. I’m always amazed at urban planning when I get a birds eye view over a large city like this 😍
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