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It's not a skirt, it's a summer dress from @augustethelabel I have a lot of clothes and I like to use it ALL, so for the winter, I add a sweater and that's it🥂! Life is too short to not have creativity | #augustethelabel #whatiamwearing #whatiwear #mondaymood #streetphotography
🥀Look for my romantic date today, my watch of @filippoloreti and I are in love💍 | #filippoloreti #venicecollection #loavies #girlsgoneloavies #shein #sheinofficial
Behind the camera🎬 In the photo / 99% of my life. I said it in my previous post, I'm not a girl who wears heels🤦‍♀️ @loavies @sheinofficial / #girlsgoneloavies #loavies #loaviesgirls x #shein #sheinofficial #sheingals
My look on wednesday, super casual and cozy. I am a girl who prefers to wear low shoes. What kind of girl are you? Heels👟 or boots👠? #wednesday x #cozystreetwear x #cozydays x #whatiweartoday x #dokotoo
Today more than ever I feel grateful with all your support! I appreciate every cute message that you write to me every day. Some people tell me that I am their "inspiration" or that they would like to be a blogger like me, the truth is that I never thought that you were all so nice to me and that you would appreciate my work in this way THANK YOU #blessed #grateful #loveyouall
Girls! We have new preset! Thanks to my beautiful friend @jazminbardach ⚘ I'm in love! About my look today Jacket @americandreamsdk Sweater @loavies Accessories @gemandcompany / #loavies × #girlsgoneloavies × #loaviesgirls x #gemgirl #gemgirls x #americandreamsdk
1) My face ONLY for Instagram photos VS. 2) My face always. Which is your favorite?🌸 HAHA. Discount code for this Bikini👙🏊‍♀️ Esmeralda15 @sorelleuk #sorelleuk
SWIPE to see the before and after!🌺 Ad | It's really cold outside( really). In the city where I live, it made snow yesterday! So the cold is terrible. But today I had a relaxing day in the pool🏊‍♀️ and yes, I miss being in a bikini / @sorelleuk #sorelleuk DISCOUNT CODE: Esmeralda15 👙 #relaxingday x #morningvibes
I'm back! Happy January 3 guys❤. Today I want to tell you something terrible and funny that happened to me this morning! Today I went out with my boyfriend to take some pictures in the city and I always bring with me some changes of clothes to make several styles of outfits. What happened is that after half an hour to get there, I barely got off the car, I said "let's go" it did not last 3 minutes out of the car, the cold and the wind was terrible and scary. The truth is that this winter I have endured a lot of cold just to take pictures, I use heels without socks or I do not use the scarf, just to make the outfit more beautiful! These are sacrifices that you did not know😂 👉Leave in the comments your sacrifices for taking a picture!🤳 #bubbleroomstyle x #bubbleroom x #happywifey x #happywifeyoslo x #illisioofficial x #pixibeauty x #letterpendant
WELCOME #2019 And happy new year🎆 I wish you much happiness and lots of LOVE🥂🍾 I feel really sexy with this black and shiny dress from @drylakeofficial 💫 / #drylakestyle x #dressoftheday x #happynewyear2019 x #newyearsoutfit x #womenfashion
Tying the laces of my shoes in the middle of the street while my boyfriend makes some photographic shots📸! The girls do not have limits⚠️ / #streetstyle x #streetstylelook x #streetstylefashion x #minimalstyle x #outfitshare #sweaterweather x #winterfashion
Details of my street style today⚘! I am enjoying the last days of this year and you?🥂🍾 Accessories by @kinsleyarmelle / #kinsleyarmelle x #jewelryinspiration x #essential x #shopka x #jewelryofinstagram
Sorry for being inactive this last week. The Christmas period has been a bit strong for me, many emotions united and I prefer not to talk about this!! But I wish you all a merry Christmas🎄 LOVE YOU ALL!🥂 #merrychristmas x #bubbleroomstyle x #outfitpost
For today, a glamorous look, a black blazer and red lips. 👉SWIPE to see my beautiful world necklace from @bybiehl perfect for travelers #bybiehl #beautifulworld . Tell me where in the world you would like to be right now🥂 / #glamourous #elegance #classic #ootdinspirations
👉SWIPE to see the before and after. For several days I wanted to start my YouTube channel, and I want to tell you that I will soon upload my first video, and the theme will be: HOW I EDIT MY PHOTOS! Learn to edit like me💅 My beautiful blazer is from @weare_garcia / #wearegarcia x #ootdbloggers x #fashioninmagazine × #youtubers x #presets x #videotutorial
Finally! I feel Christmas🎄🥂 and this cafe has very good vibes to take some pictures and eat a delicious cornetto! I am Venezuelan and the typical food in my country is called "Arepa" I would like to know the typical food of your country! Leave it in the comments👇 / #merrychristmas x #christmas #breakfast x #holidays x #morning x #morninginspiration x #breakfastgoals
Hey! Happy Thursday. Today I want to tell you that I am entering the world of fashion🥂. A few months ago, when I entered the world of Instagram, I was obsessed with feeds like @paris.jacobson and @travel_inhershoes and decided to take inspiration from them. The reality is that I only travel in summer, so I need to create content for you, and fashion is the best option for winter🥀 ❇Are you from the Fashion or Travel team? Jacket from @weare_garcia #WeAreGarcia x #ad x #ootdbloggers
Gold and a black dress is a classic. Accessories by @pilgrimjewellery / #pilgrimjewellery x #pilgrimeveryday x #details x #rings x #gold x #necklace
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