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forever 21 is my fav spot to shop if you couldn’t tell
a lil tbt
will i ever stop with the selfies?? i don’t know, stay tuned for tomorrow if i upload another
the process of loosing my krispy kreme virginity.. wow a cheat day done so right 🍩
ameriKKKa’s most wanted
a 60 pound difference between these two pictures. This lifestyle change has been the BEST decision i’ve made.. i literally have 40 more pounds till i’m at my goal. This is something i’ve always deemed impossible but i realize nothing is impossible once you really put your mind to some shit. This has been the happiest i’ve been in my 22 years.
today’s beat on the beautiful @maeva_gibson , imagine killing the game this hard at 16🤯 All details are posted on my makeup page @beatsbyessence 👩🏽‍🎨
forever my number 1
dressing room chronicles part 2
love you momma
today was such a motivating/ reassuring day for me. I decided to finally cave and buy myself a pair of jeans since this whole weight loss journey because everything i own is way to big and all i have that fits me is my workout clothes. i was mad nervous i wasn’t going to see any results but to my surprise i was actually 4 jean sizes down which is crazy and so so motivating for me. I use to hate shopping because i was uncomfortable and hated seeing the sizes, but this made me so excited to start shopping because i’ve been feeling so good lately!!☺️ - Also don’t mind the writing on the picture this was taken from snapchat lol
i still got stubborn cellulite, a lil gut but i’m working on it. i’ve loved myself before and will continue to even as i better myself. No matter what’s going on externally that don’t matter, it’s all about how you feel internally and i feel fucking amazing.
workout gear has become my everyday attire 🤷🏽‍♀️
the thought of U🦋
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