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don’t make me feel a way.
i had arthur’s for the first time today & it was sensational 🙃
this journey has been no where near easy, a lot of ups and downs. But i knew for my health it was something i had to keep pushing because there’s nothing i want more in the world than to be healthy. In the beginning this was not about the number on the scale, my doctor told me if i didn’t change my life style as i get older things wouldn’t get better. i was on the verge of becoming a diabetic, i’m fucking 22 do you know how scary it is to hear that?!. So i decided to take things into my own hands and start changing what i eat and began to workout, and as i started to feel better i noticed the weight loss and it just made me want to push harder. i’m 5 months in and almost half way at my goal and couldn’t be more proud of myself. if you’re looking to start a health journey i recommend it, because not only am i so much healthier and no where near being a diabetic anymore but my mind is so much clearer and i’m so much happier.
this is clearly my favourite spot for selfies
excuse my hand, it was lost.
this was like some what candid
ive been working on this body for 4 months now. squatting like drake been behind me these past 4 godamnnnnn months, SO here’s to that. p.s i forgot to make my bed that day, my bad.
as most of you know i’ve been lacking on the very first love of my life for a very long time now which was makeup. i’m finally finding my love and motivation for it again, So if you guys would like to head over and check out my new makeup page ‘ @beatsbyessence ‘ that would be pretty dope☺️. I posted the details to this look on that page and much much more to come, i promise🙉
another one because.... mood☺️
i couldn’t pick just one so emily told me to post both so that’s what imma do🤗 also braids courtesy of @lj_braids4k , thank you so much for these fire braids😩❤️
when i had this mini photoshoot i took 1008 pictures. So here’s another one because mood.
i want to make you a priority, i want you to know there’s more to me.
my mom said “ i’m so proud of you for accomplishing everything you have so far” and that made me smile so she got this candid moment.. i was also finishing up my green juice 🍏#TrustTheProcess
i wanna drown in the depths of you, where the waters so blue🌊
a little smoked out liner for this prom beauty at work today!!! 🔥 i fucking love prom season 🤗
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