Essence Gibson-Maxwell

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canada goose fur, i’m so cold burrrrrrrrrr🥶❄️
1 more for the fuck of it🤒🤩🤯🥳🤠
U stay on my mind.. all the time.
omw to rob a bank!!!!!!
i hope everyone has a blessed and amazing new year!!! 2018 was a hard one for most of us as i can see on my feed lol. I hope 2019 brings everyone blessings, love and wins, wins wins and more fucking WINS!!!🥳
if we keeping it realllllll, i have so much god damn stretchy skin which is from a loosing such a big chunk of weight, but i love it weirdly because it shows me how far i’ve come in this weight loss journey. Ladies don’t ever let no man make you feel a way for not having a flat stomach, or a little extra skin in certain places or rolls, and if he has a problem... sis why you entertaining his bitch ass??? a nigga gon love all of this or he can suck dis dizickkkkkkk😁
i’ve worn bonnets my whole life until someone told me to try a silky, and wow my life’s changed forever... That’s all, thank U for coming to my black girl chronicles ted talk 🥳
essence 1% of the time VS essence 99.9% of the time!!!! gotta keep them edges laid sis🥳
I wish everyone nothing but love, health and prosperity on this beautiful day. Make sure you tell your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them, and hug them tight🥰
‘hey big head’
i hope that you don’t think you played me like i’m dumb, cause i just boss up nigga, boss up🤑
22 was a wild year to say the least, excited to see what 23 brings🤩🤑
jordan year, here i am #23 🎈
a post a day is the only thing i’m consistent with in life lol
i owe who i am today and will continue to be too these two. I will never ever be able to express the gratitude and love i have for them. Not a day passes that i don’t thank god for choosing me for you guys, knowing everyday that i get to come home to house full of love and peace is the reason my home is my solitude and my favorite place to be. I feel like no love is greater than the love i get from these two. And for that mom and gran, I thank U for being my peace, my sanity, and always keeping me grounded when shit gets real. Loooooooooveeeeeee you forever and a day🥰
my best friend & cousin wrapped all into one 🥰
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