selected photographs

Fav pic from this shoot with my fav gal @elenetseretelii πŸ’˜
almost kicked out of the rooftop but it’s okay ;)
Fab gals by me πŸ’• might be posting more from this shoot πŸ˜‰
Will be posting some more of my work on here! Here's one from my shoot with @elenetseretelii so stay tuned for more πŸ˜‰πŸ’•
skippin' school with my G β™‘
I'm so excited for the long weekend cuz the weather is supposed to be good and i miss the sun sm. I also have a bunch of exciting ideas planned for pics & vids!! What a happy happy time ;)) stay tuned for more!
Snowy, bright and uneducated
a fine layer of cirrus clouds on a Wednesday afternoon
snow white
Never gets old
04:03 am
I put my middle finger up
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