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Happy birthday Gray, no matter how old we get you’ll always have a belly to lean on. (we don’t know who is who in this pic we’re just guessing I asked my mom and she doesn’t know either)
uncomfortable because cold season
I’ve worn this outfit for the past 3 days trying to get a pic in it cuz I thought it was cool but probably not cool enough to wear for 3 days in a row
Got our Christmas tree
First time wearing white pants for both of us
We both fell really hard. I’m walking around limping rn as I type this caption
Fall 🤪 idk how I took this pic tbh
went trick or treating with the little cuz
Sister stapled 🤪 @jamescharles you are a very talented young sis
lol 💅
That’s enough tea for the day... time to drink water
one of the best moments of my life 😭😭🐽
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