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I make vidoes with my twin brother • Snapchat- ethandolan • ⬇️ NEW VIDEO ⬇️

a film phot Edit: fuck now that I see this in my feed my body positioning is almost identical to two photos ago making me feed look somewhat repetitive. Maybe I should just give up now🤧😷🤢
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend:) the big 1-9!!!!!!
Me: is this cool? Gray: yea Me: 😁 Gray: ur pimples match ur strawberries and ur strawberries match ur shoes Me: 🤧
Grayson already got our house ready for Halloween. Not even mad tho I love halloween:) freakin bats... Polaroid by @bryant
Film from set
Officially finished directing our first project ever. Can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about this. Really proud of Grayson he killed it. Ahhhhhhhhh I’m happy:)
Sister styled by James
a very on-brand face mask 👾🌂🔮
it’s not a purse it’s a satchel
What happens in Vegas... stays on the internet forever
I got a new car. I’m gonna make it cooler. It has no roof and it’s fun
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