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Spent the last couple days prepping in Manado! We finally got cleared to enter Palu which was hit by a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami. Go time! To support our efforts please donate and share the link in my bio! 🙌🏽🇮🇩 @wavesforwater #w4wsetri #sulawesi #earthquake #tsunami #relief #rescue #naturaldisaster #palu #indonesia #canon #canonphotography
Liquefaction earthquake that occurred in Palu, Sulawesi Indonesia on September 28th. We arrived in Sulawesi yesterday and will have boots on the ground ASAP. Please contribute to support our efforts by visiting the link in my bio. #w4wsetri #indonesia #earthquake #tsunami #naturaldisaster #relief #palu #sulawesi
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Waves For Water is launching the Sulawesi Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Initiative (SETRI) — a disaster relief initiative, in response to the earthquake and tsunami that hit the Indonesian city of Palu and the surrounding areas on Sulawesi Island. A 7.5 earthquake, followed by a tsunami, which in some areas reached heights of more than 20 feet, has affected more than 1 million people living in the area. As the death toll surpasses the 1,300 mark, more than 61,000 people displaced and 66,000 homes destroyed, the full extent of the damage is still unknown. Our initial goal with any program like this is to help mitigate the immediate suffering by providing victims with access to safe water. Then as we have boots on the ground and start to establish our local networks we will implement long term programs that can be managed and built upon, locally. If you have the means, please donate via the link in our bio. If not, please help us in spreading the word | #wavesforwater #w4wsetri
Candid shots of my niece Ayla at the fair! #caprisun
The old mechanic shop for the ranch on Santa Cruz Island
Awesome time out on the Channel Islands. Worth the trip!
#niece Maris
Time for a new rope swing!
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