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Can’t believe how fast a year goes by! #greece
This photo kinda sums it all up
I’ll be back! #cotopaxi
Yew 📷
Soo good to have the gang back together for a few days.
José leading the charge in the Ecuadorian Amazon. #w4wecuador #cleanwater #achuar
Rastaman Henry James scooping up some fresh water to filter in Dublanc, Dominica. When hurricane Maria hit Henry lost everything he owned. His house was reduced to the cement block where it once stood overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Henry rose up to the occasion and helped implement water systems in his community and around the island. The river in this photo flooded when depri clogged the bridge and diverted the landslide through DuBlanc as the high seas battered the shore from the other side. This was a common means of destruction as most villages are coastal and near the rivers of Dominica and other islands affected by the hurricane. #w4wchri #caribbean #dominica #rasta #cleanwater
Pump up the tunes and send it! #desertvibes
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