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La Plaza
Somewhere down south! #mosquitocoast
Hey everyone please donate to the link in my bio to support our efforts in Indonesia. #palu #indonesia
It’s such a great honor to work with amazing local teams in the hardest of times. After natural disasters most people have their lives turned completely upside down. It’s compelling to witness the many strong people of Indonesia and go far beyond their comfort zones to help those in need. After many long days on the road crossing landslides to reach remote villages to experiencing ground zero of liquefaction. These individuals kept their heads up and showed a rare strength especially when passing the homes of their deceased friends and family members. Terima kasih banyak untuk semua kerja keras dan dedikasi Shinta, Rendy dan Regina! Kami berharap untuk melihat Anda segera untuk contue yang membantu orang Palu! #palu #indonesia 🇮🇩
With the help of the Indonesian Military we were able to bring aid to Kulawi. It is a remote village completely cut off by landslides and severely effected by the earthquake. The village is absorbing the residents from surrounding villages. One nearby town had 200 houses and 9 remain. With the rainy season underway they will likely be cut off from road access for months to come. #w4wsetri #palu #earthquake #indonesia
I’m back in California but my heart is still in Palu. Please support our relief project by clicking the link in my bio. #w4wsetri #tsunami #sulawesi #naturaldisaster #earthquake #palu #indonesia
I’m beyond great full that I get to work with such amazing team members in the field. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication @panulucksom ! @wavesforwater #w4wsetri #palu #indonesia #sulawesi #insighthimalaya
#palu #indonesia #sulawesi 🙏🏻🇮🇩
We are happy we were able to help the people located in this IDP camp get access to safe drinking water.
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