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That's it for Spain! It was MAGICAL. I feel like someone should make me the official U.S. tourism ambassador to Spain for the number of times I've told people that Madrid and Barcelona and Mallorca are just as beautiful, exciting, and welcoming as any of the most beloved places in Europe. Anyone who tells you the food isn't as good? LIAR. Anyone who says the water isn't as pretty? SHUT THEM DOWN. If you haven't been to Spain, buy a plane ticket now. And then come back and let's have a debate about Madrid vs. Barcelona. 🙂 (And now I just have to go back to see Seville and Valencia and San Sebastian!)
Our last morning on Mallorca, my fiance and I walked to the beach before sunrise to capture the first moments of light. We were all alone, and the sky was my favorite color, and it would have been so romantic were we not being EATEN ALIVE BY MOSQUITOES. My guy was literally running around me in circles, swatting at bugs on my legs while I tried to capture this picture. So I definitely recommend sunrise by the beach on Mallorca, but I also recommend bug spray.
Okay, one last pink sunrise! I'm sorry! They're pretty! I couldn't choose just one! Or twelve!
Another backyard sunset on Mallorca.
The water on Mallorca is SO CALM that this was the biggest wave we saw. It's also shallow for what seems like a mile; you have to wade forever if you ever want it to reach your shoulders. There's definitely a place in my life for the wild waters of the Atlantic that try to drown you just for daring to cross their shores, but this is vacation water.
Sunset. Mountains. Tropical flowers. Clear blue pool below. Beach across the street. My best life.
Beach day (every day) on Mallorca.
When perfectly pink sunrise becomes fiery sunrise.
Perfectly pink sunrise on Mallorca.
One of our friends wrapping up the day by the pool on Mallorca.
On the way to the beach in Mallorca.
Sunset over Llac Gran on Mallorca.
Calmest Mediterranean morning.
Big Birds: the Mallorca Edition. I think this could be a stork? I have no idea. I honestly wouldn't have believed that a stork was a real bird if my future mother-in-law hadn't told me they're all over Poland just last week on Thanksgiving.
Miles and miles of white sand and clear water on Mallorca.
This is a pretty terrible photo from a magical vacation, but I think it's important to call out how important El Playero Bar was on this trip. Because we literally ate there EVERY SINGLE DAY. Usually multiple meals. The menu was approximately 800 pages long, cuisine from every country was represented, everything we tried was tasty, they put corn on pizza, the drinks were frozen and strong, and the waitstaff was ~fairly~ accommodating to our desire to become BFFs with them. Behind the tables were lounge chairs, so we would drop our beach gear there and spend the day alternating between the tables, chairs, and beach. They kept the sparkling wine on ice flowing at our loungers while we watched the German volleyball team practice on the beach all day long, and they didn't mind that we claimed the cabana every single day. Soooooo glad we stayed at this end of Alcudia. It was a little farther from the port than most other restaurants and just perfect for us.
This just gives me all of those island feelings. Mostly sadness, to be clear, because I'm not actually on an island at this moment. Well, does the island of Manhattan count? (hint: it doesn't)
If only all sunrises were pink.
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