Eudoxie (Eh-dox-ee) Bridges

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A family that votes together... @ludacris @msrjstlf and her brother Unlce Juan. We did it! Go out and vote! #staceyabramsforgovernor
It’s been a great day!
Sunday funday with these two. ❤️
A Prayer For Us. #sundayprayer #aprayerforus
@msrjstlf Cadence joined you in the royal wedding celebration. She literally put this on her head and I had to snap these pics. 🤣🤣
The way this video was edited I don’t approve. Lol I mean it doesn’t really show how bad I beat him at the medieval games we played. He kept saying I was winning because he thought I had played those games in Gabon before. 😂😂 @Ludacris thank you for an awesome day. I love you!! ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Just living my life doing the things I enjoy with the people I love. ❤️
Everything was 👌🏽
I told everyone the theme to my bday dinner was “wear a duster”. Not only because I love them but so we could eat, drink and cover any bloat if necessary. 🤣👌🏽
💜 these from my favorite person @ludacris
Lord, I thank you for the gift of life. This year didn’t necessarily start off right for us. I had a miscarriage and needed to have surgery. It was very easy to complain and self pity but I refused to let the enemy win. I stayed faithful and prayed up. I spent hours focusing on the many ways the Lord has blessed me. How could I complain when God has blessed me with the opportunity to already experience motherhood? I’m sharing this with you all to remind you to live in gratitude. When the enemy tries to knock you down, get even closer to your faith. My faith has been tested many times throughout my life but I’m only getting stronger. Life will not always go as planned and keeping a positive and grateful attitude will only bring more and bigger blessings. Thank you God for your favor over my life. Thank you for my beautiful family and friends who have been so supportive. Thank you for another year!! 🙏🏽❤️
Thank you to my amazing husband, family and friends for an awesome birthday. Love you all. ❤️ 📷 @wen_mic2
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