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Off to #Hyderabad to continue shoot for #Saaho ! ✈️💖
How to contain all this happiness 🙈😍💖 Thank you to all of you for making my birthday so special and showering me with so much love!! 😍💕 I'm overflowing!! 🙃💖
Feeling so so loved... You girls are everything! 💕
बारिश 🍃🌸🌿
When you had enough of the rain... 🙄😄 #monsoons
Greenroom throne 😊💖👑 #Dubai
My favourite door.. 😊🚪✨ guess where! #adventuresawait
Hey guys! Have you tried the new FunFoods Zero Fat Dressings yet? Perfect for your afternoon snack from subs to wraps or salads! This new range of @funfoods_bydroetker #ZeroFatDressings is just amazing. They’re light and low on calories too. So enjoy delicious food guilt free. #ZeroFatZeroGuilt !
There's something beautiful in you.. 💖🎶 (Full video link in profile!) #throwback #evelynsharma #brooklynshanti #somethingbeautiful
I am so excited to try the New Yardley London Daily Wear Perfume Collection! 🌸😍
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