It’s never too late to feel a little more alive.

Surrounded by fall, and a slice of Caribbean out the back door. You Michiganders got it good up here.
Windy ridges with @jess.wandering. 😅Getting creative with #GoproFusion #ExperienceDifferent @gopro
Color overload along Lake Superior. This was the spot that @jess.wandering decided to eat her string cheese.
We made it to Michigan just in time for peak. And turns out the Great Lakes have white sand beaches, tropical (looking) water - and waves 🌊
Chinese modes of transportation. . . Lou Reed on the last video 🎶
We made the trip to Idaho with fall color in mind, ended up welcoming in Winter. After 3 stormy days the sun has come out 🌞☃️ this is one of the toughest snow hikes I’ve done... 10 hrs, 15 miles, 2,100ft elevation, lots of sketchy boulder hopping and route finding thru the forest.
When my 5th grade teacher asked me what I wanna be when I grow up, I said a Farmer. I think it was just the first thing that came to mind where I could be outdoors. And I always loved their hats. 👨‍🌾 But I’m 100% confident that if I knew being a Social Influencer (another name for do what makes you happy, take pictures of it and post it after) I’d have chose that. Hey I’ve been influencing kids to make questionable decisions since I was in the Boy Scouts. I remember pulling up to the campsite and bee lining it to the tallest tree to climb. Other kids would follow and not be able to get down, and it was always my fault. . . My deepest fear as a kid was growing up, settling into a routine and not climbing trees anymore. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have this lifestyle of living on the road, and creating. Making every day a new horizon. Here’s a month of my life, in random one second phone clips. Created for one of my favorite companies @Hydroflask . #LiveRefreshed #sponsored . . . My route in the video 👉 Southern California - Havasupai, AZ- Redwoods, CA - Southern Oregon Coast - Bend, OR - Seattle, WA - Caribbean .
Hey guys, it’s Quin. Maybe you can help me out. Lately, I’ve been asking myself Why... Why I feel the need to continually be moving. Why I make photos, and why I post them on here. Has my work had any impact on you? Why do you choose to follow me?
Surrounded by musical sheep in the Swiss Alps.
I’ve been in a funk lately.
VanCakes 🥞 The past 5 years on the road have kindof converted me into a minimalist. Striving to own very little, but utilizing everything to the max. I’ve been wearing these @coalatree pants for the past 2 years straight. I can hike, skate, and show up to a chapel in them. And they pull it all off while feeling like pajamas. They are the only pants I need and it makes me so happy to simplify my drawers. I don’t need special cups for dinner. I’ll just use my @hydroflask for everything. Pretty convinced water tastes better out of it anyways. This van maneuvers like a car and feels like a Home. How freeing it is - to consolidate those two aspects of my life. Everyone has their own vision of happiness... and at this moment of time, mine is waking up to this👆reminding myself where I am by looking at a map. Charging my work tools off of the sun. Having everything I own within arms reach. And knowing I don’t need anything more, or less. . . . You guys into van life stuff like this? I’ve debated posting some of it, but have kept it my normal scenery style so far.
A simple but cherished feeling - walking out to the edge. Never can resist it. . . . * Above all, know your own limits, don’t risk your life for “the shot”. * this is a 200 ft (60m) drop into shallow water. It’s not jumpable. * yes, I’m comfortable with my footwear choices.
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