It’s never too late to feel a little more alive. 👇road trip playlist

Still feels like a dream. . . . 🎶Karen O and the Kids
I used to be confident with my words on here. When my photography career was starting, I was convinced that “if it can happen to me, it can happen to you”. As time went on, I began to see just how fortunate and privileged I was (am). I am a healthy, 28 year old white dude, from America with a loving family. If I was from another country, I probably couldn’t have done it. If I had a family of my own, it would’ve been much harder. If I was in high school, I would have continued my education thru college. I get reached out to by people worldwide, who want to do what I do, and I never know what to say. It actually keeps me up at night... I debate giving a canned answer, or my true opinion: * You either have the personality or you don’t. If you’re destined to be a photographer, creativity will flow, your work will shine and rise to the top. * Find what makes you unique as an individual, and develop a style that you’re proud of. * After you’ve found your style, then look at it from a business standpoint. What type of companies would be interested in your work? * Be aware of what others are creating, but don’t copy, and DON’T compare yourself. That will be the death of your desire to create.
The ride home... that feeling of contentment after using your time to the fullest. I’ve partnered with @applemusic to create a playlist for the long ride home. Link to my playlist in bio. And if you don’t have Apple Music you can start a free trial to test it out🤙🏼 #sponsored
Cadlao island from 500 meters up.
Cebu has been a waterfall paradise. This one was my favorite so far... felt like an Asian version of Havasupai. Thanks for leading the way @ninjarod 🤙Traveling on assignment for @timothysykes
Venturing thru the Philippines w/ @jess.wandering... never know what’s gonna be around the next bend. Unedited, handheld clip filmed with @gopro #hero6
No road trip would be complete without the right music... so I’ve teamed up with @applemusic to create a playlist of all my favorite open road tunes. Link to my playlist in bio. And if you don’t have Apple Music you can start a free trial today ✌🏼 #sponsored
Floating, climbing and jumping thru the canyons of Cebu. A good day to be alive.
So many lagoons to jump in so little time 🏊🏼‍♀️ Off to Cebu for some waterfall chasing now. Anybody have recommendations?
I met @jess.wandering a few years ago on a road trip. One of our first topics of conversation was the classic question: If you could drop everything and leave right now where would you go? She said, without hesitation, the Philippines. . . After island hopping thru the country for the past few days with her, I now see what all the fuss is about. This place is over the top beautiful. .
Squiggly-est road in New York 🍃🍂🍁
I grew up staring at these three Eucalyptus trees in my parents backyard. Dreaming of making a clubhouse up there. Me and my mom would spend hours planning out the design, and how to make it cool. My little kid imagination was sparked. Well, finally, last May I climbed up and laid the first boards. Worked on it all summer between photography jobs, and just stayed my first few nights in it. I can’t stop smiling every time I climb up. Or when the wind blows and the whole place sways with it. . . *the lights don’t actually flicker like that, my camera just didn’t like em
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