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The sanity saving book ALL new parents need • easily track feeds, diapers, naps & more • by @jackiemangiolino , a HELLP survivor & micropreemie mama

What do you drink in the morning? When I was pumping, at the advice of my #lactation consultants, I stayed away from caffeine and instead had a big, ice-cold glass of chocolate Ovaltine (along with two of my favorite lactation cookies <---recipe inside each Everyday Mother book, btw!). While I miss the excuse to basically have desert for breakfast, I now can't live without coffee or tea in the mornings. What's your beverage of choice?
I'll always remember these sweet little hands running off with my photo props, and then saying "Thank eeee, mama!" as if they were a gift for him. Sweet, child, everything I do is for you, and you can make off with the new ribbon colors any time you'd like ❤️ . We launched new ribbon colors last month, and that dusty blue and gold is already a favorite!
We're working really hard behind the scenes on ways to make YOUR life easier with The Everyday Mother. If you have any helpful feedback or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. #thankyoualways #keepitpositive  ❤️
How is your Everyday Mother book holding up? This one gets tossed in diapers bags every day, lives on a kitchen island, has been spilled on, and thrown; yet it still looks pretty darn perfect!
SHARE AND WIN! Not sure how to use The Everyday Mother pages? The beauty of them is that they give you the freedom to use them however you'd like! We know that each baby is different, and we want to provide you a helpful template that you can make your own. Each book comes with three pages showing suggested ways to use the pages (for breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle feeds). . Do you use your pages differently? Share and tag @everydaymother in a photo of a page in your Everyday Mother book, and you'll be entered to win a new Everyday Mother coffee mug. (open to US residents only, must be 18 and older, must abide by all terms and conditions of Instagram)
GIVEAWAY!! To celebrate the launch of her new line of stationery, I am teaming up with one of my dear friends, @happytines , to bring you a baby-themed giveaway that will be sure to make any mama-to-be smile :) One winner will receive one "I'm So Pumped For You" greeting card, one 50-sheet Pregnancy Brain notepad, and one Everyday Mother baby tracking journal! This giveaway bundle makes the sweetest baby shower gift, if we do say so ourselves! TO ENTER: 1. Like this photo 2. Follow @happytines and @everydaymother 3. Tag a friend in comments below. Tag multiple friends in separate comments for bonus entries. 4. Giveaway closes on Friday, September 21st, at midnight EST. *Must be 18 or older, agree to Instagram’s term of use, and live in the US to win. Entries only gathered on Instagram. Winner will be contacted privately.*
I used to cry at the Sarah McLachlan pet shelter commercials. Then I became a mom, and now I cry at pretty much everything. Just thinking about crying makes me cry. What's the oddest/funniest/weirdest thing that makes you cry these days?
COMING UP THIS WEEK: . 1️⃣Tomorrow we have a collaboration giveaway, so mark your calendars and come back at noon EST. You won’t want to miss this one, friends! . 2️⃣ I’m catching up on emails, which includes lots of wholesale follow up from the fair this past weekend, and getting in touch with artists for the #EMartistcollabs (because, guys, your feedback was insane, in a GOOD way!) . 3️⃣ A new product should be back from the printer on Thursday. Any guesses what it might be? . Hope you’re off to a good week, see ya tomorrow (after a good night’s rest, mamas!) . #everydaymother #giveaway #entertowin #communityovercompetition #collaboration #bumpdate #newbornbaby #babyessentials #babymusthave
GIFT EXPERIENCE: The Everyday Mother gift experience is the second most popular Everyday Mother item (secondly only to The Everyday Mother itself!). The Gift Experience is the perfect way to let an expecting family know you're thinking of them. And by "thinking of them" we mean you're thinking about all the things they have no idea are about to happen, and you're too good of a friend to scare the daylights out of them, so instead you send them this beautifully packaged book that gently says, "here, here are allllll the things you're going to need to keep track of, all wrapped up into something you'll love to use." You're a good friend, just so you know.
Had our very first local market yesterday and it was a blast! Are you in the NYC & Long Island area? If so, what markets would you love to see The Everyday Mother at? I can’t wait to do more of these through the holiday season, and meet so many IG friends and new families in-person ❤️ #Patchogue #theeverydaymother #motherhood #miraclebaby #babylist #pregnant #preemie #preemiestrong #nycmarket #momtobe #rainbowbaby #newborn #babyshower #babymusthave #localmarket #giftguide #babygear #babyregistry #newmom #momlife #babygift #babylove #everydaymother #thebump
Every book comes with Jackie's favorite lactation cookie recipe printed on one of the very first pages. Because it's that good, and every #breastfeeding or #pumping mama NEEDS to have them. Have you made Jackie's cookies yet? Are you officially addicted to them, too? 🍪🍪🍪
PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN! Feeding my son was a bonding experience I never expected to love so much. I didn’t breastfeed, and wondered if those special moments from nursing would pass me by. But they didn’t. Feeding my son was so precious - even when it happened 10 times a day 😂. . In this age of technology, it was so easy to sit down, pop a bottle in his mouth, and then pass the time while doing a little scrolling on my phone. It never dawned on me that those moments of ‘catching up’ on social media were impacting my son. . But one day I caught my husband feeding our son, and I saw my son looking up adoringly at the side of my husband’s face. Why? Because my husband was engrossed in his phone and didn’t even realize his little boy was watching him. . How many moments were lost to Instagram or Facebook? When our son was being nourished, was he seeing our profile, or the true love in our eyes? These thoughts struck me, and from that moment on, I never picked up my phone during a feed again. I'll always treasure looking my son in the eyes, rubbing his soft little head, talking to him, singing with him, and simply enjoying him. . 📷 @kaylatiffanyphoto
We're launching coffee mugs oh so soon, but have a burning question: what do you drink more of these days, coffee or water? Perhaps an Everyday Mother water bottle should be in the works? ☕️ 💧
My family is on our fourth Everyday Mother book now (our son has food sensitivities and other health issues we need to keep track of, and this book has held us together for 2+ years now). I've used a bookmark with this last book, and I love the cheeky reminder that YOU GOT THIS, MAMA! #todaywillbeapieceofcake
There are a lot of beautiful moments in those first few days, weeks, and months with a new baby. But, truthfully, there aren't that many beautiful THINGS. Like, why is every baby item so darn cheesy? I get that these things do make life easier, and I have a few nursing pillows with elephant patterns myself. I get it, they serve a purpose. But I'm a designer at heart, so when I created The Everyday Mother, I wanted it to be both serve a big purpose and BE BEAUTIFUL for goodness sake! . @nicoledphoto
Would you love to have a pocket available as an add-on for The Everyday Mother? We think it would be a great spot to store doctor notes, recipes, reminders, photos, and more. If you'd love to see the pocket option, leave a comment below with a few thumbs up (the more thumbs up, the better chance of this happening soon!) 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
It's almost that time of year: PIE FOR BREAKFAST, SNACK, LUNCH, SNACK, DINNER, and DESSERT. But for reals, my gummy son loved soft apples from an apple pies last Fall.
Today I am honored to be on the @cheersmama.co podcast sharing my birth story, battle with #HELLPsyndrome , staying positive, and struggling with #exclusivepumping while my son was in the #NICU , and how it all ultimately lead me to create The Everyday Mother. Head on over to @cheersmama.co to listen 💙 . #survivormom #birthstory #survivalstory #lovewhatmatters #HELLPsurvivor #micropreemie #preemiepower #miraclebaby #mompreneur #cheersmama #podcast
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