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A quest to document every outfit on Sex and the City “Fashion's favorite Instagram" - Vogue 💋 By @chelsea.fairless & @laurengarroni 🍸

💔UNBREAK MY HEART💔 Maybe it’s good that Samantha repressed her sentimental side, because buying art from the clearance rack at T.J. Maxx is never a good look. And even though Richard Wright is clearly a creep, we’ve long maintained that his aversion to Samantha’s gift wasn’t actually about her— it was about décor. He wasn’t about to ruin his minimalist bedroom with this heart triptych from hell. And frankly, who can blame him? (S4/EP18) #TheArtofSATC #SamanthaJones #RichardWright
💧YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE ME💧 Carrie Bradshaw did not enjoy performance art, yet she recently inspired a piece by the UK-based artist Brian Lobel (@blobelization ). Titled “You Have To Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive, You Have to Forgive Me,” Lobel invites participants to answer an extensive questionnaire based on everything that Carrie has ever wondered. He then “diagnoses” them with an episode of Sex and the City, which the artist and the participant watch together in bed. Lobel first mounted the piece in 2014 for the 10th anniversary of the series finale. In the intervening years he has performed it all over the world. He also offers personal consultations via Skype which we are VERY intrigued by. Big thanks to @dan_clay for alerting us to this work of genius. Go to blobelwarming.com for more info #TheArtOfSATC #BrianLobel #YouHaveToForgiveMe
BUY ART, SUPPORT CYNTHIA 🎨 😭 [SOLD] Today we are thrilled to announce a very special collaboration with our friends at @thnk1994. We are auctioning off a gorgeous painting by Laura Collins (@lauracollinsart ) aptly titled “Miranda Hobbes Wearing a Bucket Hat” (Arcylic on Panel, 16 x 20”). All proceeds from the auction will benefit @cynthiaenixon ’s gubernatorial campaign. To bid, DM @thnk1994 with your offer or email info@thnk1994.com. Bids are raised in $50 increments (if the bid is at $200, the next acceptable bid is $250). The auction ends on 8/13 at 9AM EST or when a maximum bid of $21,000 is accepted. Final payment will be accepted via a verified donation to campaign. The piece will be shipped via Fedex for a domestic buyer or USPS for an international buyer. Shipping will be charged separately via Paypal. More info in our bio, happy bidding, Mirandas. (S2/EP14) #MirandaHobbes #BucketHat #LauraCollins #thnk1994 #TheArtofSATC
🎨MoMa, What’s Good?🎨 #WokeCharlotte believes that cultural institutions need to be held accountable for perpetuating gender and racial disparity in the art world. (S4/EP18) #TheArtofSATC #CharlotteYork #MoMa #IntersectionalFeminist @themuseumofmodernart
🔪MARINA ABRAMOVIC IS A SAMANTHA🔪 No one can pull off an austere all-white outfit quite like a performance artist in the midst of a 16 day durational piece. Only minimalism is appropriate under such circumstances, and girlfriend really knocked it out of the park with her crisp white separates and Siouxsie Sioux-inspired hairstyle. But fashion aside, we want to note that this scene was based on real performance piece by the legendary Marina Abramovic titled “The House With the Ocean View”. In 2002, Abramovic performed the piece for 12 consecutive days without eating or speaking. She bathed, slept, and used the toilet in full view of the audience. The piece was later replicated on SATC with her permission, although she declined to personally appear in the episode. She also just happens to be close friends with our homegirl @kimcattrall. The two interviewed each other for a 2013 V Magazine feature where Abramovic stated that Samantha was her favorite character because, “You don’t give a shit about anything.” Cattrall also participated in her 2010 MoMa performance piece “The Artist is Present”, where audience members took turns sitting at a table across from Abramovic, who sat in silence. Many attendees were moved to tears by the experience. Their portraits were taken, including Cattrall’s, which we have included here. Needless to say, we fucking LIVE for the art references on Sex and the City and we are devoting several posts to the topic in the coming days. Stay tuned... 🎨 (S6/EP12) #TheArtofSATC #MarinaAbramovic #KimCattrall #Minimalism #PerformanceArt
🐰THE RABBIT EPISODE 🐰 It’s been twenty years since Miranda declared that she was in love with a vibrator, which subsequently became the most ubiquitous sex toy of the era. In ‘98, devoting an entire plotline to the fact that women *GASP* masturbate was groundbreaking. And today, in the era of Trump and #MeToo , Charlotte’s assertion that she would rather stay home with her vibrator than “go out and deal with men” is more relatable than ever. We also just noticed that her bedside table is littered with Pepsi and Doritos, implying that she was too busy masturbating to get out of bed and eat actual food. We need to get on her level ASAP. (S1/EP09) #CarrieBradshaw #CharlotteYork #MirandaHobbes #TheRabbit #FuckingMen
Making these was surprisingly therapeutic. We’ve included the original image so that everyone can unleash their demons on this hot bts pic, please tag us 💋💋
We are presenting these vintage @kimkardashian tweets without commentary, because poetry speaks for itself. Although we do want to note that Aleksandr Petrovsky is not a painter, he makes large-scale light installations with integrated video imaging. #KimKardashian #CarriedAway
CARRIE FROM THE BLOCK | This outfit succeeds on two fronts: 1. It reminds the audience that Carrie is still a “real person”, despite her increasingly lavish designer wardrobe and 2. It successfully conceals SJP’s pregnancy. This look is comprised of elements that do not match, yet the contrast isn’t drastic enough to make a discernible statement. In other words, this haphazard, moderately interesting ensemble is worthy of a brunch spent obsessing over Jack Berger. (S5/EP5) #CarrieBradshaw #Headscarf #VisibleBra #DenimMoment #MaternityLook #Casual
EVERY OUTFIT INVESTIGATES: The Cantaloupe Conspiracy🕵🏼‍♀️ We can all agree that Aleksandr Petrovsky’s most redeeming moment was when he sourced a shocking pink Oscar de la Renta dress straight from the pages of Vogue. For true fashion obsessives, this plotline bordered on pornography. We’re still not over it, nor are we over the inspired addition of a perfectly proportioned tuxedo jacket. But upon rewatching the episode, we noticed one crucial detail: THAT WASN’T THE DRESS THAT SHE WANTED. If you look at the Vogue image, you’ll notice that the dress has a different silhouette, specifically a late ‘50s-era Balenciaga babydoll silhouette. And contrary to Carrie’s description, it isn’t belted. The photo also appears to have been crudely recolored. According to the visible magazine caption, the dress in the photo was made of cantaloupe-colored silk faille. So we revisited Oscar de la Renta’s S/S 2004 collection and discovered that there was in fact an identical cantaloupe tent dress, shown alongside the pink belted number that Carrie ultimately wore. So basically, they tried to trick us into believing that the dresses were identical so they could use a real issue of Vogue as a prop, but the dress in the photo never actually existed. And if you are exhausted after reading this, just imagine how exhausted we were after having a full-fledged Jessica Fletcher meltdown on Vogue Runway. But we had to solve this mystery, because the only thing that we love more than fashion is obscure continuity errors. And we know that at least five of you will give a shit about this. #CarrieBradshaw #AleksandrPetrovsky #OscarDeLaRenta #Sculptural #BlackTie #Iconic #EveryOutfitInvestigates
🗞HOLY SHIT🗞 We promise that we’ll return to regularly scheduled programming soon (yes, that means outfits) but let us have this: we made it onto the front page of New York Times Sunday style section. Which is basically our equivalent of a glowing review from Michiko Kakutani. We’re also deeply touched to see #WokeCharlotte immortalized in print. Thank you to the @nytimes , @jonesieman , @thankyou_kindly & the endlessly inspiring @cynthiaenixon 🙏 Link in bio.
🔪YES ALL MEN 🔪 The Montreal-based tattoo artist @charlinebataille is making the postmodern Sex and the City tattoos of our dreams. Because when you truly love Carrie, it’s for life. And the only logical next step is cementing your devotion via a giant back tattoo. Charline, you are doing God’s work — NEVER STOP. #CarriedAway #SATCtattoos #TattooByBataille #YesAllMen EDIT: The 2nd tattoo is by @rat666tat ON @charlinebataille 💕
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