Every Outfit on Sex & the City

A quest to document every outfit on Sex and the City “Fashion's favorite Instagram" - Vogue 💋Bitchiness by @chelsea.fairless & @laurengarroni 🍸

Thank you @kimcattrall for sharing this #veryrare wardrobe polaroid of a look from S6/EP1 that never made it to air. We live for a deep cut outfit and this level of obscurity is fucking THRILLING. But we couldn’t help but wonder....what happened to the wardrobe polaroids from SATC? Kim do you have more? @sarahjessicaparker , @iamkristindavis , @cynthiaenixon , @patriciafield , did you save any? Because this shit truly belongs in a museum—and also in a fabulous coffee table book edited by us. If anyone reading this has information about the whereabouts of the polaroids, please advise 🙏
TWO GIRLS, ONE DRESS | Thank you @alexanderfury for this important content. The dress is actually a full-length gown by the fairly obscure designer Eugene Alexander. Big thanks to our vintage guru @shrimptoncouture for identifying it. As you can see, Patricia Field cut it short for Carrie’s grand entrance in the first film. We would normally ask, “Who wore it better?” but if any of you bitches shade either of our faves it’s OVER. #CarrieBradshaw #WhitneyHouston #EugeneAlexander #SATCmovie
👟WORKING GIRL 👟 Unsurprisingly, the eighties were cruel to Miranda. She fell victim to an unfortunate sculptural hairstyle, among other things. The period-specific Reeboks and socks combo isn’t particularly cute, but it’s what makes this outfit legit. Also note the white pumps in the Barnes & Noble tote bag, which is a true testament to Pat Field’s ferocious attention to detail. This outfit is important because it’s the only time that Miranda’s awkward corporate attire is used purely for comedic effect. It’s oddly self-aware, self-referential, and arguably the best part of Sex and the City 2. #MirandaHobbes #BusinessAttire #Reeboks #MidtownAesthetic #HairProblems #Corporate #80s #SATC2
OH MOTHER, WHERE ART THOU? We seldom HEAR and we never SEE any of the girls’ mothers throughout the series. Yet their lovers’ moms are frequent and repeat visitors. We get to meet Big’s mom, Aidan’s mom, even fucking Power Lad’s mom — yet we have no idea who raised Carrie. In a show about the complexities of womanhood, aren’t their relationships with their mothers relevant? And in a world where we were robbed of seeing venerable Broadway actresses portray the main four’s moms, we couldn’t help but wonder….where was that cu-cu-curly Bernadette Peters cameo? (S1EP12 /S3EP7 / S3EP15 / S4EP5 / S5EP2) #MothersDay
🎶COULD’T GET MICHAEL KORS IF YOU WAS F******G MICHAEL KORS🎶 In honor of tonight’s Met Gala, we’re throwing it back to Kristin Davis’ 2008 Michael Kors gown. Everything about this look makes us long for a post-9/11, pre-naked dress red carpet. That said, we’ll be covering all of the black tie drama on stories tonight #KristinDavis #MetBall #MichaelKors #2008 #Glamour #GivingBack
🍸I’M WITH HER OUTFIT🍸 We are obviously obsessed with @carlyjeanandrews ’ illustrated homage to Miranda at her most masc. Honestly, this is the fucking look and we may never button our shirts down again. If you need this iconic season two moment in your life, head over Carly’s website, she’s selling prints 🎨 (S2/EP6) #CrucialGuestPost #MirandaHobbes #CarlyJeanAndrews #Androgyny #Masc #Illustration #ImWithHerOutfit
🔪WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT LILY🔪 Is Lily Goldenblatt as sweet and innocent as everyone thinks? Or is she a secret sociopath who intentionally sabotaged Carrie on her wedding day? She did intercept Mr. Big’s phone call, only to hang up on him and hide Carrie’s phone in her Judith Leiber cupcake purse. Or should we be blaming Charlotte for this? Giving a four-year-old child a $4000 pavé crystal handbag hardly sounds like responsible parenting. #LilyGoldenblatt #JudithLeiber #SATCmovie #Crystal #Pavé #EvilChild #Sabotage #RIPJudithLeiber
Girl, get out of there (S2/EP8) #SamanthaJones #DonaldTrump #DragonEnergy #FuckingKanye
THIS HOT DOG SUCKS. MY ENTIRE LIFE SUCKS 🌭 Thank you @bijoukarman for immortalizing the iconic Yankee Stadium scene from Season 2. She is selling prints on her website, in case you need to revisit this #crucial outerwear moment on a daily basis. More on Miranda’s unusual choice of eyewear later.... (S2/EP1) #CrucialGuestPost #BijouKarman #Illustration #Outerwear #FurMoment #Sunglasses #Looks
🚨DECRIMINALIZE CARRIE🚨 As I heard the police siren blare, signaling my arrest for marijuana possession, I couldn’t help but wonder, am I truly a threat to society? Does a low-level weed offense really merit a mugshot? Or are our laws as outdated as last season’s Louis Vuitton bag? And just like that, it hit me: I’m voting for @cynthiaenixon in the gubernatorial primary. (S6/EP7) #CarrieBradshaw #420 #CynthiaNixon #ImWithMiranda
KEEP CALM AND CARRIE ON💐 The best Carrie looks are the ones that you can’t picture anyone else wearing, let alone looking good in. Who knew that patterned slingbacks and a flat cap could peacefully coexist a single outfit? We were also shocked to discover that what we had previously mistaken for hot pants is actually a knit romper with a trompe l’oeil effect— because of course it is. This outfit also reinforces our long-held belief that a baguette and a bouquet of flowers are the best accessories for any Manhattanite. (S4/EP8) #CarrieBradshaw #CasualLook #Romper #Knitwear #TrenchCoat #FlatCap #PeepToe #Carbohydrates
ALL I NEED IN THIS LIFE OF SIN...is Jay Z rapping about Beyoncé having “Carrie Fever”. This song is great because Jay is essentially saying that Beyoncé is his ride-or-die chick, unless Sex and the City happens to be on. In which case, she totally fucking ignores him. Good for you Bey, we respect your priorities. #Beyoncé #JayZ #03BonnieandClyde #Coachella #CarrieFever
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