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this building looks evil😋 #dctower #vienna #evilbuildings
EWZ Fernwärmetunnel One of my favorite missions so far. This 6km long 'secret' tunnel starts in the heart of Zurich (Hochschulareal) and goes till Aubrugg. It has its own little train which drives from Aubrugg to Zurich. You can see that the tunnel was build a long time ago. Everywhere Asbest warnings, some shields still show the old name of the University Irchel, called "Strickhof" We walked 3km in this 45° hot tunnel and explored some interesting things. Most people don't even know that this tunnel exists. We invested a lot of time to know where the entrance is. Since the tunnel has an asbestos warning, we were forced to wear some special masks On some parts we were 100m under the surface. We walked all the 100m up a stair to get out in the basement of the University Irchel. My Minecraft Torch gave us enough light😋 #ewz #tunnel #zurich #zh #eth #irchelpark #unizh #fernwärme
swissmill tower (118m) #swissmill
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