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Freezing time ⏱
Repost by @wildbonde : I’m gearing up for the next road trip around my home state of Tasmania which I’m SUPER pumped about. Who is planning their next adventure and where are you headed?!”
Photo by @jamieout "Winter wonderland found"
Repost from @kopernikk "Morning yoga in fresh snow.! :D❄️🐺 . Do you love fresh snow just like Sitka, guys? :D Have a nice day 🙏"
Repost from @theskoolie "Spending the weekend up at Mirror Lake Highway in Utah!"
Repost @elliothawkey “5am sunrise hike in the mountains of Santa Barbara this morning. “
Repost @6151 "Transparent season"
Repost @zackeryackerman "Early mornings in Alabama Hills. Also change of plans, I’m currently on route to Yosemite ✌"
Repost @chrispoops "Rise above.
Repost by @vincelimphoto
Repost from @roadforgreta "🚃"
📸 @jasonjko : "Had the opportunity to shoot @thegreen808 couple weeks back, here's one from above"
📸 @poetproud : "Health, happiness and balance. When Mother Nature has these, we all do. #Renew "
“🚐 🍂🍁🍃 Photo by @braedin #projectvanlife "
Photo by @jamieout "One of my favorite spots to watch the changing season."
RepostBy @dani.kla : "In love with all those colors 🍁❤️ Have you ever visited Slovenia?”
Repost from @poetproud "Find your escape with E15. ➡️" swipe >>
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