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Have you ever had a close look at the end of your pencils? Dipping the end caps is quality sign for pencils. At Faber-Castell, caps are embellished in different styles and shades. From the golden ring that adorns the Castell 9000 to the colourful tops of our Creative Studio pencils. Watch out for the little details that make a pencil special 😉 Watch the full movie here (link in bio) #HowWeMakePencils #FaberCastell
Spanish conquerors brought prickly pears from Central and South America to Europe in the 16th century. The plants delivered not only good tasting fruits, but were also the host plant for scale insects. The strong red Carmine colour used in arts and cosmetics was produced from these scale insects. Today, synthetic pigments are used which have better light fastness than natural carmine. #111yearsofcolours #polychromos #fabercastell
From classic black to glittering gold: As one of the companies with the oldest trademark, our products can be recognized by the fighting knights and the Faber-Castell logo. In this short video, gold foil is being stamped onto our pencils. Watch the full movie here (link in bio) #HowWeMakePencils #FaberCastell
Flowers are beautiful, but handmade cards are forever. How did you celebrate this special occasion? Share your creativity with us. Happy Mother’s day! #mothersday #handmade
Though Parisian and Berlin blue are chemically identical, they are not the same. The blue sky in the city of love, #Paris , just seems to be a bit brighter than the sky in vibrant Berlin. This is reflected in the two shades of blue.#111yearsofcolours #polychromos #fabercastell
Join the #faberpastel challenge now and win all eight pastel-coloured textliners with stylish hand-lettering print! And that's how: Submit your entry between the 7th and 14th of May. Show us your artwork created with textliners or post a picture of your desk or creative corner where you like to work with your textliner on your public Instagram profile. Follow and tag @fabercastellglobal and use the #faberpastel to enter. Have fun and good luck! #faberpastel Entries are eligible by tagging the @fabercastellglobal IG profile in the post, following the IG profile and using the #faberpastel . The Instagram profile must be public. We will notify winners via Instagram Direct Message shortly after contest competition. For more info please visit our website (link in bio) #pastellmarkers #fabercastell
Now the pencils get vibrant coloured finishes! Definitely the most colourful part of the production. Our Polychromos and Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils are available in 120 different shades. What can you create with all these colours? Watch the full movie here (link in bio) #howwemakepencils #fabercastell
Sepia – the scientific name for cuttlefish is the namesake for this colour. The dark brown to grey black dyestuff has been obtained from the dried ink sacs of these animals. Today no original Sepia is used for art materials. #111yearsofcolours #polychromos #fabercastell
Getting into shape. Classic round, hexagonal or grip friendly triangular, from regular to jumbo sizes. The milling process takes care of the desired pencil format. Watch closely and tell us what we are producing in this video. Watch the full movie here (link in bio) #howwemakepencils #fabercastell
Gentle boost of freshness: With our Textliner in smooth turquoise we will give our Mood Tracker the right contour. #faberpastel #pastellmarkers #fabercastell
Count Roland von Faber-Castell enjoys his winter holidays skiing in St. Moritz. Meanwhile construction and building of the highest skyscraper at that time starts at the other end of the world – the New York Empire State Building. Check the link in bio for the #111yearsofcolours contest! #polychromos #fabercastell
With the leads, all glued into the slat and the sandwich closed, our raw pencils head for the next step in the production process: the drying wheel. A whole bunch of sandwiches are pressed together and dried for several hours, making sure that the wood does not split when the pencil is ready for our next step. Can you guess what that might be? Watch the full movie here (link in bio) #howwemakepencils #fabercastell
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