ॐ ✈️

BREATHE and remember who tf you are .
The don .
Alexa play " ain't misbehaving" by Billie holiday.
1 year and 2 months 🙏🏽. Unë të dua .
This was one of the most important, nourishing ,fun trips of my life , each time I leave a country my mind is more grown , and I'm so happy I hAd the chance to experience this with the people I love the most , overwhelmed.blessed ♥️#royalty 🔺
mind blown ,MIND GROWN . 🇪🇬#egypt #cairo
Money call .
" she's a tiger , she belongs to me . " - tony 🐆
🏁 *apeshit playing*
I love people who teach me something new. Expand my mind. Talk to me about the universe. Share your dreams with me. Take me on a mental trip.
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