FAGE (pronounced "fa-yeh") is known for FAGE Total, all natural Greek strained yogurt.

Protein-rich. No artificial sweeteners. Guilt-free good. #FAGE
A breakfast that will make you want to rise and shine! #FAGE
Fill your life with delicious adventures. 😋 #FAGE #FAGECROSSOVERS
Enjoy a slice of summer with FAGE Total 0% Greek yogurt. 🍉 #FAGE
Great apart, amazing together. FAGE CROSSOVERS honey blended Greek yogurt with glazed pecans. #FAGE #CROSSOVERS
Kicking off your next celebration with flavors worth celebrating. #FAGE
A bite size taste of summer. #FAGE
Cheers to delicious! #FAGE
Make your day a little brighter. ☀️ FAGE Total 2% Blackberry – 12g of protein, 11g of sugars. #FAGE
Simple pleasures make everyday moments something special. #FAGE #FAGECROSSOVERS
A simple frozen dessert of fresh fruit, plain Greek yogurt, and honey – no fancy equipment required. #FAGE
FAGE Total with a splash of hot sauce is the perfect creamy companion to your poke bowl. #FAGE
Skip the bakery! FAGE CROSSOVERS is all the decadence you need. #FAGE #CROSSOVERS
A new take on toast: sweet potato toast spread with creamy Greek yogurt. #FAGE
Packed with so much delicious goodness. #FAGE
Amazing taste that comes with high protein and no added sugar. #FAGE
Less is more when you can enjoy less sugar than protein. FAGE Total 0% Blueberry – 13g of protein, 11g of sugars, and 110 calories. #FAGE
Dark chocolate + coconut Greek yogurt = 👌🏽 #FAGE #FAGECROSSOVERS
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