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Employee of the month 👑
T.G.I.T.T. (Thank God It’s Taco Tuesday)
Damnit Bobby... 📸 @alexis_dunlap
Definitely not a money laundering operation
The one who knocks
Technically chemistry is the study of matter, but I prefer to see it as the study of change.
We’re going streaking through the quad to the gymnasium
Self care
Meow 🐱 @letushavecake
Who, me?
Well hello there 📸 @itscassidyleigh rocking our Hello Beautiful tee
What other reason is there?
Where Cody Parkey learned to kick
It’s going to be a long winter
That’s what I do
A donation in your name has been made to the Human Fund
Here’s some motivation for all your New Years resolutions
Happy f’n New Year
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