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🔥😤😂 Jamal Adams has had enough of the Patriots (via @presidentmal )
💯🏀 Luka Doncic speaks on Dennis Smith's return to the Mavs & Going "Hulk" on his jersey
Saints fans before and after the NFC Championship is tragic 😳😳😳😳 (via damediddyrussell/Twitter)
When you see someone you're not that cool with but you got to dap them up because they saw you 😂😂😂
😳🏀👊 Devin Booker & Gorgui Dieng saying lets take it to the tunnel
😳 Luka Doncic goes Hulk Hogan at the end of the 2nd quarter
👀🏈 Rams strength coach is also in charge of making sure Sean McVay doesn't go on the field and avoids the officials 😂🤣 (via @nflfilms )
😳 The Monstars temporarily got Steph 😂 (via @fanaticsviewbasketball )
😂😂😂 Kyle Korver thought the ball already went out of bounds (via @shaqtinafool )
💯🏀 Dennis Smith will be rejoining the Dallas Mavericks for Tuesday's game vs. the Clippers
😮😳 "You can't play Boxing" 🥊 (via @badoujack )
😳😳😳 Damn
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