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Teenage Ninja Turtles Fancast: For this Fancast I chose one older and one younger actor ————— #Leo - #chrisevans - #robbieamell #Donatello - #seanastin - #donaldglover #Michaelangelo - #ryanpotter - #aldenehrenreich #Raphael - #dacremontgomery - #nolannorth #Apriloneil - #katherinemcnamara - #amberheard #CaseyJones - #dylanobrien - #taylorkitsch #Shredder - #briantee - #kenwatanabe ————————————————— Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed 😊 and Comment your choices below 💭 #teenagemutantninjaturtles #fancast
The Dark Knight Season 5 It’s been three months since Jason’s passing. Bruce is now violent and a killer. He’s shut himself off from everyone. His one goal is to kill the Joker and he will do anything to achieve that, killing his thugs. Both Dick and Superman go to talk to Bruce but Bruce just pushes them away, even fighting Superman. One night, a man in a red hood arrives, killing a group of thugs. Bruce is shocked and tries to reach out to this man but he begins shooting at him. Bruce researches the identity of the hooded man and realises it may be Jason returned from the dead. He freaks out running to Jason’s grave and digs it up, finding nothing in his coffin. He’s furious and enraged. He tracks Jason down and tries to appeal to him but they just end up fighting. He eventually knocks off Jason’s mask to reveal a “J” branded on his cheek. They talk and Jason’s says how Ra’s Al Ghul brought him back it’s the Lazarus Pit but he came back empty with only hate and anger in him. Bruce finds Ra’s and confronts him. They fight but Bruce is beaten. They take him prisoner and lock him up. He is greeted by Talia Al Ghul who tells him that the League will kill him if he doesn’t join them and that Ra’s is planning to blow up every significant religious site and major city around the world so he can build a new world order with the League at the top. Bruce agrees to join the League with his new pro-murder view. He trains and moves up the ranks of the League. However, with Gotham now unprotected, many villains have been emerging from the shadows, most notably Poison Ivy, an eco-warrior tracking down and killing those who harm the environment with her new pheromone based powers. With Ivy running the show, Gotham needs a new hero. Enter Kate Kane, Bruce’s cousin who decides to protect Gotham enlisting the help of Lucius Fox and Barbara Gordon who becomes Oracle. Kane becomes Batwoman and protects Gotham. Ivy breaks out Harley Quinn from Arkham and jewel thief Selina Kyle while Kate and Renee team up to take down the Gotham City Sirens. Meanwhile, Bruce is in deep with the League and dating Talia again.
The Dark Knight Season 4 Plot Bruce Wayne has returned to being Batman full-time and alongside his new companion Barbara Gordon they’re taking down Sal Maroni’s cartel. They chase two men, Gambol and Jack Napier into a chemical plant. Gambol tries to shoot the caped crusaders but misses, shooting the bridge instead sending he other into the acid. Bruce dives into the acid, sending the man who fell in. He delivers the man to the ambulance. Gambol and Napier are sent to Arkham Asylum to receive psychiatric therapy from Dr Harleen Quinzel. Bruce and Babs continue hunting Sal Maroni when they encounter a young boy named Jason Todd who is embroiled within Maroni’s operation. They offer him an out and he becomes the next Robin. Jason is trained by Bruce and Babs until they hear of Napier causing trouble in Arkham from Aaron Cash so they keep close eyes on Napier. They continue hunting Maroni when they hear of a mass breakout at Arkham. They rush over and are forced to battle every villain, Bruce has put away. Once they’ve returned every villain to their cells they realise that Napier and Quinzel are missing and that Gambol has been slaughtered in his cell with “Ha ha ha” written on the walls. They’re out in Gotham calling themselves the Joker and his Harlequin. They plan on showing Batman that he’s just as insane as Joker is and that one bad day can change someone. They kidnap three people from Gotham Library and game show host Arthur Brown, torturing them twisting their mentalities. These four become the Mad Hatter, Doctor Aesop, Maxie Zeus and the Cluemaster leaving the trio of heroes to try and save them. Eventually Bruce comes face to face with Joker who leaves Harley behind, crushing her as she truly believed that Joker loved her. Joker then deduces the identities of all our heroes. Bruce discovers that Joker knows this and calls Barbara, who answers as she answers the door, greeted by Joker who shoots her through the stomach. He kidnaps Jim Gordon, forcing him to see pictures of the things that befell her. Bruce and Jason rush to the Joker’s Funland where Jim is being held. They also call Dick who takes Barbara to the hospital. (Continued in Comments)
The Dark Knight Season The Batman has been missing for 6 months and the GCPD is struggling. The media has also reported that Bruce Wayne has been missing for months. A new mysterious group who wear owl masks and have been stealing artefacts from museums has arrived. Lucius Fox goes to visit Bruce to convince him to suit back up but he tells him he can’t. In that moment, one of the owls breaks into Wayne Manor. Bruce and Lucius ind a feline-esque figure wearing a owl mask escaping through a window with his mum’s pearls. Bruce pursues in his batmobile suiting up as Batman once again. He eventually catches up. and they fight however the figure escapes. Bruce returns to the manor and begins researching this group. He finds they’re known as the Court of Owls, a cultish group who worship the demon god Barbatos. He recognises the masks from an old family picture which he digs up. He finds his parents wearing the owl masks and that they were members of the Court of Owls. This leads Bruce to investigate who his parents really were. He gets word of a break in at a museum and suits up again. He reaches the museum and fights a Talon, a fighter of the Court. Bruce is beginning to grasp the upperhand over the Talon before a second assailant busts in making it a three way fight. The talon escapes and Bruce is knocked out by the second assailant. He awakes to find the second assailant sitting across from him. He reveals himself as Jean-Paul Valley, an Azrael. As an Azrael, his duty is to prevent cults from achieving their plans. He and Bruce team up to go find, and stop the Court of Owls, sharing stories which focus around Dick. We then cut to the talon who had just escaped. He finds the Court’s lair and gives their leader, William Cobb, the artefact he stole. He also tells him of the “creature of the night” that came to stop him. Cobb thinks before ordering his Talons to retrieve the Bat before turning to his contraption and praying to Barbatos. Azrael and Bruce have been trying to figure out where next the Talons will strike when they get the alert of another museum break in. They go only to find numerous Talons, including Cobb, waiting for them. (Continued in Comments)
It’s been a year since Black Mask’s arrest. Dick meets a girl named Barbara Gordon and they become fast friends while Bruce has been pouring himself into finding his parents killer and eventually finds a name, Joe Chill, a low-tier thug. He goes to interrogate him and very nearly kills him, even revealing his identity to Chill but is stopped but Alfred. He learns that Chill was paid by someone named “Thomas Elliot”, Bruce’s childhood friend to kill the Waynes. Bruce leaves him comatose and when Chill comes out of his coma runs to Elliot who kills him. Rumours spread about “Bruce Wayne, the Billionaire who’s been missing for months. Bruce Wayne slowly becomes the mask. He pushes everyone away, including Alfred, who is the last one to unwillingly leave.. Batman becomes Bruce’s way of dealing with the unresolved trauma from his parent’s deaths. He eventually tracks Elliot down, a now successful plastic surgeon. It is revealed that Thomas still hates Bruce because he cost him his fortune. He paid someone to run his parents off the road so he could collect their inheritance. When Thomas saved them, he grew a hatred for the Wayne’s paying Joe Chill to kill them. They fight and because Bruce is enraged, Elliot wins, locking Bruce away. He uses his plastic surgery skills to change his appearance so he looks like Bruce. He infiltrates his life discovering pushing Dick away through insults, seducing Vicki and ultimately ending her engagement with Harvey and threatening Jim. Harvey, after hearing what had happened, snaps going on a streak intending to kill Vicki only to be stopped by Jim and Renee who scar one side of his face. Only Alfred thought anything was wrong and tracked down the real Bruce before being drugged and captured. He takes Alfred and, while still looking like Bruce, kidnaps Dick, Barbara, Jim, Renee and Lucius, taking them to the Wayne Enterprises building. Killer Croc, Deadshot and Catman (villains from the early parts of the season). Dick frees himself and everyone else. They go to escape but Alfred refuses to leave Bruce so he and Dick go to save Bruce. Catman jumps the two so Dick fends him off while Alfred runs. Meanwhile, Bruce and Elliot face off
My DCTV Universe - The Dark Knight Season 1 At the age of 10, Bruce Wayne watched his parents die in a mugging-gone-wrong. The only people he had left now were his butler Alfred Pennyworth and childhood bestie Thomas Elliot, who vanished not long after. When he turned 20, he left Gotham and Wayne Manor to go on a journey of self-discovery. It was in the mountains of the Himalayas where he found Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul and the League of Assassins. Bruce and Talia get together while the League trained him to become a warrior, but Bruce could never bring himself to kill and thus was expelled from the League. He returned to Gotham at the age of 27 and found Roland Daggett an old business associate of the Waynes, running Wayne Enterprises and Gotham to be overrun by gangsters, crooks and psychopaths. Bruce sees how inefficient the GCPD are in the fight and so he decides to take matters into his own hands. He gains the help of Lucius Fox, a tech designer at Wayne Enterprises and employs him to design him a suit. Bruce then goes out that night as THE BATMAN!!! With a list of all the crooks and corrupt in Gotham, Bruce begins checking off his list. This attracts not only the attention of the GCPD, but also Roman Sionis, the Black Mask. Sionis is a dangerous and powerful mob boss, always for some reason wearing a Black Mask. Now with Sionis and Commissioner Jim Gordon and Det. Renee Montoya hunting him down, Bruce must evade capture and take down Black Mask’s drug making operation. In his mission he encounters villains such as Great White Shark (a low tier dealer of Black Mask) and Jason Woodrue nicknamed “The Floronic Man” for his addictive drug concoctions. During his investigations he discovers that Daggett has been paying Sionis making Wayne Enterprises an illegal company. During Bruce and Sionis’ first fight, Sionis is caught in a fire fusing the mask to his face. Throughout the season, Jim and Renee investigate Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises finding the payments Daggett had made to Sionis.
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#JohnnyEnglish #recast (Requested by @georgia_.hulme ) ——————————————— #stevecarell as #johnnyenglish #robbrydon as #bough ———————————————- Hope you enjoy 😊
#BreakingBad #recast (requested by @_just_another_fancast_account_ ) I don’t think this show should be remade but here we are when it is inevitably recast ———— #hughlaurie as #walterwhite #caleblandryjones as #jessepinkman ———— Remember to leave a like, comment and follow and leave other suggestions. Next will be Johnny English and I’ve been working on a movie awards thing but it’s taking longer than expected sorry
#DieHard #recast ————————————- #leonardodicaprio as #johnmcclane #christophwaltz as #hansgruber #lesliedavidbaker as #sgtalpowell #carlagugino as #hollyganero ———————————— Hope you like. Comment what you think. Also, can we get to 1K followers by the end of the year 🎉
“Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal”... First: #HomeAlone ———- #mckennagrace as #kevinmccallister (renamed #kiernan ) #zacharylevi as #marv #dannydevito as #harry #mollyringwald as #katemccallister #maxvonsydow as #oldmanmarley ——- Hope you enjoyed. Merry Christmas all🎄 I’m gonna do one Christmas fancast today and one tomorrow for both Australian and American christmases
Daredevil: Hell to Pay ——————————-—————————— Matt Murdock (#tomellis ) was blinded in a childhood accident and has his remaining senses dialed to 11. But that never stopped him from doing what was right. Trained to protect himself by Stick (#donnieyen ), an old martial arts teacher, he becomes a lawyer with his best friend Foggy Nelson (#adamscott ) in his town of Hells Kitchen. But #hellskitchen is over run with gangs and crime and Matt can’t change much from his position despite his best efforts. So he becomes, #daredevil . Known as the devil of Hells Kitchen he begins clearing the streets of crime. However, in doing so he makes a powerful enemy, Wilson Fisk (#krondon ), the #kingpin . With a bounty on his head, Matt must go all the way to the top of the crime ladder and take down Fisk. However, things get complicated when ex girlfriend #elektranachios (#katrinalaw ) Shows up, being blackmailed by Fisk to kill him. Together they will fight their way through Fisk’s organisation and defeat him. In the final fight, Elektra is killed and Fisk is sent to prison. Post-Credit 1: Fisk is on his way to prison when his van is attacked. Ninjas attack him though he survives. Post-Credit 2: Elektra’s body arriving at a dodgy facility ———- Hope you enjoyed 😊 I’m on holidays now so expect a ton of fancasts to come
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