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RIP Stan Lee. The man who is partially responsible for shaping who I am today. I was heartbroken to hear the news but at least he’s now reunited with his wife. Marvel Movies won’t be the same after Spiderman FFH without your comments. You were an inspiration to all and helped create the most iconic characters in movie history. Excelsior 🥂 Rest In Peace to an Actual Legend —————————- Also if ANY OF YOU disrespect Stan on this post. You will be blocked, reported and taught a lesson. I’ve seen it elsewhere online and if I find it here I will be livid!!
Part Two in My Little Series The cast of #parksandrec as #comicbook #characters #amypoehler as #jewelee #chrispratt as #shazam #azizansari as #ambushbug #aubreyplaza as #mystique #adamscott as #bluebeetle (#tedkord ) #nickofferman as #perrywhite #roblowe as #jaygarrick #rashidajones as #loislane #retta as #grannygoodness #jimoheir as #egghead ——————————————————————- Thanks for reading. Pt.3 of this series will be up shortly. In the mean time, what other shows should I do? Comment them below
Star Wars Characters That Deserve Their Own TV Series —————————-—————————- With the announcement of a Cassian Andor TV Series in the works and Jon Favreau’s Mandalorian on the Way, here are some Star Wars Characters That deserve their own series (and who should play them) #6 - #GrandAdmiralThrawn (#hugoweaving ) No Explanation Needed. This would be insanely dope #5 - #QuinlanVos (#jasonmomoa ) Either him undercover or him training Ayala Secura, either way it would be awesome #4 - #RahmKota (#seanbean ) Rahm Kota was a BLIND Jedi master who didn’t believe in clones. He had his own troop of non-clone soldiers and thus survived Order 66 #3 - #DarthMaul (#samwitwer ) Darth Maul is the coolest Star Wars character. Hands down. A series could explore his entire life from becoming a Sith to Becoming the half cyborg thing, to training Savage Opress to becoming Crimson Dawn #2 - #Revan (#michaelfassbender ) The series could explore Revan’s switching between the light and the dark and it would be really interesting #1 - #DarthVader (#jamesearljones ) I want nothing more than a Darth Vader R Rated TV Series of him hunting down the surviving Jedi after Order 66. Nothing. More. And only James Earl Jones can do the voice (I don’t care who’s in the suit) —————————-—————————- Thanks for reading. I’m considering doing actual season ideas for some of these people. Let me know if you’d want to see that. #starwars #cassianandor #fancast #starwarstv
#brooklynninenine as #comicbook #characters #andysamberg as #boostergold #melissafumero as #thequestion (#reneemontoya ) #stephaniebeatriz as #harleyquinn #terrycrews as #johnstewart #andrebraugher as #thething #joelotruglio as #mrmyxzptlk #chelseaperetti as #peggycarter #dirkblocker as #jjonahjameson #joelmckinnonmiller as #toyman ———————————————————— This is a new series I’m starting. I just want to point out how much I love this show. Like, so much. It’s an amazing show
Morales The movie begins with a shady man breaking into Sebastian Smythe’s warehouse and as he steals things a spider crawls into his bag. We then cut to #milesmorales (#calebmclaughlin ). An ordinary young teenager from Brooklyn. One day, going against his parents wishes, Miles goes to visit his uncle #aarondavis (#omarihardwick ). His parents didn’t want him going to see Aaron because of his criminal life. Davis is currently in debt to some powerful people and that’s why he broke into Smythe’s warehouse. So he could steal some tech to sell off to repay his debts. When alone the spider crawls out of Aaron’s bag and bites Miles. He goes home and awakes the next morning with powers just like Spider-Man’s. At first he doesn’t want to become a hero and instead just wants to be normal. So he goes about his day, only revealing his powers to his best friend #gankelee (#hudsonyang ). But when his Dad, #jeffersondavis (#cresswilliams ) comes home one night complaining about a new thief on the streets of Brooklyn with tech that lets him climb walls, Miles decides to catch him for his Dad. Thus Miles becomes Spiderman. He begins trying to track down the Daily Bugle dubbed “#prowler ” and subsequently finds and fights him. Because it’s Miles’ first fight he swiftly loses and the “Prowler” disappears. The police are angry with the new “Spiderman” and Miles decides to hang up the cowl. He goes back round to his uncles place and sees the things that the Prowler stole and runs to tell his dad. His dad won’t listen so he sees only one solution, to become Spiderman again. Miles defeats Prowler, unmasking him as Aaron Davis and he returns home, secret intact. ———————————————————— Hope you enjoyed “Morales”. Spider woman will be coming soon. Comment your thoughts down below
This is the first chapter of my Sony-Owned Only Universe or my SUMC! Hope you enjoy ———————————————————— Spiderman #PeterParker (#brentonthwaites ) is a college student who also has a #spiderman ! A couple of years earlier, he had been on a field trip to Dr #curtconnors ’ (#alessandrojuliani ) lab where he was bitten by a genetically altered spider. He fights crime while interning with Dr Curt Connors and helping his #auntmay (#winonaryder ) around the house. We then meet #sebastiansmythe (#michaelchall ), a lonely scientist who has become obsessed with Spiderman. He believes that Spiderman is the next step in human evolution and that everyone either everyone should be Spiderman or no one should. So, he begins researching Spiderman and how he could have gotten his powers, stealing Peter’s DNA from a crime scene. He aligns the DNA of that of a Spiderman from Connor’s lab. He goes there and attacks, chopping off Dr Connor’s arm. He steals some of the spiders and begins building a series of spider drones, genetically altered spiders and a “Spider-Slaying” suit. Peter, along with best friends, #gwenstacy (#minkakelly ), #harryosborn (#richardharmon ) and #maryjanewatson (#madelainepetsch ), must bring down Smythe in Spidey’s biggest ever challenge. The film ends with Smythe’s suit self-destructing and him dying.
The Week Before the Purge Began Directed by Taika Watiti . One week before the #purge , Ian Sommerville (#zacharylevi ) and Josh Bellamy (#drakebell ) accidentally kill a man. Now, these two best friends are forced to cover up their crime until the purge where it becomes legal. However, hot on their trails are Det. Kate Finden (#shantelvansanten ) and Det. Jaya Mirchandani (#priyankachopra ). Who are determined to find the pair before the Purge begins. The pair are forced to get creative to avoid the cops at all times and make it to the Purge. Other characters include Ian’s girlfriend Anneliese Kuchen (#elizabetholsen ), Josh’s Mum and Dad (#cher & #edhelms ), Josh and Ian’s hacker friend Bill Ju (#randallpark ) and Cpt. Steve Woodward (#jemaineclement ). The film ends with the pair surviving till the Purge and Josh and Kate get together. The movie should feel fun, comedic and fast-paced and run like Catch Me If You Can. ————————————————- This is my first attempt at an original movie. Hope you liked it! I might consider doing more in the future. Comment your thoughts down below 💭⬇️
#Addamsfamily #fancast #jeffgoldblum as #gomezadams #evagreen as #morticiaaddams #bellaramsey as #wednesdayaddams #carolkane as #grandmama #billhader as #unclefester #andysamberg as #lurch #jeremyraytaylor as #pugsleyaddams ————————————————————- Happy Halloween 👻🎃 Thanks for reading. I probably have 2 more posts for Halloween so look out for those
#Nightwing Season 2 Mob boss Blockbuster (#deannorris )is having issues with #nightwing (#brentonthwaites ). He’s not good for business and his clients are leaving. So he hires master assassin #deathstroke (#williamfitchner ) AKA #sladewilson to take him out. Dick and Barbara Gordon / #Batgirl (#elizataylor ) are working together and it’s going well. When Slade attacks, they manage to hold him off and Dick, accidentally, makes Slade lose an eye. Blockbuster begins becoming impatient with Slade and so Slade kills him leaving his cartel in ruins. His hunt for Dick becomes more of an obsession than a job. He envokes the help of his dangerous son and daughter, #josephwilson / #jericho (#hartdenton ) and #rosewilson / #ravager (#lilireinhart ) and together they hunt down “The Nightwing”. Throughout the season, a new vigilante shows up named #tarantula (#chloebennett ). She’s inexperienced, violent and a loose cannon. Dick begins training her and it is revealed that it is Catalina Floros. In the final fight it’s Dick, Barbara and Catalina vs Slade, Rose and Joseph. During the fight, Rose seems a little uneasy fighting Barbara. In the end, the three are arrested, Barbara and Dick become a couple and Tarantula, in the fight, accidentally results in a car crash killing a mother and her young daughter Other Castings: #sterlingkbrown - #phillipaddad #melissafumero - #amyrohrbach ———————————————————— Thanks for reading! S3 will be up soon. I might also start a new show either Huntress or Flash so let me know what you think! 💭
S1 of Nightwing Since #dickgrayson (#brentonthwaites ) left Batman, he’s moves to Blüdhaven to continue fighting crime donning the costume of #nightwing . While juggling his work life as a Blüdhaden PD detective and his night life as Nightwing, he learns of an elusive serial killer named #victorzsasz (#troybaker ). Together with fellow officer Anne Rohrbach (#melissafumero ), Catalina Maria Floros (#chloebennet ) and Captain Phillip Addad (#sterlingkbrown ), Dick will have to gain the courage to be his own hero in the light and save his city. Throughout the season we also meet a strange female crime fighter dressed similar to Batman revealed to be #barbaragordon (#elizataylor ) suited up as #batgirl . They will team up to take down Zsasz. In the end, Zsasz is cornered by Dick and Barbara and kills himself in a gruesome style and opinion on Nightwing becomes divided amongst the Blüdhaven community and Dick is is met by Bruce (#lukeevans ) who congratulated him on moving into the light. ————————————————————- Thanks for reading Nightwing S1. It’s set at the same time as The Batman S3. Comment what you think down below 💭?
Season 5 of The Batman 🦇 Jason Todd is in prison for the crimes he “committed” as #batman . He’s in solitary confinement to protect him from the other criminals who all want him dead. Meanwhile, Bruce continues fighting crime as Batman casting doubt upon Jason’s guiltiness. In the retrial, Batman crashes in and Jason is freed. Bruce has been looking for Harvey as he’s been missing ever since the acid attack that scarred him. They track him down under the alias #twoface , a criminal who uses a coin to decide a criminal’s fate. Bruce tried to talk to him but Harvey rejects anything from Batman. So he reveals his identity to Harvey which makes him even angrier and he vows revenge against Bruce for stealing his fiancé and ruining his life. Bruce and Selina finally get together which results in Selina being targeted by Harvey. The season ends with Harvey killing Jason (strapped to a chair with a crowbar), Bruce beating Harvey but not being able to finish the deed and Harvey being treated by Arkham’s new psychiatrist Dr #drharleenquinzel . New Castings (Check Previous Seasons for Other Castings): #katiecassidy as #harleenquinzel ———————————————————— Hope You Enjoyed! Please start commenting and telling me what you think about my series and anything you want to see happen. Also I’ll be taking a short break from this season to figure out where to go next with it 😊
#doctorwho #fancast These are my personal choices for future Doctors and his/her Companions! In no particular order Doctors: #simonpegg #benedictcumberbatch #ewanmcgregor #haleyatwell #eddieredmayne #julieandrews #tildaswinton #tomhiddleston Companions: #phoebewallerbridge #emiliaclarke #alisonsudol #nickzano #johnkrasinski #jenniferconnelly #maisierichardsonsellers #danfogler #martinfreeman ————————————————————- Thanks for reading. Comment below who is the best of my picks and also anyone else who could play the roles
Season 4 of The Batman 🦇 . Since Cobblepot’s defeat, Batman has been busting crooks as well as avoiding the GCPD’s best efforts to catch him led by the newly Commissioner Jim Gordon. Detective Edward Nygma was tasked with discovering the identity of #batman and it has driven him slightly crazy. He’s fired by Jim after he proposed a dangerous, insane plan to catch the Bat. He goes insane trying to figure it out. Now, Nygma goes round as “The #riddler ” committing crimes and leaving riddles to his next crime in order to lure out Batman so he can catch him and reveal him. He thinks that if he can reveal Batman’s identity he’ll be rehired by GCPD but over time it becomes an obsession. Nygma breaks everyone out of Arkham Asylum so he can kidnap #hugostrange , another cop who went insane trying to figure out who the Bat is. Bruce will be trapped inside Arkham Asylum with every villain he’s ever put away. He’ll have to fight his way out and recapture any villains who escaped. Strange tells Riddler that Bruce Wayne is the Batman endangering everyone he loves. Riddler also goes after the GCPD and Catwoman. When the GCPD won’t hire him back, he will hold the city hostage until Batman reveals himself only for Jason to take the bullet instead. In the end, Riddler kills Strange for getting it “wrong”, Batman locks Riddler away and Bruce reconnects with Jim. Throughout the season, Harvey takes on a one man crusade against Gotham’s underworld while new GCPD Detective #katekane strikes up a kinship with Maggie Sawyer . New Castings (Check Previous Seasons for Other Castings): #andrewscott as #theriddler #mattletscher as #hugostrange #chylerleigh as #katekane ————————————————————- Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy 😊 Please comment your thoughts below and S5 will be up soon
Season 3 of “The Batman 🦇” Since Alfred’s death, the Batman has been M.I.A. This has allowed the criminal underworld to rise once again. The two major gangs are led by Oswald Cobblepot and Franco & Marie Bertinelli. Bruce is given a pep talk by Lucius Fox and suits up as Batman once again. Though this time, he’ll have to reclaim Gotham on his own as well as avoiding the GCPD who are hunting him down. Bruce will have to stop the Bertinelli‘s and the “Penguin”, avoid the GCPD and regain his friends trust. During the season, Bruce meets a young boy named Jason Todd caught up in the middle of it all. He offers him an out, join him as the second robin or be arrested. He takes the former option. Together they must fight through Cobblepot’s and Bertinelli’s defences (Deadshot and Killer Croc for Oswald and Mandragora and KGBeast for The Bertinelli’s). Also throughout the season. Harvey runs against Oswald for mayor. Despite receiving multiple death threats, he continues his campaign ultimately being attacked with acid, scarring half his face. In the end, Mandragora betrays and kills the Bertinelli’s with their daughter Helena watching. Oswald being arrested and Jim Gordon tasking Edward Nygma with discovering Batman’s identity. . New Castings (Check S1 & S2 for previous Castings): #johngoodman as #thepenguin #serindaswan as #catwoman #alpacino and #rosieperez as #franco and #marie #bertinelli #marieavgeropoulos as #helenabertinelli #rickgonzalez as #deadshot #adewaleakinnuoyeagbaje as #killercroc #dolphlundgren as #kgbeast #michaelmadsen as #mandragora ————————————————————- Hope you enjoyed S3 of #thebatman ”. Season 4 will be out soon. Comment what you think or what you want to see happen 💭
Season 2 of “The #batman 🦇” Showrunner: David Benioff and DB Weiss . At the beginning of the season we see how good of friends the Wayne’s and the Elliot’s were. The Elliot’s were in a horrible car crash but were saved by the Wayne’s. Then the Waynes were shot. Jump back to present day. It’s been 6 months since Black Mask’s arrest. Bruce has been pouring himself into finding his parents killer and eventually finds a name, Joe Chill. He goes to interrogate him and very nearly kills him but is stopped but Alfred. He learns that it was a hit, paid by someone named “Thomas Elliot”, Bruce’s childhood friend. He slowly becomes Batman with Bruce Wayne becoming the mask (figuratively). This drives Dick away while Alfred is pushed to his limits. Batman becomes Bruce’s way of dealing with the unresolved trauma from his parent’s deaths. Eventually he tracks down Elliot, a now successful plastic surgeon. It is revealed that Thomas still hates Bruce because he cost him his fortune. He paid someone to run his parents off the road so he could collect their inheritance. When Thomas saved them, he grew a hatred for the Wayne’s paying Joe Chill to kill them. They fight and Elliot wins, locking Bruce away. He uses his plastic surgery skills to change his appearance so he looks like Bruce. He infiltrates his life discovering Dick was Robin, seducing Vicki and ultimately ending their engagement and destroying most of his relationships (Harvey, Jim, etc.). Only Alfred thought anything was strange and tracked down the real Bruce before being captured. Bruce goes to save Alfred from Elliot who is strapped to some bombs connected to a deadman switch. In the end, Bruce knocks Elliot unconscious and rushes off to save Alfred when Elliot wakes up and shoots himself, killing Alfred. ————————————————————- New Castings (Check S1 for Other Castings): #kirkacevedo - #hush #stevenogg - #joechill #jeffreydeanmorgan - #thomaswayne #mollyringwald - #marthawayne #marisolnichols & #lukeperry - The Elliots ————————————————————- Hope you enjoyed Season 2 of “The Batman 🦇”. Tell me what you think down below 💭
Season 1 of “The Batman” 🦇 ———————————————————— At the age of 10, Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents. Now an orphan, the only people he has left are loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth (#jimcummings ) and childhood friend Thomas Elliot who vanished not long afterwards. Now 20 years later, Bruce (#lukeevans ) runs Wayne Enterprises along with Lucius Fox (#andrebraugher ). He tries to use his company for good and to improve Gotham but despite his best efforts, crime still festers. So he becomes “#thebatman ”he returns to Gotham to eliminate crime starting with Gotham’s biggest gangster, Black Mask (#waltongoggins ) who sells highly addictive drugs made by Jason Woodrue (#johndavidwashington ), the city’s best drug maker, nicknamed the “Floronic Man”. Along with orphan Dick Grayson (#brentonthwaites ) who he encounters on his missions, best friend and Gotham DA Harvey Dent (#dominicmonaghan ) and his girlfriend Vicki Vale (#lesliebibb ), GCPD Lt. Jim Gordon (#davidharbour ), and officers Renee Montoya (#michellerodriguez ), Edward Nygma (#andrewscott ), Crispus Allen (#cliftonpowell ), Jim Corrigan (#dominicmonaghan ) and Maggie Sawyer (#ashricardo ), he will take down Black Mask’s organisation. The season ends with Black Mask being sent Arkham Asylum, Woodrue escaping and being taken by a “creature of the green”, Dick meets Barbara Gordon (#elizataylor ), Harvey and Vicki get engaged and Bruce beginning to look into his parents murder. ————————————————————- Hope you enjoyed S1 of “The Batman”. S2 will be out tomorrow. Tell me what you think in the comments please 💭
#xmen : Sinister On the island of Genosha, Charles X Xavier (#samuelljackson ) runs a school for "talented and gifted students". However, this school is a cover for a school of mutants, humans born with exceptional powers. He teaches them on how to control their powers. However, when a handful of students are kidnapped, #professorx must bring together a task force of mutants to go and save them and bring an end to this mutant slave ring run by the evil scientist #mrsinister (#matthewmodine ), a human who is obsessed with gaining mutant powers. The team consists of #magneto (#michaelshannon ), #dust (#nazaninboniadi ), #iceman (#keiynanlonsdale ), #kittypryde (#sarahhyland ), brother and sister duo #scarletwitch (#marioncotillard ) and #quicksilver (#danstevens ), #mystique (#alexandrabreckenridge ) and #sunfire (#danielhenney ) with Charles as backup. Together, they will infiltrate Mr Sinister's slave ring and save their fellow mutants. The end of the film sees Mr Sinister and his gang come for the school, Mr Sinister being murdered by Magneto (despite Charles' warning) and Magneto taking a handful of mutants to rebel against humanity who he now deems savages and unworthy. . Other Castings: #samworthington - Pyro #nathanjones - Juggernaut #kodismitmcphee - Toad #brianbaumgartner - Blob #saoriseronan - Polaris #nataliadyer - Rogue #joeyking - Jean Grey #danillakozlovsky - Colossus ————————————————————- Hope you enjoyed. I’m going to be starting my Batman TV Show now. I think I’ll just post Castings for my MCU movies not stories now. Comment what you think 💭?
Avengers: Initiative #shield has discovered the "#tesseract ", a strange blue cube that radiates mass levels of energy. However, when #loki (#iwanrheon ) teleports in and steals the Tesseract, #nickfury (#denzelwashington ) will call together "The #avengers ". Consisting of Tony Stark, the #ironman (#ewanmcgregor ), Steve Rogers, #captainamerica (#johnkrasinski ), Bruce Banner, the #hulk (#jakegyllenhaal ), master assassins Natasha Romanoff, the #blackwidow (#emilyblunt ) and partially-deaf Clint Barton, #hawkeye (#toddlasance ), Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, #antmanandthewasp (#leonardodicaprio & #amyadams ) and Jane Foster, now #thor (#blakelively ) joins with the news that Loki is back. Together they will learn to fight as a team to stop Loki from escaping with the Tesseract. During the film, Hank is kidnapped by Loki and taken to another planet where he is forced to design a gauntlet capable of wielding the Tesseract and five others just like it. He refuses only to be greeted and tortured by the Mad Titan #thanos (#clancybrown ). The Avengers use residual Tesseract energy to open a portal to the planet they're on. The film ends with the team returning to Earth with the tesseract, Hank beginning to lose his mind and Loki being strangled to death by Thanos.
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