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Zero Makeup, 10/10 Happiness. 💕
Stitched together with good intentions. 💕
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL. ❤❤❤ Long ass paragraph on Fb, pretty pictures here XD Love ya @z.saira 😘😘😘
A rangeen picture before fall starts. 😭
Wanted to upload this picture for long and what's better than putting it on your Birthday. ❤ May this be your best year, full of love, miracles and laughters. Amen. #throwback #whites #gooddays
Planning something cool to get started by this month's end, if and only if I get past my procrastination zone. ✌ Dua'on me yaad rakhein :D Ps. This was taken when I was stuck in traffic and getting anxious about the extra Careem fare more than reaching destination in time. #LifeAfterGraduation
Once upon a time... #colorblocking #paints
For as long as I could remember, I wanted to become an avid #reader . The kind who knows all the philosophical, literary, innovative, critical master pieces ever penned down. It fills me with immense satisfaction and pride to learn a new concept, phrase or word. No lies. From my second pay (since first was all spent for last semester's extra kharchey:33), I gifted myself these pearls of #wisdom . And never been so proud of a #possession before. The #Dream is to build a personal library of printed books, and leave behind a #legacy !!! Since, I have a very short attention span and I religiously believe in searching up every single difficult word in English dictionary, my reading becomes more of a challenge. To force myself to #concentrate and keep going without loosing the #patience and application to #learn . It takes way longer than an average person and even becomes tiresome at some point. But I'm trying harder than ever this time. Hope I get past my #goal for reading this year. ✌ Do share your tips and tricks to stay stuck and extract the most out of a book. 💕 Current Read: dozakhnama by Rabisankar Bal.
Inseparable since the day I met this beautiful girl. 💋 University made me realize the solid difference between #acquaintances and #friends . Since we live in the age of *social networking*, there might be amazing people out there ready to help you whenever needed, but a constant is what I'd call a BEST FRIEND. You define what a selfless and loyal #friendship looks like. I'd be happy, if I could reciprocate 1/10th of what you've done for me in the past 4 years of #university . You are a wonderful strong woman, made for #miracles . I believe in you. ❤ Acknowledge all the good people in life and most importantly cherish your friendships. After all, human beings #crave an expression of #love and care, only to evolve as their best versions. 🤗 Fun fact: Till the 3rd year, she did not own me as a best friend. And would rather act as she does not trust anyone -.- Lucky woman, did not lose me :33
For the longest time, I've dreaded to eat #alone . I kinda wanted to experience this but was too reluctant as in, log kya kaheingy? She probably has no friends or is too farigh to come alone. Plus, I might feel sad, seeing other happier people giggling around me, having great conversations about life, food, current affairs or just their usual routines. Until today, when I got a chance to treat myself with some good, shashkon wala #breakfast . Took a leap of faith and followed the vibe. Ended up at #Jade , which thankfully opens up early and has a very comfortable/ soothing ambiance along with quality food that values your money. The whole experience was SOOO GOOD, I tell you. Not only the food was amazing but I got to spend some quality time with my own self that forced me to #reflect , smile and just naturally feel good. #Gratitude hit me strong and I had the chance to analyze my general behavior/ habits/ future prospects, which was extremely satisfying. Contrary to my belief, no one really sits there to judge you for eating alone. All assumptions are self made. Rather a good environment seeds #positive growth. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED EXPERIENCE. Definitely giving myself a luxurious #treat , once in some weeks. 💕 Protip: Keep some sort of easy to read #book with you, whenever moving out. We waste a lot of time while travelling, a lot. This would truly #transform , how you spend your free time and you would never really feel alone at any point, whatsoever. Ps. You may not look #beautiful in your happiest moments. And that's okay. Presenting here, my 9 AM face .-.
This picture brings in so many #memories from when I stepped into my last year at Air University. For the longest time, I wanted to talk to #inspire . This was my moment, delivering an intro speech to freshers at university's orientation day about The Sha'oor Society- AU Chapter as the General Secretary then. ⭐⭐ It brings me immense pleasure to have been a part of something, that worked for a cause. I didn't really understood it then. But now as I explore the horizons of #life , I've learnt that the only thing that truly matters in life is what social cause you stand up for and what part you play for the betterment of our #society , however small it maybe. Money and a happy lifestyle would eventually follow up. Protip: Always become a part of small organizations at college/ university/ workplace that talk of service, #volunteer work and a change. You might not get to work for a global cause rn. but trust you me, it would bring an unmatched #satisfaction . And eventually this would contribute to a bigger and better #change in our society. 💕 And pleeease never give up in words of any naysayers whose only work is to tell you, its not worth it. Or its just a waste of your time.Its never ever a waste of time. Learn to maintain your professional, social and volunteering life. Every bit that you contribute for a better society is worth it!!! And this was actually everything that I talked about, on the stage. Be a change maker. Start from somewhere. ❤
Always knew, would be missing these one's badly after university. And I guess, its time. Forever favorite girls. 💕 #throwbackthursday #bareface
For the heck of these colors and a baby face :33
And we become inseparable with each passing day XD Favorite girl. ❤❤❤
Part of me says, go for a simple intimate wedding for yourself. Part of me says, make it lavish enough for the city to remember. Forever confused. Anyway, not even close to that decision. 😂😂😂 #shadibling #about_today #pictureoftheday
~Reflection of a day out... If you get the space to talk of empowerment inside the walls of your home/ institute/ workplace, freely practice whatever you believe in, say things the way your brain interprets and have the social circle(irrespective of the gender) that accepts your existence as a reputed individual, or even get to confront someone who did wrong to you. YOU ARE A PRIVILEGED PAKISTANI. The world out there is scary, filthy. Human faced masks, on beasts will always get you and haunt you. Unless you are freakin' wealthy or powerful. And mind you, it has nothing to do with your self confidence. That's a bitter, bitter truth of this country that we live in. And that being said YEH MULK aur iski KOI SARRAK KISI K BAAP KI NAHI HA. Claim your public space. Step out Stronger and more Powerful in the face of every lustful stare. Let NOTHING limit your commute. You were born to reach for the stars. How'd you get to them if you stop chasing cuz of some hungry dogs on every mile of the road? Acknowledge all the good people in life be it friends, family or colleagues. And #SMILE in the face of all the harshness this world has to offer. 🏵🌸
Religiously believing in Eid selfies. Have a blessed one, guys. ❤ #eiduladha #filterrific 🐑🐴🐮
I've Never Felt so Overwhelmed and Happy For a Mere Oath Taking Ever Before. It was Legit Realizing The Dream, We All Once Watched Together. ✨ Witnessing Imran Khan with That Iconic Smile, My Heart was at Peace. Knowing We Had Chosen The Best of The Best For #PAKISTAN . 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 Pakistan IS Loud and Messy and Chaotic But Also the Kids Who Dance in the Street in the #Monsoons , The Beat of the #Dhol , the 20 Simultaneous Games of #Cricket on any Given Ground, the Only People Who Believe that #Ludo is a Game of Skill, Endless Streams of #Chai , the Maker of the Best Damned Chappli #Kababs Anywhere in the World, a Survivor Despite #Bombs and Tragedy and Hate. Standing Tall in the Face of All Conspiracies. The home of #Edhi and Infinite Superheroes of Humanity, Love, Peace and Tolerance. The Place With the Most Heart l’ve Ever Seen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAYA PAKISTAN. ❤ You're here to stay till the Doom's Day InShaa'Allah. A Day I'd Tell Stories About, to My Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of Persistence, Resilience and Believing in Your Purpose Against All Odds. 👏
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