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Who made my clothes? Be curious. Find out. Do something. Ask the brands you ❤️ #whomademyclothes . FRWeek each April. Facebook.com/fashionrevolutionday

The Garage Sale Trail is almost here Australia! 🏠 ♻️🔜 Get your list happening, there’s so many awesome sales taking place around the country. Mel’s top fashion picks: 👚Salana’s Super Sale, Potts Point Syd. Lots of never been worn before brands including Camilla, Rodeo Show and Kate Sylvester. 👙A Fashion ‘Haulternative’, Rockdale, Syd. A Bargain Hunters dream.👖Grand Days Garage Sale, Kings Cross, Syd. Vintage finds. 👠 Fashion & Textiles Sale, Richmond, Melb. A sale for serious fashionistas, a makers delight. 👟Mentone - Fashion Labels, Shoes, Bags, Books, Vic. A husband who works in fashion manufacturing so lots of new pieces! Dangerous ⚠️ #Repost @garagesaletrail ・・・ A revolution is a turn around. A shift. A transition of power. So why are people all over the world talking about a Fashion Revolution? And what does it involve for us today in Oz? Who better to answer than Melinda Tually, Co-ordinator of Fashion Revolution Australia: http://www.garagesaletrail.com.au/about/trail-blazers/mel-tually Mel is seen here wearing one of our #Trailblazers designed by @scrapclothjulie and made by @thehalcyonfox out of reused and reclaimed materials. @fash_rev_aus #garagesetrail #fashionrevolution #waronwasteau #waroneaste #thereisnoplanetb #vintage #secondhand #garagesale
Reflecting on our loved clothes this weekend as we hand wash them with care. Like friends, they’ve accompanied us through many a memory. Treating your clothes well will guarantee a long friendship 💚Want some tips on how to care for your clothes? Check out some ideas from @goodonyou_app on the book 👉🏽 Facebook.com/fashionrevolutionday #lovedclotheslast #fashionrevolution
🙌🏽🙌🏽 to all the change makers out there. Thank you @stitch_kitchen for educating your community in New Zealand about Textile #waste and how to be a fashion revolutionary. You are making a difference in the minds of the next generation of fashion lovers♻️ 🙏🏽♻️ #Repost @stitch_kitchen ・・・ #heartwarming thank you from Port Chalmers School 💞. #nextgeneration #sharingiscaring #lovelearning #enviroschools #worldchanging #reducereuserepurpose #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes #circularfashion
It’s national #opshopweek ♻️ Get some pre-loved action this week and this Saturday is The Big Spring Clean. Your local op shop would love donations of quality items that can be resold through their network of shops. Get into it! We had a great time chatting all things circularity, second hand, redefining value, renting wardrobes, and the thrill of the oppie find at the launch of #opshopweek with @vinniesnsw @fayedelanty @mysalvosstores @raejohnston @tigerlilyswimwear @glamcornerau @op_shop_to_runway @gretelkilleen #Repost @vinniesnsw ・・・ It’s National Op Shop Week! This year #NOSW is all about having a Big Spring Clean and taking your good quality, pre-loved items to your local Vinnies on Saturday 6th October. #fashionrevolution #vintage #secondhand
Aussie/NZ pre-sales of Zine 3 are open. Have your ordered? Link in bio 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽How does fashion impact the planet? 🌍And can our everyday actions make a crucial difference? 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 ——————————— FASHION ENVIRONMENT CHANGE is an A-Z of the many ways the fashion industry impacts climate change and harms the environment. We know that clothing production doubled between 2000-2014 and the industry’s increasing reliance on fossil fuel-based polyester means that it is used in 60% of our garments. We examine the impact that the associated use of energy, water, pesticides, and chemicals is having on the environment. We take a moment to consider the complex issues and to suggest easy actions and ways we can all be the change. If you haven’t already ordered yours, you can make a difference by buying a copy by clicking the link in our bio. #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #circularfashion #thereisnoplanetb #waronwaste #waronwasteau
Garment workers’ daily commute to and from factories is one of the most critical safety risks for workers in Cambodia #Repost @fairsew ・・・ Who Made Your Clothes? The people (of which 90% are women) being transported behind where @jussconeybeer stands here. Shipped like livestock to their place of work for their 6 day working week. A job that will barely make them enough money to cover the basic necessities. This week garment workers protested on the streets of Phnom Penh demanding a solution for the Chinese factory owner who defected back to China, leaving over 2000 workers without their extremely precious wages. How will they survive? Every single person with clothes on their back is involved in the fashion industry. You have a voice through your purchases. If enough people are asking the question, then companies will start talking too, demanding safe and healthy conditions for the work that is widely needed in developing countries like Cambodia. With one simple question you can be part of the Fashion Revolution. So, Who Made Your Clothes? @fash_rev @fash_rev_cambodia . Video by @phearunyinz . . #whomademyclothes #fairsewmadeyourclothes #wemadeyourclothes #ethicalfashion #peoplebeforeprofit #garmentworkersrights #fashionrevolution
Have you done a stocktake of what’s in your wardrobe and how many wears each item gets? @elizabethilling , creator of Project Stopshop asks, “how much is your waste worth?” #Repost @project_stopshop ・・・ Stopshop began with recording everything in my own wardrobe and evaluating the usage of each item.. . . . . . #fashion #ethicalfashion #sustainable #origami #tshirt #fashionrevolution #waronwaste #waronwasteau #fastfashion #thereisnoplanetb #sustainablefashion
What are you thinking about climate change? Does it matter to you? Where do you want to see action from our next government, whoever wins? 🌏 Your voice is your vote. Our friends @1millionwomen are surveying the women of Australia to see what they think about climate change before the next election. Can you help them by taking their survey? It takes 2 minutes and is open until the end of September. More than ever right now, we need to make our voices heard, regardless of our age, wherever we are in Australia. In the lead up to the next election, 1 Million Women will be releasing aggregated results from the survey to the media. The more women that take the survey, the more powerful it will be. Fashion is a huge emitter of Co2 👖👚👗we can all take steps to reduce our impact. 🙏🏽🌱🙏🏽 Survey > http://bit.ly/2NzyQlc, via @1millionwomen and our FB page Facebook.com/fashionrevolutionday #fashionrevolution #waronwasteau #thereisnoplanetb #circularfashion #lowcarbonfuture #sustainablefashion
Save the date! 🗓 Create an event! #Repost @makesmthng ・・・ Save the date for the second edition of MAKE SMTHG Week from Nov 23 to Dec 2 2018! . Last year more than 15,000 people took part in 186 MAKE SMTHNG events spread across 33 countries on six continents. There were upcycling workshops, urban agriculture courses, #homemade cosmetics classes, electronics repair spaces and #vegan -cooking lectures. Every event was different and involved local partners from various backgrounds. We collaborated with artists, chefs, food-savers, fashion and product designers, upcyclers, creatives, models, youtubers and bloggers, zero waste activists, repair cafes and many dedicated volunteers to make each event a special experience. Now MAKE SMTHNG Week is back - and this year we even want to take it one step further 😉🙃 So stay tuned for more information to come…! . #makesmthng #MSW18 #disruptblackfriday #makesmthngweek #savethedate #buynothing #makechangenow #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #consciousconsumer #DIY #reduce #reuse #refuse #repair #share #swap #upcycling #zerowaste #community #environment #greenpeace #conservation #activism#plasticfree
Pre-orders for local copies of our latest fanzine available now! Get in quick! Link in bio 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽 FASHION ENVIRONMENT CHANGE is an A -Z of the fashion industry’s thorny relationship with greenhouse gases, ocean plastics, and textile pollution, from the Anthropocene to Generation Z. In order to make change, we need to understand the problems and find creative ways to change systems and human behaviour. Illustrated by Graphic Design students of Central Saint Martins in London and written by team of experts, writers, poets and campaigners, this zine examines how fashion can lessen its impact on the planet for future generations. The Graphic Design students of Central Saint Martins have created thought provoking illustrations and visuals to give a fresh perspective on the carbon footprint of a pair of jeans; the corrosive pollution created by the textile factories of Erode in India; and why shoe and bag brands need to get to know their tanneries. A team of experts, writers, poets and campaigners examine how fashion can lessen its impact on the planet for future generations. Contributors include Dilys Williams, Linda Greer, Wilson Oryema, @orsoladecastro , Scarlett Conlon, Jake Hall, @tamsinblanchard , @carrysomers @sarahditty , Fleur Britten, Matthew Neadham and @arizona_muse 💚🌏💙#fashionrevolution #circularfashion #slowfashion #sustainablefashion #waronwasteau
Fashion Revolution display at The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences OPENS TODAY!!💥 We’re beyond thrilled to have received the @maasmuseum Design Award 2018 in partnership with Good Design Australia, @gooddesignaus one of the longest running international awards for design and innovation. On top of receiving the Best in Class Fashion Award from Good Design Australia at the awards this April which was beyond anything we could have imagined, being acknowledged by the museum we have loved to visit for so, so long has certainly capped off 5 years of movement building in a very special way. ⭐️ The MAAS design award is given to a project that demonstrates the important role of design in improving the quality of health, wellbeing or the environment. All props to our amazing, genius designer, @heather_knight_ , who for the past 5 years has created our stunning visuals and resources for the world to share and act on. ⭐️ Please head to MAAS in Sydney and visit our display where the work of four Australian designers who represent the principles of Fashion Revolution movement will also be on display. Demonstrating longevity, traceability, circularity, conscious sourcing, zero waste and more, we’re thrilled to showcase the future of the fashion industry with @kitx @a.bch @rachaelcassar and @citizen_wolf. Thank you for continuing to support Fashion Revolution in our call for a radical change in the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed. #gooddesignaward #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes
#tbt to Fashion Revolution Week when @karenwalker inspired KW lovers to share stories of their faves 💕💕 #Repost @karenwalker ・・・ Our designs are beautifully crafted with the aim that they’ll be well-loved and worn for decades. We’re boutique and very rarely make more than 100 of any style of garment. We don’t want to fill your wardrobes and the planet’s landfills with more “stuff”, we only want to make meaningful pieces you’ll love wearing over and over again. We’d love to hear your stories too - do you have a favourite piece of KW you’ve loved and worn for a long time? #LovedClothesLast #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #waronwaste #whomademyclothes #fashionrevolution
It sure ain’t. ❤️ your clothes and they’ll 💛 you back #lovedclotheslast #Repost @opshopgal ・・・ #reviveBNE speaking truths. Learn to sew a button, to hem, to mend. Buy clothes that last. Buy clothes you love! #fashionrevolution
Zine #3 is close to or shores! Local orders are opening very soon. Can you help us with numbers by posting a 🙌🏽if you’d like to order one? We’ll share the link shortly. Cost approx $26 inc postage 🙏🏽 💌🙏🏽 FASHION ENVIRONMENT CHANGE is an A -Z of the fashion industry’s thorny relationship with greenhouse gases, ocean plastics, and textile pollution, from the Anthropocene to Generation Z. In order to make change, we need to understand the problems and find creative ways to change systems and human behaviour. Illustrated by Graphic Design students of Central Saint Martins in London and written by team of experts, writers, poets and campaigners, this zine examines how fashion can lessen its impact on the planet for future generations 💚🌏💙#fashionrevolution #circularfashion #slowfashion #sustainablefashion #waronwasteau
Do us a fava? Can you share this post around? We’re still surprised that our wardrobes are ending up in landfill⁉️The more awareness we spread the lower we hope this stat will become... > A recent YouGov survey found that almost a quarter of Australians have thrown away an item of clothing after wearing it just once, and four in 10 people admitted they had binned unwanted garments, adding to landfill. 🤔👎🏽 Rejoice however because Spring time 🌸brings two great opportunities in Australia to clear out your closest responsibly and share your pre-loved gear around. National #opshopweek kicks off from September 30 - October 6. Get into your local Vinnies, Salvos, Red Cross stores, The Smith Family, Lifeline and more and support organisations providing front line services to those in need. We’ll be speaking next week in Sydney on Thurs 20 to kick it off with a stellar line up of waste warriors if ever we did see > @glamcornerau @fayedelanty @raejohnston @tigerlilyswimwear @op_shop_to_runway @taracastellan and John Dee. Head to our FB page to rsvp. Join us. It’s free! ♻️Next, the @garagesaletrail takes place around the country on 20-21 October. Host a sale in your hood with your mates. There are thousands of sales to check out and we’ll be sharing our picks with you soon. Get registering if you haven’t already! A whole weekend of pre-loved goodness and community action is one revolutionary act we’re definitely in on 👊🏽 #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes #thereisnoplanetb #slowfashion #recycle #makefashioncircular #circularfashion #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #saynotolandfill #garagesale #garagesaletrail #waronwaste #waronwasteau
Thanks 🙏🏽 @homie.com.au for sharing the makers behind your clothes for #fashionrevolution week this year. Check out their 🎥 on our FB page 👆🏽 to learn more 〰HoMie is a streetwear clothing social enterprise in Melbourne Australia that uses 100% of its profits to support young people experiencing homelessness or hardship 〰#Repost @homie.com.au ・・・ This week is Fashion Revolution Week and we are proud to be HoMie Grown. Melbourne born. Melbourne Made. #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes #ethicalfasion #melbournemade @qualitops @redwoodpress
Activism on the front cover 👊🏽We had the pleasure of meeting Kalpona last year and sharing her message of standing in solidarity with Bangladesh garment workers and championing their health, safety and dignity. This is the voice that needs elevation and the face that needs to sell thousands of issues of a magazine. Worker rights front and centre of the agenda. Thank you @imranamed 🙏🏽 Listen to our podcast with Kalpona 👇🏽 🎧🎤#Repost @fash_rev ・・・ Huge moment! The cover of @bof features @kalpon.akter who began working in a garment factory in Bangladesh at age 12 and has since become a prominent voice in the fight for safer working conditions, fair pay and the end to gender-based violence at work in factories. We were fortunate enough to spend time with @kalpon.akter in Dhaka recently and we interviewed her for our podcast where she told us her story and explained how garment workers’ collective voice is a key to positive change. Listen to @kalpon.akter on the Fashion Revolution Podcast on @itunes @acaststories or www.fashionrevolution.org/podcast ❤️⚖️👏 #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion
Education is pivotal to planting the seeds of change. 🌱 Big ups to all the educators out there for changing the dial by including sustainability and labour rights into their course content. We need more and more of this so every fashion course around the world mainstreams these conversations. 📚 Studying these issues is just as vital as learning about quality control, textiles, pricing and planning. Redesigning the fashion system will come when all those who study it rewrite the rules. 🌍 Best of luck to all the students at Kangan Insitute for the #Rags2Runway fashion show tomorrow night @meatmarketmelb ! 👊🏽👊🏽 This #melbournefashionweek show will feature @RedCrossShops garments that have been #upcycled and redesigned by fashion students for the runway. ♻️ #proudlytafe #boundtoindustry #boundtosucceed #mfw #sustainablefashion #kanganfashion @kangan_institute_creative #whomademyclothes #fashionrevolution
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