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Who made my clothes? Be curious. Find out. Do something. Ask the brands you ❤️ #whomademyclothes . FRWeek 22-28 April Fashionrevolution.org

Recent Bangladesh minimum wage revisions, which take place every 5 years, have sparked huge protests with 50,000 garment workers protesting the recent increase which wasn’t applied to all grades of employment. As a result of the protests which forced factory closures, the government and garment association have now applied the increase to all grades. #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes #womensmarch2019
Recommended reading folks! So much good stuff to help you take part and understand how the fashion industry needs revolutionising. Download your copy from the website ✅ #Repost @fash_rev ・・・ In 2018, we partnered with British Council to bring you this revamped version of our ‘How To Be A Fashion Revolutionary’ booklet. . . The booklet is packed full of shareable facts and figures as well as showing you ways to make small, medium and HUGE changes to people and planet through our relationship with fashion. . . Available to download for free on our website, grab yourself a copy and start changing the world. 🌍 #fashionrevolution
LEGACY IS COMING! Brought to you by @Ndless_NewNormal in partnership with @Ausfashioncouncil and @Fash_Rev_AUSNZ , LEGACY Responsible Fashion Summit on 13 & 14 March in Sydney @legacysummit will address the environmental and social empowerment challenges the fashion industry is faced with and present brands and retailers with practical initiatives, opportunities and solutions to address them. Join Kit Willow @KITX Lizzy Abegg @Spell Clare Press @Mrspress Courtney Sanders @wellmadeclothes Dean Jones @Glamcornerau @theiconicau @sedexglobal @waverleymills and more to be announced as we dive deep into apparel supply chains and discuss the business of fashion. Read up on what will be covered at legacysummit.com.au Why? The apparel sector is under pressure and facing a clear call to action: adapt to the new normal of circularity, system redesign and accountability or risk its very future. In this era of transparency, the call is getting louder. Remaining relevant in a post growth world means radically reinventing value, purpose and profits. In so doing, we can recognise the vast ecosystem within which the fashion industry lies, unlocking numerous opportunities for creating a new legacy. One that is regenerative, restorative and empathic in nature The urgency with which we need to redefine the business of fashion requires leadership. Bold, committed and acutely aware of the transformative power it has at its fingertips. The future of the industry depends on it. We hope you can join us! Sign up to be the first to receive the link to tickets. 👉🏽 @legacysummit.com.au Content partner: @intentjournal Icon design @mundanematters
Will you join us next Sunday 20 as we walk in unison with all garment workers around the world experiencing harassment and violence in the workplace? @careaustralia reports that 1 in 3 female garment workers in Cambodia experienced sexual harassment in the workplace in the last 12 months. This is not ok. We’ll be marching again in Sydney and believe there are marches in Melbourne and Brisbane too. NZ stay tuned. Equal rights are human rights. Viva la rev 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 For those in Sydney, we’d love to meet you and walk together! Let us know if you’re keen and we’ll let you know a meeting spot ⚡️⚡️ #Repost @womensmarchsydney ・・・ OUR MISSION: To harness the power of everyone present to change the culture of violence against women for the next generation. . Australia’s culture of violence against women is a crisis. It is rooted in a widespread cultural acceptance that the values, roles and rights of women are lesser than those of men. It is time to change this culture so that the next generation of women can live their lives to their fullest potential; free from intimidation, harassment and violence. Women have the right to be safe, claim their space, be respected and have their voices heard. . . Will you join us January 20th 2019? 💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿 #whomademyclothes #fashionrevolution #imadeyourclothes #womensmarch
Giving it up for all the brands working hard to adopt new innovations, share their stories, listen to their supply partners, apply new business models, source consciously and take on the *shared* responsibility, with *us* the consumer, to ensure they leave the lightest of footprints, with their products and processes the kindest they can be. It’s not easy and as the market continues to evolve so will they. Let’s support progress over perfection 🙏🏽 #Repost @komodofashion ・・・ Wise words from the late Maya Angelou 🙌🏼 Do the best that you can when living sustainably, as the small steps are what will inevitably make a big difference. Then as we learn and grow together we will organically build a more conscious and sustainable mindset, within the fashion industry, and subsequently within the world as a whole! 🌍 . . . . . #mayaangelou #mayaangelouquotes #mayaangelouquote #quote #sustainability #sustainable #ecosolutions #sustainablefashion #recycle #livewell #conscious #ecoliving #ecolifestyle #fastfashion #saynotofastfashion #whomademyclothes #fashionrevolution
Feeling ready to make positive changes in 2019? 👍🏽 - There’s a lot to tackle but so much we can do as citizens to influence brands, use our voice to make governments know we want action, and make small changes which collectively have a huge impact. 💪🏾 Start the year by making your own fashion resolution. - Check out the Fashion Revolution Manifesto. Read how we hope to make the fashion world better in 2019. Pick your favourite point, sign and share. Your voice is important. Together we have the power to create a fairer, cleaner, healthier industry. And don’t forget to ask the brands you want to wear and trust, #WhoMadeMyClothes ? #FashionRevolution
Save the date! In 2019 Fashion Revolution Week will be held from 22-28 April kicking off on Earth Day. 🌍 Remember, anyone can get involved by hosting talks, screenings, swaps, mending workshops, fashion shows, the sky is the limit! This revolution is yours to join online or in real life. This year there were 70 events held across AUS and NZ, we’d encourage you all to take part and get active!⚡️Stay tuned for more info on what we’ll be focusing on next year 💚 ❤️💛💙#fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes #imadeyourclothes #lovedclotheslast
Keep asking whomademyclothes❓#Repost @tickover_ ・・・ I was thrilled to stitch this embroidery for the first issue of @peachykeenmagazine a Franco-Australian mag covering sustainable fashion with people and the environment in mind. We already know that people are exploited for us to buy clothes so cheaply, it’s time to listen to garment workers and take their human rights seriously. It’s time to ask #whomademyclothes ?⏰ Grab your copy of the first issue of Peachy Keen Mag - they’re donating 3Euro from each copy sold to us! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 . #garmentworkers #embroidery #fashionrevolution #peachykeen #sustainablefashion #magazine #handembroidery #tickover #environment #humanrights #consciousconsumer #ecofashion
Exploitation scars for life. Thank you to all the brands and organisations investing the time and care to help victims flourish 💙 #Repost @friendsofbasha ・・・ We don’t define health just in the physical, we know that to flourish again, we must care for all parts of our body and mind. Our hostel manager, Olympia is seen here painting the nails of the girls that she cares for in Jessore. 🌲 * Through medical care, we ensure women are physically healthy and when a crisis emerges, we do our best to cover medical emergencies. Many women also have layers of trauma to work through. It takes time to break free from the pain, the hurt and unhealthy behaviour created when living in exploitation. ✨ * Friends of Basha exists to support and train women who might otherwise have no way of supporting themselves in a dignified way. Many women need holistic care and training, especially those who have had traumatic pasts. They need to learn much more than just sewing skills. 💙 * This Christmas, give women at Friends of Basha the time to recover and heal, where US$50 will ensure they receive a training stipend to support them for a month. Give the gift of time this Christmas! 🎄 * * * * * #holidaygiving #hope #gifthope #itsajourney #joinus #changelives #makeadifference #pathtoemployment #journeytohope #opportunity #whomademyclothes
No joke gang! Thoughtful, considered gifts are the way to go. Our planet is in dire need for us to listen to it in earnest. 🙏🏽 We chatted with #wellmadeclothes about the revolution at hand, leveling the playing field, modern slavery and using our collective voices with government. Take a read 👆🏽 Our mates @prezzeegiftcards thought of a waste free gift voucher that you can store on your phone and swap between brands too. #wastefree thinking for the win 👌🏽 #Repost @wellmadeclothes_ ・・・ Wise words from Melinda Tually of @fash_rev_ausnz about choosing mindful gifts this Christmas. . Read the full interview with @rosie_dalton in our ‘articles’ section now.
The beauty in the rich diversity of textiles. The diversity that speaks of history, culture, technique, heritage, skill and craftsmanship as well as the future. The preservation of culture through fashion is a beautiful element of this industry. It’s origins must be respected. We love that this article on the book has been so popular. Link in bio 👆🏽Images of India from @craftsvilla_dotcom and of Pakistan from Generation Clothing via @mymodernmet #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes #handmade #artisan #madeinindia #textiles #madeinpakistan
Today is Human Rights Day and the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 🏳🏳🏳. A list of fundamental human rights to be universally protected. If you haven’t seen the 30 Articles before, we’ve posted a link via our FB page so you can get in the know. It’s important to understand what country members of the #unitednations have signed up to in their commitment to upholding basic human rights and the role of business to respect and promote them. Rights such as freedom of association and the right to form unions, access to effective remedy, equal pay for equal work, the right to education, to not be enslaved are all in there. Get woke to human rights with us! 🔎 #humanrights #humanrightsday #unitednations
Knowledge leads to change 💡#Repost @tickover_ ・・・ HAZARIBAGH A-Z 08/26 - Hazaribagh is a district in Dhaka, Bangladesh, that until recently was home to more than 150 leather tanneries, supplying to our high street. - It had become so polluted with toxic waste water and rotting animal hides that the adjacent Buriganga river, a source of drinking water for 180,000 people was considered poisoned and devoid of all life. - The tanneries have been moved to Savar, just over a year later the same practices and untreated effluents are destroying the Daleshwari River and local environment. - The moving of tanneries from one place to another has by no means solved the environmental disaster, child labour is still used, human and animal rights are still ignored. - We all need to add Hazaribagh to our map, spread awareness of the horrific practices, and push brands and government to clean up the mess and stop the pollution of Savar before it’s too late. - I first saw footage of Hazaribagh, when I watched @riverbluethemovie. It showed me part of the ugly truth behind the leather we buy, I am urging you to watch it rented on Vimeo for the price of a cup of coffee. You won’t regret it! - - #genuineleather #leather #leatherindustry #bangladesh #dhaka #animalrights #humanrights #riverblue #buriganga #fastfashion #childlabour #whomademyclothes #lovedclotheslast #environment #disaster #toxic #tanneries #embroidery #embroideryhoop #tickover #garmentworkers #fashionrevolution
The decision to let the Accord office remain in Bangladesh to carry out their work has been delayed until 6 December. We have seen much progress in fire and structural safety since its inception in 2013 and support its continuation based in Bangladesh until the govt is ready to take on the reigns with the same transparency and diligence performed by the Accord. Operating from outside the country with reduced leverage is not supporting garment workers best #Repost @cleanclothescampaign ・・・ Because of the inspections and monitoring by the Bangladesh Accord workers can feel safe in their factories. This work should be allowed to continue at the same level and frequency. Sign the petition to #ProtectProgress : https://www.laborrights.org/protectprogress #Repost @cleanclothescampaign ・・・ The Bangladesh Accord makes workers feel safe to enter their workplace. Its important work must continue at the same level and frequency as now, working from an office in Bangladesh. #ProtectProgress #RanaPlazaNeverAgain #bangladesh #workersafety #garmentworkers #madeinbangladesh #workersrights #safety #garmentindustry #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes picture: Kristof Vadino
Wow. This is our future. This is who will buy our clothes, demand transparency, call for action on sustainability and hold us to account. This is the citizen consumer calling loudly for change. Like yesterday 📣From the Swedish student who started the climate change school strike, pulling no punches in Poland this week at #cop24 climate talks #Repost @gretathunberg ・・・ “So we have not come here to beg the world leaders to care for our future. They have ignored us in the past and they will ignore us again. We have come here to let them know that change is coming whether they like it or not.” From my speech at the #cop24 yesterday. #fashionrevolution #climatechange
The effects of #climatechange are being felt around the world. The man made contribution to global warming is not in dispute. We must act - each and every one of us or as @sirdavidattenborough has stated this weeks in Poland at the UN Climate summit, “the extinction of the natural world is on the horizon.” What’s our call to action? Watch the short video of his speech we have just posted on FB, link in bio 👆🏽, share it with your tribe and ask your fave fashion brand what they are doing to address the industry’s impact on climate change. And then ask yourself, what are you doing? Head to @1millionwomen for tips if you’re short of ideas for how your own behaviour can go one step better for our planet. 🙏🏽💙🙏🏽 we are all in this together. #fashionrevolution fights #climatechange #environment #water #circularfashion #sustainability #environment #lovedclotheslast
And it passed! We have an Australian Modern Slavery Act! 📣📣📣📣📣 Nice one Australia. New Zealand next? @graceaforrest @walkfreefoundation 📷 🙏🏽 @nicolewongphoto@gingerandsmart fashionrevolution #modernslavery #whomademyclothes #childlabour #forcedlabour #transparency
MODERN SLAVERY: Major Milestone ⚡️ The Australian Modern Slavery Bill passed the Senate last night. Once it passes back through the House of Reps which should be swift, it will then become an Act. Big 🙌🏽 to the many business leaders, civil society groups, NGO’s, individuals and members of both sides of government for the tireless advocacy, consultation and work on getting this through. This will be a game changer for big business required to report on what they are doing to address the risks of modern slavery in their supply chains. Thanks @graceaforrest and the team @walkfreefoundation for their hard work. Check out what Grace has to say at the link in bio 👆🏽 as well as her epic call to action at the recent @gqaustralia Men of the Year Awards. Keep asking #whomademyclothes to all the brands you love, big and small. We need to level the playing field across the industry and share the responsibility. 📷 🙏🏽😘 @nicolewongphoto @gingerandsmart #fashionrevolution #modernslavery #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion
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