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I’m going to change the world ♀️ back up: @fat_fabulous_feminist

not that anyone asked but I felt really cute here, therefore I am obligated to post. also, if anyone says fat women aren’t sexy, show them these pics 💋
Malia Obama drinks and hates trump... sounds like every college student ever lmao. also, please put how old you were when you had your first drink in the comments. I was 7 🤷🏻‍♀️ • • • • • • • • • • • follow my back up!! @fat_fabulous_feminist #maliaobama #obama #dumptrump #impeachtrump #mAGa
but this picture isn’t “pRoMoTiNG oBeSiTy” or “aN uNheALtHy LifEsTyLe”!!!1!1!!!!1!1!1!1!1!!! but me just EXISTING does? ok cool
hi, @danielsloss is iconic and I love him. literally he is the perfect man ugh
the moral of this story is I have been bleeding out of my vagina for a solid 9 days and I hate everything
so often in our society women are given the idea that their pleasure is not as important as a mans. we see this so often with the jokes about faking orgasms so men feel better about themselves??? i’m over that rhetoric. I believe it’s high time that woman take their pleasure into their own hands (literally ;) hehe). that’s why I decided to team up with @unboundbabes and they gave me a discount code to share with you all!! ** Use code “victoria” for 15% off orders of $35+ (besides subscription) ** I asked you all weeks ago if you used toys and which companies you all used. I did so much research (why its taken legit 3 weeks) and I found that this is the best company out there. Unbound is the most inclusive brand that i’ve found by FAR. they’ve made it their mission to make sexual wellness accessible for all people, especially for womxn (femmes, non-binary folks, and women). and it’s not like this is som sketchy toy y’all purchased from amazon (bc HALF OF YOU GUYS BOUGHT YOUR TOYS FROM THERE). you know what your using is good quality and i know it’s good quality ;)). but actually they use MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE (and their lubes are paraben free & vegan). ** i am personally a fan of the #vibrators bc i’m a lazy shishter and it’s then least work. the pink beauty blender lookin one is the “squish” she’s cute, inconspicuous and quite. also the possibility’s are endless bc you can make custom patterns so it’s never gonna get boring (and is great for alone or with a partner). the traditional long blue one is the “ollie” which is powerful as HELL and has 8 settings. it can also double as a neck massager (you can unwind in many ways). ** they even have a payment plan available if you can’t/ don’t want to pay all at once! again use code “victoria” for 15% off orders of $35+ and thank me later ** also these pictures are grammy themed. you’re welcome.
they make fun of us for liking “avocado toast” and yet when we talk about stuff that actually matters they tell us to shut up
EVERYONE FREAKING SLEEPS ON THIS SHOW AND IT IS ONE OF THE BEST CREATIONS OF THIS GENERATION UGH ITS SO GOOD!!!! this season combats: mental illness, toxic masculinity, sexual assault, ace relationships, pronouns, non binary people, consent, addiction, and so much more in literally 13 episodes less than half an hour long. I cannot recommend it more. P. S. if you do end up watching it please let me know so we can freak out about it together #onedayatatime #mentalillness #alcoholism #addiction #aa #rape #toxicmasculinity #metoo #ruthbaderginsburg #lesbian #trans #lgbtqia #brooklyn99 #sexualassault #nonbinary #pronouns #consent #feminism #fatfabfeminist
hi this thread sparked joy in my cold heart • • • • • • • • • #gillette #gillettead #racism #sexism #religion #offended #whitemen #notallmen #maga #fucktrump #impeachtrump
the fact that they respect an imaginary man more then you says something
hey i’m just curious, comment if you watched the State of the Union yesterday (plz)
people who aren’t pro choice are ignorant and selfish. don’t @ me
she speaking the truth
jesus was brown
this is such a beautiful representation of body positivity bc I feel like so often poc are left out of the conversation and ESPECIALLY Asian women so it makes me happy
this is a horrifying hate crime. the man is black and gay and the target of these white supremacists. if this doesn’t show you that “MAGA” doesn’t represent “american pride” or whatever. those red hats are symbols of racism. to those of you not paying attention, I hope this was a wake up call.
this was in response to them experiencing racism || also y’all need to hop on the @hasanminhaj bandwagon. his show on netflix is called Patriot Act and I 11/10 recommend
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