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I had been looking forward to the woman’s march for the longest time. not because I in anyway condone the creator and her anti semitic remarks, but because I enjoy being surrounded by like minded people. the woman’s march reminds me that i’m not alone in the fight. because of the government shut down my chapter couldn’t get the proper paperwork and it was cancelled. instead of sitting home being bummed I decided to make my own march with my little sister @elizabetthhh22 I walked around Miami with my poster and I got beeps from cars in support, stares (obviously in awe) and smiles. while I wasn’t able to actually go to the march I was there supporting my sisters in spirit.
this is pure hatred.
I just watched @onthebasisofsex and my admiration for ruth bader ginsberg has only increased. if you follow my page you should watch the movie. I cried. 11/10 recommend
is anyone else like scared to eat lettuce now? no? just me? ok
I, a fat, wore a crop top (without a bra!) The world didn’t explode, time didn’t stop and nobody died. Shocking, I know. My whole life I’ve been fat. That’s not new. I’ve been told time and time that I should “wear black because its slimming” or “make sure your shirt covers your stomach so it doesn’t show” anything to look “slimmer”. News flash no matter what color I wear, I’m still fat, and that's ok. I've never really listened to those rules in particular, I thought I was fully comfortable with my body. I mean I’ve worn a bikini in public, I wear tank tops and colors, I wear stripes and leggings, fuck the rules, right? There is one thing; however that I refused to do, go out without a bra. Fat women tend to have big breasts, I do not. No butt, no boobs, just stomach. That was my biggest complaint with my body. I’m not curvy, I’m a goddamn circle. I look at my role models like @tessholliday who are the “right kind of fat” and I was insecure that I not only was fat, but I wasn’t even the right kind of fat. I felt this for a long time, and to be honest I still feel this sometimes, but things have changed. I went out with no bra. The decision to. Not wear a bra started off as no big deal. It was simply, “I’m not gonna see anyone I know so it doesn’t matter.” I was wearing a big green sweater and realized nobody would notice. Then I found this shirt and obviously fell in love. So in love that I decided to put it on, I was shopping with a crop top on. I got many nasty looks. People looked at me as if my existence offended them. Like I should have had the decency to cover up so they didn’t have to be exposed to (gasp!) fat! And that’s when I realized, they would be offended either way. The fact that I wasn’t wearing a bra wasn’t the issue, it was fact that I had the audacity to show my skin. As if it should be forbidden, as if my skin was there to personally offend them. So I decided I will never allow another person's opinion of my body to determine what I wear. I will continue to wear crop tops, I will rarely wear bras and I definitely will not give a damn what anyone has to say. #effyourbeautystandards
hi this is a lesbian appreciation post.
I think about this post a lot and I thought I should share it with you all
@terrycrews is a KING 👑 lmk you agree✋✋!
your life should not revolve around weight loss
hi um i just saw this and if you don’t think roaring 20’s are coming back then i don’t know what to tell you but i’m ready for them
I will fight anyone who says grey’s anatomy isn’t amazing
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