Fãťhîmã Îñã Ťhãñžõõĺ

Sudden visit to a fnd's home, had lots of fun & got more new experiences @ new place, new location and with new people... love so much... may Allah help us to be fnds like same as this forever... 💕💝
Clz time eating 😉... fun in the lecturing hall... 😉😂😄
100% fact
😢 Your relationships should not depend on your mood swings; your mood should depend on your relationship. And when you realize this, you will learn the art of keeping the ones you love. To love is always the easiest; it's maintaining a relationship that takes more effort.
Munafiq is the one who says lies, who cheats others, who breaks the promises, n who argue unfairly... So, plz be so serious in ur talks... don't lie to anyone at any situation however the situation is... dont keep promises which cannot be handle by u. Dont cheat others by fake actions (kind, care etc...). dont argue selfishly... if u do/did so... YOU ARE THE GREAT MUNAFIQ
Great warning for men... careful in ur actions with women... Allah is the judge of judges...
Well said... 👌👐
Silent is my weapon towards the worry...
Surely U'll feel 1 day...
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