Fãťhîmã Îñã Ťhãñžõõĺ

Allah + Muhammad (PBUH) = Evr my ❤ than evry1 & evrydng in thz 🌍 All respects = My parents Patience + Prayer = My Success My 💪 = Allah z always wid me

Alhamdhulillah... enjoyed well with our sweeties... our gathering was awsome as like us...😄😂
தகுதி இல்லாத உரவுகள் நம்மை விட்டு எவ்வாராயினும் பிரிந்து விடும்... The relationship which is not qualify with proper quality of rights to be, will breakup/disappear anyway...
Be grateful to Allah, if a minute thing damage in ur body; ur whole body functions stop.
😂 fact fact...
"Tusbihun alaa khayr" is better than saying good night. Talk wt is good for others...❤
Allah is enough for everything, Alhamdhulillah
Exactly, so don't waste ur life on fearing others... u only hv to fear almighty Allah. Live ur life hw u love to live... ❤
☔ + 🍦= One way of my happiness😍
Attractive evening view of beach... the waves are so nice... non stop waves also a miracle of Allah, subahanallah 😍😍😍
An innocent soul which even not think of giving a simple pain to an ant, has experienced all the pains... Ya Allah! I am waiting patiently for ur judgement with all my prayers... 😢😭
Exactly... 😢
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