Thank you @theculturecreators for the lovely honor.
Proud parents.......
I took care of her for so many years now she takes care of me. Sister you are my everything....please never leave my side. @nefabulous
Family......#cousins Class if 2018..........suit @waraireboswell
The next generation of leaders @nefabulous @rtbrothas @iamdjdubz
My wives, my rocks, my ride or dies. Thank you for allowing me to have a career... guilt free...knowing Xuly was always surrounded by love. #ittakesavillage
Proud Godmother @thechefalisa @2cents Suit by @waraireboswell
We are so proud of Lachsa 2018 graduate Xuly Williams. We done good @saulwilliams I couldn’t have had a better baby daddy :)Thank you for your patience, love, and always always having my back. You elegantly without ego,but with honor and truth raised a King #dramafreelife
Photo by Mac Miller
L.A. Nights
Morning Talks
I don’t know what makes me feel better the sun or @elliemizzae Thank you babe.
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