"Any dipshit can take pictures, Mason. Art, that's special. What can you bring to it that nobody else can?" - that teacher from BOYHOOD

🎶maybe it's time to let the old ways die🎶
Mad love, T'Challa and Nakia. [See my story to see all Mad Love series from MCU]
Mad love, Tony and Pepper.
Mad love, Natasha and Bruce.
"Do you remember me telling you that Polyjuice Potion was only for human transformations?"
Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon
The diamond in the rough.
Great movie is great and #AStarisBorn belongs to it. Thank you, B. Cooper and L. Gaga for the performance, the music, the joy, the chemistry, the tears, and everything in between. Salute! #SaturdayNightMovie
"Now, I want a nice, clean game from all of you!"
"You're going to be doing some line for me today, Mr. Potter."
"Harry, I'd like you to meet an old friend and colleague of mine, Horace Slughorn."
Thank you for your service, Captain!
"Imagine Professor Snape in your grandmother's clothes. Can you do that?"
My #SundayNightMovie tells me that real life is stranger than fiction. #ThreeIdenticalStrangers are both heartwarming and heartbreaking. This is why I love documentary.
Johnny English.
What the fork?
"There you are, Potter."
Something wicked this way come.
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