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Midnight blue velvet scattered with sparkling studs — the #FendiResort19 Collection rethinks festive dressing.
Frozen within a resin block to emphasize its signature shape: the #FendiPeekaboo reinterpreted by @sabine_marcelis as part of our project with @DesignMiami celebrating 10 years of the iconic bag. #DesignMiami Discover more on @fisforfendi
In an ode to his family values and principles, @mroscarwang combined a wolfskin-printed canvas with a 3D outer case, elevating the #FendiPeekaboo to extraordinary heights. @DesignMiami #DesignMiami Discover more on @fisforfendi
@barracks_anonymous_design_gang focused on the concept of innate elegance while staying true to his free-spirited creativity, injecting a spontaneous mood into the #Fendi icon. #FendiPeekaboo X @DesignMiami #DesignMiami Discover more on @fisforfendi
@chriswolston ’s playful transformation saw the canvas #FendiPeekaboo covered with tropical-themed appliqués cut from sheets of recycled aluminum. @DesignMiami #DesignMiami Discover more on @fisforfendi
Subtle yet statement-making, @silviaventurinifendi ’s very own vision of the #FendiPeekaboo 10th-anniversary edition is available now at our Miami Boutique. @DesignMiami #DesignMiami Discover more on @fisforfendi
As part of a unique art-meets-fashion project, hosted by @DesignMiami to mark the first decade of the #FendiPeekaboo bag, @teoyang reflected on the role and representation of women in Korean culture. #DesignMiami Discover more on @fisforfendi
The serene simplicity of each piece is deceptive: the perfect fusion of #Fendi ’s discreet charm and clever provocation. @sabine_marcelis ’ “The Shapes of Water” X @DesignMiami #DesignMiami Discover more on @fisforfendi
A design masterpiece in its own right, the #FendiPeekaboo takes center stage at @DesignMiami in an iconic celebration of its 10th anniversary. @sabine_marcelis X #DesignMiami Discover more on @fisforfendi
A series of ten water sculptures in glass and resin — each representing a #Fendi icon — in a tribute to the fountains of Rome. @sabine_marcelis ’ “The Shapes of Water” X @designmiami #DesignMiami Discover more on @fisforfendi
An awe-inspiring dialogue between creativity and craftsmanship, structure and spirit, ethereal dream and eternal beauty. #Fendi X #DesignMiami @sabine_marcelis @designmiami Discover more on @fisforfendi
Introducing “The Shapes of Water” by @sabine_marcelis : a series of installations that celebrate a decade of our creative partnership with @designmiami. #DesignMiami
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