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My theory: cutthroat culture is unproductive. "If it doesn't make dollars... it doesn't make cents." - Best advice you've gotten from your boss (someone else's answer) I don't necessarily believe in this, anyone with me? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ I don't want to obsess about money, I don't want money to drive my passions and purpose, I think money is just a tool and doesn't have to be what we think about the most. Recently, I was in a meeting where coworkers (who I admire and respect) were talking about the Sales department and saying things like, "well, they are all about themselves it's always 'me, me, me' and that's just who they are." I hate whenever ANYONE says "that's just who they are" as if humans don't have the ability to change and evolve. Also I'm not going to make excuses for someone based on a negative stereotype that NOBODY wants to be true. I know that an entire department has so much more potential, they can dig out of those excuses given by others and I choose to treat them that way because we can expect more and they will rise to our expectation. Boys will be boys? Bull. Sales departments will be powerhouses and boys will be good humans.
"Sometimes we are just the collateral damage in someone else's war against themselves." - Lauren Eden ❤️❤️❤️ “How did I get here? I'm that girl, that every girl is afraid of. I'm my own nightmare, I'm the black stains on my soul, I became exactly what once broke me." - @feel.out.loud 💪 vulnerability is beautiful
"To the women who haven't been themselves lately... your spark will return, and you will shine like you were meant to. It's difficult when you catch yourself not being you. Don't forget your sparkle will return." - @centsofstyle
"Overnight success is a myth. The truth of the matter is that each and every over night success story has been the end result of a long, arduous, & almost always unappreciated journey. We don't get to see the vast majority of that journey, the unglamorous bits, the repeated failures. We see the last triumph: the 5% without seeing the miserable 95% that came before." - Randy Hardy Filmmaker podcast, Music Vine . . . #humansofjoy #thehonestlens #writeyouonmyheart #makeadventure #magic_in_the_details #thehonestcapture #summertimeandthelivingseasy #dslr #seekthelight #lightandairy #iwokeupinbeastmode #wokeuplikethis #naturecalls #thesincerestoryteller #dontquityourdaydream #makeportraitsnotwar #beyourownboss #worksmarter #focusonwhatmattersmost #postthepeople #createeveryday #mybeautifulmess #momentsoverposes #livefullyalive #littlestoriesofmylife
"what if we prioritized how girls feel in their own bodies and clothing, rather than how others see them? | What if we helped girls consciously consider the ways clothing affects our self-perceptions and self-consciousness, rather than the way others might or might not perceive us? | What if we taught girls to be conscious and critical of the ways we've been taught to view ourselves as objects to be looked at, and then work with them to see more and be more? | We owe it to our girls to try." - Lindsay & Lexie Kite, PhD . . . . #mysuperpower #stayinvolved #yeswecan #selflove #womensmarch #whyIresist #fearless #wethepeople #bossatwork #bossathome  #anthem #workingmom #haveavoice #withmalala #moderndayhero #wearewomen #whystoriesmatter #whoruntheworld #girlpower #communityovercompetition #unitewithlove #capable #revolutionarylove #riseandgrind #dailygrind #unstoppable #theeverygirl #thehappynow #longhairdontcare #handsandhustle
2018: #Sundance Film Fest #IMDB party, Photo Native 2018, REACH conference 2018, left VitalSmarts, turned #28 as a blonde in a lantern festival, last high school walk through before it gets torn down, SALT dance workshop, Fesler #familyreunion , break down (lead to breakthroughs?🤞🏽) intense grief cycle, #loveloud , started empowering #job at Imagine Learning, John Mayer, September is the month of birthdays, LINK film festival, Girls finally go to best #daycare ever, Powerpuff girls, Connecticut, St George... etc. If you have a hard time finding me, you could check running paths, poolside, the aquarium or the zoo. . . . 2018 really got under my skin with reality checks which were pretty excruciating for me inwardly so instead of expecting a lot from me this year (except I’m totally running a marathon, it’s about time) I’m trying to learn how to stop HATING myself. I feel like making the goal of self-love is way too far fetched so I’ll start with less self-disgust. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Grid 1: personal account Grid 2: main account. Way to go @choosejoy_tiffany for being in my top posts 😂
"So come down from your mountain and stand where we've been. You know our breath is weak and our bodies thin." - @bbolen28
Three years have passed since this picture but we still scream with excitement. It’s not always related to the holiday season and not always joyful but hey, it’s life 🎄
I feel like Mother Nature has something to say and will do what she needs to make us listen. We are not treating her right and she's had enough. I imagine it something like... "To all the little girls out there, we will set fire to this world that steals your childhoods, rips away your choices and voices, and stops you from being everything you want to be, and build you a better one from the embers, the kind of world that treasures you for all your powerful capabilities." - Nikita Gill @nikita_gill anyone agree?
We call the center of our physical bodies a heart. Nothing can function without it. It is our core, our rhythm, our provider and the most vital organ. We use our heart figuratively as well, to us it captures our deepest desires, untold fears and indescribable anguish. Feel your heart and embrace it fully. It is proof you're alive. It gives you breath. Love with undying fervor. Love solves everything. You are beautiful when you're full of love. You are rich (in spirit) when you are full of love. You are trusted when you are full of love. You are loved when you are full of love. ~We were asked to write something so important that it could be our last words to our loved ones. These were mine 🖤❤️🖤 . . . . #utahweddingphotographer #utahweddingvideographer  #theknot #utahbrideandgroom  #utahbrideblog #weddingphotographer #weddingvideographer #utahbride  #utahengagementphotographer #stylemepretty  #smpweddings #greenweddingshoes  #utahlovestory #utahbridalphotographer #bestweddingphotographer #weddinginspiration  #letsclicksoc #weddingphotographer  #formals #shootandshare  #engaged  #engagements #bridals  #bride  #groom  #utahweddings #happilyeverafter
In this phase, life’s a blur. I’m trying to be fully present and engaged with my family. Sometimes there’s not enough hours in the day or enough caffeine to maintain my energy but I’m trying. Trying counts for something, right?
"I'm done praying for patience. It doesn't work. Not for me at least. And yet it's the thing I've most wanted as a mother. My own mother is one of the most patient souls ever, only to be topped possibly by her own mother. There's never been demanding to put things away or hurry up. Any time a small child asks to show her anything she puts down whatever she is doing to look at said rock with absolute wonder just like a child. She has the patience to do whatever is needed in the moment even if it isn't something she herself needs. She has the gift of patience. But I'm done with praying for it and have been for months. Instead I've been praying to recognize when I'm being impatient, right in the very moment. And you know what? I've been witnessing a great change of heart in myself. For example, I've noticed that being on the phone makes me snappy, not because someone is bugging me but because I'm distracted and they are distracting me from my distraction. I've found myself kneeling down to talk to them more and lingering at bedtime to let them tell me, "one more thing." Most of all, I've been happier and can see that my family is too. So there it is, I'm done trying to gain patience and in doing so I think I'm becoming more patient." - @ohsweetbasil
I am so flattered to have been booked over a YEAR IN ADVANCE and I’m so happy that my very last wedding will be spent with these two. Only one week to go in this magical snow! ☃️❄️🌨
"We are far more valuable & loveable than what other people have led us to believe." - Hope for Today
Crunchy snow, red noses and playing for hours. She’s been waiting for this day for forever (in kid years) and the winter wonderland is not disappointing.
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